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by [email protected]
Huntersfield and Ashland Pinnacle (Partridge Rd) by [email protected]
2017 NYE Dunn Funn Runn 16mile course by [email protected]
7mile ski trail by anonymous
ADK Anteater Loop by Tim Zeblisky
~22.75 miles. New York. 5 days, 4 nights. Can turn into a 3 day, 2 night trip by camping at Camp Bravo on day 1 (9.62 mi) and at Camp Delta on day 2 (8.45 mi).
Canyonlands NP, UT - Big Needles Loop by [email protected]
HP JMT Agnew to Tuolumne by [email protected]
Kodiak Preview Run #1 by [email protected]
Norway by [email protected]
Plan D Isolation , Eisenhower and pierce by [email protected]
San Juan Huts Telluride to Moab by [email protected]
Venable-Comanche Loop by [email protected]
Wapack Range, MA - Mount Watatic by [email protected]
Wildland drill 2016 by [email protected]
Wildland Drill
!Idaho Trip by [email protected]
"Highline" wind river traverse. Average 100 miles by [email protected]
First map. general idea of route taking
"Outpost Peak" by [email protected]
"Outpost Peak" by [email protected]
"Symbol Rock" Elliott Ranch by [email protected]
# 2 utah trip by Blubear
poison cyn rd to sunset pass loop back to 95.
#Glamping2018 by [email protected]
#Octothorpes on the Osceolas by [email protected]
#OperationSkiBraffs by [email protected]
$1,000,000 by [email protected]
ةة by [email protected]
'Middle' Fork by [email protected]
(CVT) Crahen Valley Township Park by [email protected]
Journey through Middle Earth - West Michigan Trail Runners course map
(day 1) 4-Day by [email protected]
(Day 3) 4-DAY by [email protected]
(Day 4) 4-DAY by [email protected]
(Day 5) 4-DAY by [email protected]
*BG.PR by [email protected]
*ID PR by [email protected]
*NH-MyPlacesMaster20151004 by crshortt
*NortheastPeaksHikesWishlist20161211 by crshortt
*NY-MyPlacesMaster20171231 by crshortt
*PNW PR by [email protected]
*PR.novelities by [email protected]
*SA by [email protected]
*SoutheastPeaks-HikesWishlist20161209 by crshortt
*VA-MyPlacesMaster-WaypointsOnly20180505 by crshortt
*VT-MyPlacesMaster20171011 by crshortt
*WA-My Places Master by crshortt
0-15 ft topo by [email protected]
Red = 0' above sea level, Orange = 5', Yellow = 10', Green = 15', White>15'
01-14-2016 Stough Cyn by [email protected]
01-24-2016 Stough Cyn by [email protected]
01.14.2016 SAR by [email protected]
01.27.16 Ski Training by [email protected]
01/16/1/19 by [email protected]
02 :: So Sierra South of HWY 178 by [email protected]
(5)*(17) Lightner Pk, Bald Eagle Pk, Nicolls Pk, Onyx Pk #2, Pinyon Pk, Scodie Mtn, Piute Lookout, Sorrell Pk, Mayan Pk, Butterbredt Pk, Cross Mtn, Chuckwalla Mtn, Heald Pk, Black Mtn #6, Red Mtn, Skinner Pk, Weldon Pk
02-14-2018 Henninger Flats by [email protected]
02.01.2016 SAR by [email protected]
02Jun13 Hale Zealand Hut Zealand Falls by [email protected]
03-12-2016 Brush Cyn by [email protected]
03-17-2016 Dunsmore Cyn by [email protected]
03-20-2016 Calavera by [email protected]
03-26-2017 Echo Mtn by [email protected]
03-27-2016 Henninger Flats by [email protected]
03-30-2016 Echo Mtn by [email protected]
032617recon by [email protected]
034 - Flattops by [email protected]
04 :: So Kern County W Hwy 5 by [email protected]
(3)*(9) Brush Mtn, San Emigdio Mtn, Eagle Rest Pk, Antimony Pk, Tecuya Mtn, Cerro Noroeste, Grouse Mtn, Sawmill Mtn, Mt Pinos
04-01-2017 Debs Park by [email protected]
04-04-2016 Woodson Mtn by [email protected]
04-04-2017 Woodson Mtn by [email protected]
04-07-2017 Cowles Mtn by [email protected]
04-14-2016 Wildwood Cyn by [email protected]
04-18-2017 Jones Peak by [email protected]
04-23-2017 Icehouse Saddle by [email protected]
04-24-2016 Jones Peak by [email protected]
04-29-2016 Wildwood Cyn by [email protected]
04Aug12 Pierce Eisenhower Franklin Monroe by [email protected]
05 :: San Luis Obispo County by [email protected]
(1)#(1) Caliente Mtn
05/May 2014 by [email protected]
06 :: Santa Barbara County by [email protected]
(2)*(12)S(15) Peak Mtn, McPherson Pk , Fox Mtn # 1, Cuyama Pk (LO), Lizard Head, McKinley Mtn, Santa Cruz Pk, San Rafael Mtn, West Big Pine, Big Pine Mtn, Samon Pk, Madulce Pk, Hildreth Pk, Monte Arido, Old Man Mtn
06 Middle Fork Trail by [email protected]
06-01-2016 Icehouse Saddle by [email protected]
06-07-2017 Timber Mtn by [email protected]
06-11-2016 Wildwood Cyn by [email protected]
06-13-2016 Mt Baden-Powell by [email protected]
06/June 2015 by [email protected]
063/053 by [email protected]
065 - Uncomphagre by [email protected]
07 :: Ventura County by [email protected]
(3)*(15)S(18) Frazier Mtn (LO), Lockwood Pk, San Guillermo Mtn , Reyes Pk, Thorn Point (LO), San Rafael Pk, Alamo Mtn , McDonald Pk, Sewart Mtn , Snowy Pk, Black Mtn #2, White Mtn #2, Cobblestone Mtn , Haddock Mtn , Beartrap Bluff
07-02-2016 Wildwood Cyn by [email protected]
07-10-2016 Mt San Antonio (Ski Hut) by [email protected]
07-10-2017 San Jacinto Peak by [email protected]
07-24-2017 San Gorgonio Mtn by [email protected]
07-25-2016 Cucamonga Peak by [email protected]
07/July 2015 by [email protected]
072316 by [email protected]
072316 by [email protected]
07_25_2015_mammoth by [email protected]
07Aug16 North Middle Tripyramid by [email protected]
07Jun14 Wildcat D Wildcat by [email protected]
08-01-2016 San Bernardino Peak by [email protected]
08-28-2016 Kearsarge Pass by [email protected]
08-30-2016 Mt Whitney by [email protected]
08132013_Alpine by Ellusionist
082117 Solar Eclipse by [email protected]
09 :: West of Mill Creek by [email protected]
(5)#(5) Mount Gleason, Iron Mountain #2, Condor Peak, Fox Mountain #2, Mount Lukens
09/September 2014 by [email protected]
0_Completed Peaks by [email protected]
1 acre Middle Fork Vista by [email protected]
1 acre Quartzille by [email protected]
1 Overnight Camp by [email protected]
1-15-18 tour options by [email protected]
1-4 June alternative #2 by [email protected]
1-5_Northern_Sierra_V2.gpx by [email protected]
1.25 acre High Creek by [email protected]
1/12/18 Tour Plan by [email protected]
1/14-15/2017 by [email protected]
1/14-15/2017 Real by [email protected]
1/15/17 by [email protected]
1/2 gg by [email protected]
10 :: Pacifico Mtn Area by [email protected]
(9)?(10) Mount Emma, Old Mount Emma, Pacifico Mountain, Bare Mountain, Granite Mountain #1, Rabbit Peak #1, Iron Mountain #3, Round Top, Mount Hillyer, Cole Point
10 and 13 mile by [email protected]
10 Day CCW TMB by [email protected]
10 Loveland Pass by [email protected]
10 mile domination tour by [email protected]
10 mile run by [email protected]
Massanutten West Trail Run Saturday, October 17th, 2015 Harrisonburg, VA
10 mile to Bear Mtn by [email protected]
10 Mile Traverse With Waypoints by [email protected]
10 mile via Deadman's, pct, loop by [email protected]
10 mtn hut trail rev 3 by [email protected]
10 Peaks by [email protected]
10-24-2015 by anonymous
10-25-2015 by [email protected]
10-31-2015 by [email protected]
10-Mile Day Hike Options by [email protected]
Bridge to nowhere is first choice. After pre-hike if it looks too challenging for the troop, Devils Canyon Dam Truck trail would be the alternate.
10/October 2014 by [email protected]
100 Great Day Hike by [email protected]
100 Mile by [email protected]
100 Mile Wilderness by [email protected]
100 Mile Wilderness
100 Mile Wilderness by levanmatt
100 Mile Wilderness Maine by [email protected]
100 Mile Wilderness Waypoints with milage and Track
100 Miles by [email protected]
1000 ft and 1 hour by [email protected]
10060 by [email protected]
100k by [email protected]
100K by [email protected]
100k by [email protected]
100k Option 2 by [email protected]
100mi by [email protected]
101 lopez canyon loop by [email protected]
101.2 miles of the PCT by [email protected]
This sizeable chunk of the Pacific Crest Trail will be done in 8 days. Blue markers indicate water refills although that might change as the water reports change.
1025_Goat_Rock by [email protected]
10300 by [email protected]
10340 by [email protected]
10420 Ski by [email protected]
10427 by [email protected]
106 Boulders and Drunk Wall by halladay
106 Boulders area along with Drunk Wall conglomerate sport climbing
10624 by [email protected]
108ToLeavittLake by [email protected]
108ToLeavittLake by [email protected]
10acious by [email protected]
10e Diamond Peak Backpack by [email protected]
10K loop Orford by [email protected]
10K Point Defiance by [email protected]
10K Route Soaring Eagle by [email protected]
10k training by [email protected]
10th Mnt Huts by [email protected]
10th MNT March actual rev1 by [email protected]
10th Mountain Hut System by [email protected]
10th Mountain Hut Winter Routes by [email protected]
Winter Routes to the 10th Mountain Division Hut
10th Mountain Huts by [email protected]
10th mountain Jan 2015 actual by [email protected]
10th Mtn Division Hut To Hut by [email protected]
11 :: Western Angeles Crest by [email protected]
(7)#(7) Josephine Pk, Strawberry Pk, Mt Lawlor, Barley Flats, Mt Sally, Vetter Mtn, Mt Mooney
11 Bull by [email protected]
11 Miles to Paradise by [email protected]
11's KMZ by Jon Cappella
11-14-2015 by [email protected]
11-19-15 by anonymous
11-21-2015 by [email protected]
11-29-2015 by [email protected]
11-7-2015 by anonymous
11.25 km Broken Arrow by [email protected]
11/04 Boreas/Roberts Cabin Rescue by [email protected]
111004-14Shefelbine Cody, WY by anonymous
1114 by [email protected]
11180 and buffalo by [email protected]
11308 by [email protected]
11308 N Couloir LRR by [email protected]
12 :: Mount Wilson Area by [email protected]
(7)#(7) :: Mount Deception, Mount Disappointment, San Gabriel Peak, Mount Markham, Mount Lowe, Occidental Peak, Mount Wilson
12 Mile Peak by yo[email protected]
12 Mile Slough to Circle Lake by [email protected]
12 Myrtle Lake by [email protected]
12-07-2015 by anonymous
12-12-2015 by [email protected]
12-19-2015 by [email protected]
12-22-2015 by [email protected]
12-5-2015 by [email protected]
12.6 mile 4 Mile Trail to Happy Isles via Panorama by [email protected]
12/15/2016 AVY by [email protected]
12/17 Big T by anonymous
12/7/15 by anonymous
12277 by [email protected]
123 Eagle Crag by [email protected]
12316 by [email protected]
12316 by [email protected]
12316 by [email protected]
1234 by [email protected]
1234Fryin Pan by [email protected]
12391 - Cape Shore Path by [email protected]
12391 - Fox Island Trail by [email protected]
12391 - Gun Hill by [email protected]
12391 - Kerley's Harbour Trail by [email protected]
12391 - Murphy's Cove to Lodge's Pond by [email protected]
124 Dry Canyon by [email protected]
125 miles loop WV by [email protected]
12567 by [email protected]
12567 by [email protected]
12567 by [email protected]
1259 Stoney Fork Rd by [email protected]
12660 by alexdrobertson
12959 by [email protected]
12Aug11 Carter Dome Hight by [email protected]
12ers_Front Range by [email protected]
12ers_Front Range - Northwest by [email protected]
12ers_Front Range - West by [email protected]
12Jun15 Osceola East Osceola by [email protected]
12mi Run by [email protected]
12th Legislative District by [email protected]
13 :: North of Angeles Crest Hwy 2 by [email protected]
(8)*(10) Winston Pk, Mt Akawie, Pleasant View Ridge, Will Thrall Pk, Pallett Mtn, Mt Williamson, Mt. Lewis, Pinyon Ridge, Winston Ridge, Goodykoontz Pk
13 Falls by [email protected]
13 falls by [email protected]
Excellent swimming hole / overnight hike / very cold water
13 Falls Hike by [email protected]
131 johnson creek rd by [email protected]
1356 Trail by SAIDDAD
13768 by [email protected]
138 to pine finish by [email protected]
13832 - 13811 - Redcloud by [email protected]
13ers by [email protected]
13ers by alexdrobertson
13ers by [email protected]
13ers by [email protected]
13ers by [email protected]
13ers 12ers_Tenmile by [email protected]
13ers_Antero Shavano Tabeguache by [email protected]
13ers_Belford Oxford Missouri by [email protected]
13ers_Blanca Group by [email protected]
13ers_Capitol by [email protected]
13ers_Castle Conundrum by [email protected]
13ers_Crestones Humboldt by [email protected]
13ers_Culebra by [email protected]
13ers_Elbert by [email protected]
13ers_Elks by [email protected]
13ers_Eolus Group by [email protected]
13ers_EvansBierstadt GraysTorreys by [email protected]
13ers_Front Range - IPW by [email protected]
13ers_Front Range - Southwest by [email protected]
13ers_Front Range - West by [email protected]
13ers_Gore North by [email protected]
13ers_Gore South by [email protected]
13ers_Handies by [email protected]
13ers_Harvard Columbia Huron by [email protected]
13ers_HolyCross by [email protected]
13ers_KitCarson Lindsey by [email protected]
13ers_La Plata by [email protected]
13ers_Longs by [email protected]
13ers_Massive by [email protected]
13ers_Mosquito by [email protected]
13ers_Princeton Yale Pikes by [email protected]
13ers_Pyramid Maroons by [email protected]
13ers_Redcloud Sunshine by [email protected]
13ers_San Juan - Central by [email protected]
13ers_San Juan - East by [email protected]
13ers_San Juan - Grenadier by [email protected]
13ers_San Juan - South by [email protected]
13ers_San Juan - Southeast by [email protected]
13ers_San Juan - Southwest by [email protected]
13ers_San Juan - Telluride by [email protected]
13ers_San Luis by [email protected]
13ers_Sangre - Central by [email protected]
13ers_Sangre - North by [email protected]
13ers_Sawatch Centennials by [email protected]
13ers_Sneffels by [email protected]
13ers_Snowmass by [email protected]
13ers_Uncompahgre by [email protected]
13ers_Wetterhorn by [email protected]
13ers_Wilson Group by [email protected]
13mileTeft by [email protected]
13Nov11 Jackson Webster by [email protected]
14 day route 2015 by [email protected]
14 Rock Creek by [email protected]
14.2 mile Half Dome via Mist Trail by [email protected]
14er record by [email protected]
Route for speed-climbing all CA 14ers.
14ers by [email protected]
14ers by [email protected]
14ers Actual by [email protected]
14ers Left by [email protected]
14ers Replan by [email protected]
14ers to ski by [email protected]
14Sep13 Tecumseh by [email protected]
15 :: San Gabriel Valley by [email protected]
(2)*(6) Monrovia Peak, Smith Mountain, Rattlesnake Peak, Iron Mountain #1, Lookout Mountain #2, Sunset Peak
15 Goldmyer by hik[email protected]
15 Mile - The Forest of Nisene Marks by [email protected]
15+ mile trails by sweepr
150102 Grace Lks Snowshoe by [email protected]
1505-2 White Rock Mt.Rd. by [email protected]
150725 Presidentials by ericlombardo
150802 Blackhead Range by ericlombardo
150809 Kinsman Ridge by ericlombardo
150810 Killington by ericlombardo
150820 Cape Cod Pamet by ericlombardo
150823 Greylock by ericlombardo
150824 Cardigan by ericlombardo
150824_cardigan by anonymous
150825 Camels Hump by ericlombardo
150825 Mansfield by ericlombardo
1510 Mineral Hill & Potato Knob by [email protected]
151125 Bailey Benchmark by ericlombardo
151129 Sleeping Giant by ericlombardo
151224 Frissell by ericlombardo
1540 Pea Ridge by [email protected]
1541 Brair Ridge by [email protected]
1548 Wolf Ridge by [email protected]
15mi + 5mi by [email protected]
Two great running loops in Forest Park!
16 Loch Katrine by [email protected]
16 mile Ocala Loop by anonymous
16.7 mile 4 Mile Trail to Tunnel View along Pohono by [email protected]
160 acre Cty Rd 130 by [email protected]
160101 - Butler Gulch by [email protected]
160118 Gander by ericlombardo
160220 Starved Rock by ericlombardo
160315 Grand Canyon by ericlombardo
160316 Ryan by ericlombardo
160319 Hollywood Sign/Lee by ericlombardo
160319 Sandstone by ericlombardo
160321 Angels Landing by ericlombardo
160430 Lapham Hill by ericlombardo
160505 Black/Kearsarge by ericlombardo
160506 Moosilauke by ericlombardo
160605 Charles Mound by ericlombardo
160612 Double Bypass (Attempt) by ericlombardo
160613 Bierstadt by ericlombardo
160615 Chicago Lakes by ericlombardo
160616 Beaver Brook by ericlombardo
160617 Grays/Torreys by ericlombardo
160619 Black Canyon by ericlombardo
160621 Negro Bill Canyon by ericlombardo
160622 Peale by ericlombardo
160623 Navajo Knobs by ericlombardo
160624 Grandeur by ericlombardo
160625 Pfeifferhorn by ericlombardo
160627 Olympus by ericlombardo
160628 Moon Caves by ericlombardo
160628 Moon Wilderness by ericlombardo
160629 Borah by ericlombardo
160630 Goat Lake by ericlombardo
160702 Adams (All) by ericlombardo
160702 Adams (Day 1) by ericlombardo
160703 Adams (Day 2) by ericlombardo
160705 Narada Falls by ericlombardo
160706 Camp Muir (All) by ericlombardo
160706 Camp Muir (Day 1) by ericlombardo
160707 Camp Muir (Day 2) by ericlombardo
160708 Bandera by ericlombardo
160710 Lake Serene by ericlombardo
160711 Toleak Point (All, Incomplete) by ericlombardo
160711 Toleak Point (Day 1) by ericlombardo
160712 Toleak Point (Day 2, Incomplete) by ericlombardo
160715 Observation by ericlombardo
160716 Painted Canyon by ericlombardo
160717 White Butte by ericlombardo
160720 Miners Beach by ericlombardo
160722 High Point by ericlombardo
160730 Pine by ericlombardo
160807 Smarts by ericlombardo
160821 Hook by ericlombardo
160910 Davis by ericlombardo
161014 Velvet Rocks by ericlombardo
161016 Pogue/MBR Mansion by ericlombardo
161118 Midewin by ericlombardo
161127 Pierrepont by ericlombardo
161222 Sleeping Giant by ericlombardo
161225 Moses by ericlombardo
161231_PowderPark by [email protected]
16dayJMT by [email protected]
16 Day JMT with 2 resupply at reds and Muir Trail Ranch.
16GR30CPsOnly by [email protected]
16mLoop by [email protected]
16x Dipsea by [email protected]
17 :: Cucamonga Peak Area by [email protected]
(2)*(8) Sugarloaf Peak, Ontario Peak, Bighorn Peak, Timber Mountain, Cucamonga Peak, Etiwanda Peak, Buck Point, San Sevaine Lookout
17 Sunday Lake by [email protected]
17.8 Mt Defiance & Bandera by [email protected]
170121 Glacial Kame by ericlombardo
170219 Indiana Dunes by ericlombardo
170226 Fort Sheridan by ericlombardo
1703 Alexander Mt Rd. by [email protected]
170302_Tour by [email protected]
170317 City Creek Canyon by ericlombardo
170320 Tri-State Peak by ericlombardo
170321 Black Balsam Knob by ericlombardo
170410 Gander/Wilmot by ericlombardo
17051 Chumstick Hwy by [email protected]
170527 Gander/Wilmot by ericlombardo
170607 Devil's Lake by ericlombardo
170611 Quechee Gorge by ericlombardo
170626 Grizzly by ericlombardo
170709 Vollmer by ericlombardo
170715 Indian/Mortar by ericlombardo
170722 Strawberry/Claremont by ericlombardo
170816 Joaquin Miller by ericlombardo
170820 Mission/Allison by ericlombardo
170826 Yerba Buena by ericlombardo
170904 Tamalpais by ericlombardo
170914 Redwood by ericlombardo
170916 Saint Helena by ericlombardo
170924 Sibley by ericlombardo
170927 Hawk Hill by ericlombardo
170928 Wolf Ridge by ericlombardo
170929 Rodeo Beach by ericlombardo
170930 San Pablo Ridge by ericlombardo
171001 Mulholland Hill by ericlombardo
171002 Skyline Ridge by ericlombardo
171007 Snow Mountain by ericlombardo
171008 Goat Mountain by ericlombardo
171014 El Sombroso by ericlombardo
171019 Skyline Ridge by ericlombardo
171021 San Francisco by ericlombardo
171026 San Pablo Ridge by ericlombardo
171103 Skyline Ridge by ericlombardo
171105 Kennedy Grove by ericlombardo
171119 Gossip Rock by ericlombardo
171122 Huckleberry by ericlombardo
171123 Stanford Dish by ericlombardo
171124 Drury-Chaney by ericlombardo
171124 Richardson Grove by ericlombardo
171125 Rockefeller Grove by ericlombardo
171202 Dimond Canyon by ericlombardo
171203 Diablo by ericlombardo
171224 Jacks Peak by ericlombardo
171231 Coyote Ridge by ericlombardo
1763 - 1800 John Steed by [email protected]
1773 Watkins Road by [email protected]
1799 - 1873 - Billy Miller, Migration Map by [email protected]
17A Charlie Squad tour steps by [email protected]
17GR30 and 8 by [email protected]
17GRSC 12 by [email protected]
17GRSC4 Bike by [email protected]
17GRSCBLANK by [email protected]
17P019368 by [email protected]
18 :: Orange County by [email protected]
(2) Modjeska, Santiago
18 Bare Mountain by [email protected]
18-02-17 Mt. Lagnua Trip by [email protected]
180 Bowl by [email protected]
180106 Burdell by ericlombardo
180113 Chalones by ericlombardo
180127 Wildcat by ericlombardo
180211 Presidio by ericlombardo
180217 Pinos by ericlombardo
180225 Olympia by ericlombardo
180324 Sibley by ericlombardo
180328 Skyline Ridge by ericlombardo
180408 Tomales Point by ericlombardo
180410 Siesta Valley by ericlombardo
180414 San Leandro Hills by ericlombardo
180421 Las Trampas by ericlombardo
180517 Skyline Ridge by ericlombardo
180519 Redwood by ericlombardo
180520 Miller/Knox by ericlombardo
180527 Skyline Ridge by ericlombardo
180528 Almaden Quicksilver by ericlombardo
180609 Fire Trails by ericlombardo
180616 Howe Homestead by ericlombardo
180622 Skyline Ridge by ericlombardo
180625 Teotihuac√°n by ericlombardo
180630 Sugarloaf by ericlombardo
180707 Kelham Beach by ericlombardo
180810 Dimond Canyon by ericlombardo
180825 Round Top by ericlombardo
180901 Pilot Butte by ericlombardo
180902 South Sister by ericlombardo
180906 Eureka by ericlombardo
180915 Wildcat Canyon by ericlombardo
181008 San Leandro Hills by ericlombardo
1814 Tacoma Op by [email protected]
181721 Sandstone to the Sea by [email protected]
1818 Taco by [email protected]
1839 - 1916 - Albert Milller by [email protected]
1875 - 1918 - William A Miller by [email protected]
18Sep10 Moosilauke by [email protected]
19 :: Lake Arrowhead by [email protected]
(7)#(7)S(7) Cleghorn Mountain - Cajon Mountain - Sugarpine Mountain - Monument Peak #2 - The Pinnacles - Mount Marie Louise - Bailey Peak
19 Bear Basin Mines by [email protected]
19.2 mile North Dome Loop from Valley by [email protected]
19.4 miles Carter Range James trip march by [email protected]
19/89322 Swamp 11 acres by [email protected]
1901 Map Image by [email protected]
194 mile car park by [email protected]
1993 Youth Group by [email protected]
1st Ave Fire by [email protected]
1st Water to CanyonLake by fdv...cast
2 CCC Trail #1264 by [email protected]
2 day hike in the whites by edwin
This hike is a loop in the Whites. It requires the auto road to be open. Please be advised, the mountain is dangerous, I take no responsibility for your planning.
2 Day Suicide by [email protected]
2 days in IPW by [email protected]
2 Joneszz by [email protected]
2 Kings and a Castle by earlylitegmailcom
2 mile Sports Complex to JHS by [email protected]
Trail developed by Troop 117 of Eagleswood NJ
2 Nighter RRG by [email protected]
2 Nights in EW by [email protected]
Quick weekend trip in Emigrant Wilderness
2 Runs by [email protected]
2.8 Mile Wash by [email protected]
2/11 by [email protected]
2/15/17 by [email protected]
2/24 Winter Camping by [email protected]
20 Lakes Basin Loop by [email protected]
20 Lakes Basin to Secret Pass by [email protected]
20 Lennox Creek by [email protected]
20 mile loop by [email protected]
2007 France by jimy
2009 by [email protected]
2010 Glen Aulin, Yosemite by [email protected]
Family: 3 days, 2 nights.
2011 by [email protected]
2012 by [email protected]
2012 Chewing Gum and Powell Lakes, Emigrant Wilderness by [email protected]
Family: 3 days, 2 nights.
2012 Tehipite by [email protected]
2013 Twin Lake, Desolation Wilderness by [email protected]
Family: 3 days, 2 nights
2013-04-26 Thunder Creek Hike by Cascade Yeti
2013-08-25 Monument Surgarpine Cajon by [email protected]
2013-12-14 Sitton Trabuco LosPinos by [email protected]
2013-12-31 Silverdome by [email protected]
2014 Campsites by [email protected]
2014 Grass Lake, Desolation Wilderness by [email protected]
Family: 3 days, 2 nights.
2014 Hikes (partial) by [email protected]
2014-01-01 SlideMtn by [email protected]
2014-01-05 Sandstone sextet by [email protected]
2014-03-29 YuccaValleyHikes by [email protected]
2014-04-30-newberry-crater by [email protected]
2014EagleCap by [email protected]
2015 by anonymous
2015 - 3 Pass Loop by [email protected]
Cal and David's 1.5 day Backpacking route in Glacier National Park
2015 - GNP Backpacking route. by [email protected]
2015 - RMNP Sept 7th thru 9th by [email protected]
This 2.5 day route takes us to some of the most remote lakes in the park as well as Longs Peak, the highest peak in RMNP.
2015 - Teton Crest Trail by [email protected]
2015 DEER STAND LOCATIONS by anonymous
2015 FCF DEC 20 by anonymous
2015 Round Lake, Tahoe NF by [email protected]
Family: 3 days, 2 nights.
2015 summer photos by [email protected]
2015 Turquise Lake by [email protected]
2015 Xtreme Hike by [email protected]
2015-01-03 Fish Creek Mountains by [email protected]
2015-05-10 SanGuillermoMountain by [email protected]
2015-05-10 SanRafaelPeak by [email protected]
2015-05-23 Cerro Gordo by [email protected]
2015-05-23 Maltese BM Jack Gunn Peak by [email protected]
2015-05-23 Pleasant Point by [email protected]
2015-05-24 Porter Sentinel by [email protected]
2015-06-13 Highland Peak by [email protected]
2015-06-14 Round Top by [email protected]
2015-06-15 Anderson Tinker-Knob by [email protected]
2015-06-16 Ellis Peak by [email protected]
2015-06-17 Alder Hill by [email protected]
2015-06-17 English Mountain by [email protected]
2015-06-18 Mt Tallac by [email protected]
2015-06-19 Castle Peak by [email protected]
2015-07-03 Frosty Pass & Chain Lakes by Cascade Yeti
2015-07-11 Islip Hawkins by [email protected]
2015-07-18_San_Francisco_Walk--Mission-Presidio-Lands_End-Golden_Gate_NRA by [email protected]
2015-07-25 Mount Lyell by [email protected]
2015-07-26 Red Hill by [email protected]
2015-08 Little Lakes Valley by [email protected]
2015-08-09 Mount Humphreys by [email protected]
2015-08-15_Point_Reyes_NS-Mt_Wittenberg-Bear_Valley_Loop-via_Sky_Trail by [email protected]
2015-08-29 Langley and Cirque by [email protected]
2015-09-19 White Mountain Peak by [email protected]
2015-09-26 Boundary Peak Montgomery Peak by [email protected]
2015-10-10 Alamo McDonald Sewart Snowy Black by [email protected]
2015-10-17 Mount Dubois by [email protected]
2015-10-25 Coal Crk Loop by [email protected]
2015-10-31 Arc Dome by [email protected]
2015-10-31 MV Wildlife Mgmt Areas by anonymous
2015-11-01 Mount Jefferson by [email protected]
2015-12-05 Fox and Condor by [email protected]
2015-12-05_MRT by anonymous
2015-12-05_MRT_Training by anonymous
2015-12-12 Dyadic Point by [email protected]
2015-12-13 Mastodon and Eagle by [email protected]
2015-12-20 Round Rattlesnake Luna Silver by [email protected]
2015-12-24 Santa Ysabel Creek by [email protected]
2015-12-28 Eastern San Gabriel peaks by [email protected]
2015-16 AIARE 1 Run map by [email protected]
2015/2016 Tracks by Jon Cappella
20150313 Exploring and Red Arrow by [email protected]
Birthday weekend and red arrow
20150510_Arrowhead by [email protected]
20151024 Fishing Brooks and Dun Brook Mtns by [email protected]
20151025 Sleeping Beauty by [email protected]
20151031 Sawtooth 4 by [email protected]
201510_Yosemite_Option-2 by [email protected]
20151122 Horseshoe Road by [email protected]
20151127 High Meadows by [email protected]
20151128 Ragged Mtn by [email protected]
20151128 Ragged Mtn by [email protected]
20151129 Sawtooth #3 by [email protected]
20151203 by anonymous
Red Peak East PT 11,895 Ski
20151206 Ledge Hill by [email protected]
20151211 Hedgehog South by [email protected]
20151212 Sawtooth 1 and 2 by [email protected]
20151213 Sawtooth #5 by [email protected]
20151216 Avalanche Mountain by [email protected]
20151219 Pilot Knob by [email protected]
20151220 Catamount Search by [email protected]
Contacted by TCSO at 1530. 911 Hangup. Location provided by mobile phone company. Assume WGS84
20151224 Clear Pond Mtn and Grandpa Pete by anonymous
20151224 Clear Pond Mtn and Grandpa Pete by anonymous
20151224 Ragged Mtn by [email protected]
20151224 Wolf Pond by [email protected]
20151225 Clear Pond Mtn and Grandpa Pete Mtn by [email protected]
20151225 Hurricane Mtn by [email protected]
20151226 Camel's Hump by [email protected]
20151227 Stranded Subjects by [email protected]
20151230 Buck Mtn West Face by [email protected]
20151231 Buck Mtn Yellow Trail by [email protected]
20151519 Pilot Knob Mtn by anonymous
2015HuntActual by [email protected]
2015Mt.HoodHikesCalTopo by anonymous
2016 by [email protected]
2016 - Rainier ID by [email protected]
Ingraham Direct
2016 - Soldiers Ridge, Mendencino by [email protected]
2016 50/20 by joshgubler
2016 august shr by [email protected]
2016 AVY EVENTS: December by [email protected]
2016 AVy EVENTS: February by [email protected]
2016 BCT 100K by [email protected]
2016 Bike Ride day 1 by Bill Lundgren
2016 CDT hike by [email protected]
2016 Chain Lakes, Yosemite by [email protected]
Family: 3 days, 2 nights.
2016 Columbia Gorge running by [email protected]
2016 Core Invite by [email protected]
2016 Core Invite by [email protected]
2016 Crown King by [email protected]
2016 DMC by [email protected]
Trail Rides from the 4 day of the 2016 DMC Strawberry Patch Camp
2016 DMC Trails by [email protected]
2016 Elk Hunt by [email protected]
2016 elk mountains grand traverse - reverse route by [email protected]
2016 FCF NOV&DEC by anonymous
2016 Firing Pts by [email protected]
2016 GMS by RAY
2016 Gorman Loop by [email protected]
2016 Granite Peak by [email protected]
Granite Peak SW approach, coming back down via Fossil lake and the beaten path.
2016 hikes by RAY
2016 Hunting Sites by [email protected]
2016 Iceland Lake Attempt by [email protected]
Kennedy Meadows to Lower & Upper Relief Valley. Upper Relief Valley to Granite Basin to Sheep Camp and back to Kennedy Meadows.
2016 James' Wind River Threesome by [email protected]
James is going to have a great trip to the Winds
2016 july 4 by [email protected]
2016 June Emigrant Gem Lake by [email protected]
Lower elevation spring back pack trip in Emigrant Wilderness
2016 Kodiak 100 by [email protected]
2016 Kodiak Front 50k by [email protected]
2016 Massacre Options by [email protected]
2016 NAV-X Big Basin by [email protected]
2016 NFF Service Locations by [email protected]
2016 NFF Service Locations by [email protected]
2016 Oregon Trip by [email protected]
2016 Patrol Route by [email protected]
2016 PCT/Eagle Loop by [email protected]
30 mile trail run on the PCT and Eagle Creek Trails, another loop
2016 Rat Trap Trail by [email protected]
2016 Rat Trap Trail - 2nd Time by [email protected]
2016 RDC GEO by [email protected]
2016 Recon by Jon Cappella
2016 Ride for Kids by [email protected]
2016 road trip by [email protected]
2016 Road Trip SD by [email protected]
2016 roadtrip by [email protected]
2016 Scout Options by [email protected]
2016 Scouting Trip by [email protected]
2016 Screamin' Beaver Enduro by [email protected]
2016 Sierra Trip - Royce, Bear Lakes, Granite Park by [email protected]
2016 Tenaya - Suunto by [email protected]
2016 Trafx Counters by [email protected]
2016 vacation by [email protected]
2016 Wallowa Excursion by [email protected]
2016 Wapta Traverse by [email protected]
Map of Wapta traverse, from GPX file here
2016 West Eagle Loop hike by [email protected]
Troop 248 Catherine Creek hike with David Curran, Jeromy and Bennett Markwort, and John and Matt Price.
2016 Wilderness Bachman Benedict by [email protected]
2016 Xtreme Hike by [email protected]
2016 Xtreme Hike Leg 1 by [email protected]
2016 Yosemite by [email protected]
2016 Yosemite Trip by [email protected]
2016-01-03 Fish Creek Mountains by [email protected]
2016-01-10 Joshua Tree by [email protected]
2016-01-10_MRT by anonymous
2016-01-16 Old Woman and Granite by [email protected]
2016-01-31 Dawn Crab Zosel Alice by [email protected]
2016-02-25 Hood Pearly Gates by [email protected]
2016-02_Franklin Ridge Loop by [email protected]
2016-02_Mount St Helens Sediment Dam by [email protected]
2016-02_Mt Washington Winter Ascent by [email protected]
2016-03-05 Panamint Butte by [email protected]
2016-03-06 Canyon Point by [email protected]
2016-03-19 Pine Ridge by [email protected]
2016-03-20 Blue Angels Peak by [email protected]
2016-03-26 Caliente Mountain by [email protected]
2016-03-27 Burnt Peak by [email protected]
2016-03-27 Jupiter Mountain by [email protected]
2016-03-27 Sawtooth Mountain by [email protected]
2016-04-02 Waterman, Twin Peaks, Mooney, Vetter, Sally by [email protected]
2016-04-03 by [email protected]
2016-04-17_Redwood_Regional_Park by [email protected]
2016-04-23 Hines Peak Topatopa Bluff by [email protected]
2016-05-15_Mission_to_Haas-Lilienthal_House_Loop by [email protected]
2016-05-28--651_Lost_River_Rd_to_Scramble_Point_attempt by [email protected]
2016-05-29 Gold Arctic White Crafts by [email protected]
2016-05_Beaver Falls by [email protected]
2016-05_ll-stub-stewart-mountain-bike-loop by [email protected]
2016-05_ONP_South Coast Wilderness by [email protected]
2016-06-04 Granite Mountain by Cascade Yeti
2016-06-06 Annette Lake by Cascade Yeti
2016-06-11 Waucoba Mtn by [email protected]
2016-06-12 Icicle Ridge by Cascade Yeti
2016-06-12 Sandy Point by [email protected]
2016-06-13 Last Chance Mtn by [email protected]
2016-06-19 Melakwa Pass Traverse by Cascade Yeti
2016-06_Full Pemi by [email protected]
2016-06_Full Pemi by [email protected]
2016-06_Painted Canyon by [email protected]
2016-06_Scott Mt by [email protected]
2016-07-04 Tierra Bonita Tr by [email protected]
2016-07-06 Tooth Rock by [email protected]
2016-07-21 Home walk by [email protected]
2016-07-24 Twin Peaks by [email protected]
2016-07-29 Mount Rixford by [email protected]
2016-07-30 Vogelsang Peak by [email protected]
2016-07-31 by [email protected]
2016-07-31 Mt Dana by [email protected]
2016-08-06 Copper Ridge by Cascade Yeti
2016-08-06,7 Banner and Ritter by [email protected]
2016-08-21 Heason Hoover Overnight by [email protected]
2016-08-21 Windy Pass by Cascade Yeti
2016-08-28 Redwood Creek by [email protected]
2016-09-11 Skyline Divide by Cascade Yeti
2016-09-11 Skyline-Quinault by Cascade Yeti
2016-09-25 to 26 by Jon Cappella
2016-09-27 Sepulcher Mtn by [email protected]
2016-10-02 Mt Morrison by [email protected]
2016-10-08 Spanish Needle Sawtooth by [email protected]
2016-10-29 Sierra San Juan Gilman by [email protected]
2016-11-05 Deer Mountain The Pinnacles by [email protected]
2016-11-12 Inyo Keynot by [email protected]
2016-11-13 Nelson Range by [email protected]
2016-11-26 Corral Mtn by [email protected]
2016-11_OP_Squaw Peak Loop by [email protected]
2016-12-02 Old Man Mtn Monte Arido by [email protected]
2016-12-30 by [email protected]
2016-12-31 by [email protected]
2016-17 Wanoga Fatbike by [email protected]
Proposed 2016-17 Wanoga Snow Play Fatbike trails
2016.12.26 AT AllenGp-SpringMtn-HurricanGp by [email protected]
2016.12.28 Hot Springs - Rich Mountain Hike by [email protected]
2016.12.31 AT Viking Mtn Hike by [email protected]
2016/01/13 by [email protected]
2016/17 Tracks by Jon Cappella
20160101 Balm of Gilead Mtn by [email protected]
20160101 Vanderwhacker Pond by [email protected]
20160102 Texas Ridge by [email protected]
20160103 Lost Pond Mountain by [email protected]
20160107Pilot Knob by [email protected]
20160109 Antwine Hill Pine Hill Meadow Hill by [email protected]
20160116 Little Clear Pond Mountain by [email protected]
20160117 Saywood Hill and Three Brothers Mountain by [email protected]
20160123 Hogback and Spruce by [email protected]
20160123 Hogback and Spruce by [email protected]
20160123 Hogback and Spruce public by [email protected]
20160124 Pet Gay and Old Farm by [email protected]
20160130 XC Wilson Pond by [email protected]
20160131 XC Camp Bliss and Bum Pond by [email protected]
20160206 Chimney and Ledge Mtns by [email protected]
20160206 Trembleau Mountain by [email protected]
20160214 No 8 Hill by [email protected]
20160221 Jabe Pond and surrounding hills by [email protected]
20160222 Q Burk Ski Mountain by [email protected]
20160222 Q Burk Ski Mountain by [email protected]
20160223 Sugarbush by [email protected]
20160227 Good Luck Cliffs and Kane Mtn by [email protected]
20160228 Bloody and Hail Mtns by [email protected]
20160304 Loch Muller Cemetary by [email protected]
20160305 Laramore and Cascade by [email protected]
20160308 Flight by [email protected]
20160309 Data Points by [email protected]
Data points for 9 Mar 2016 Flight (20160310) (Julian Date 070) with planned UAV flight path
20160309 Winch Mtn by [email protected]
20160312 Number 8 Hill by [email protected]
20160313 Sherman Trout Lk Chub Lk Mtns by [email protected]
20160315 Hucklebery Mountain by [email protected]
20160319 Rattlesnake and Discovery by [email protected]
20160326 Hamlin Mountain by [email protected]
20160326 The Cobble Mountain by [email protected]
20160330 Potash Mtn by [email protected]
20160331 Luzurne State Campground by [email protected]
20160402 Number Seven and Joe Baker Sag by [email protected]
20160402 Number Seven and Joe Baker Sag Mtns by [email protected]
20160403 Pine Middle and Bald Mtns by [email protected]
20160405 English Brook by [email protected]
20160408 Ferguson Brook by [email protected]
20160409 Washburn Ridge by [email protected]
20160409 Washburn Ridge and N Hudson Hill 1786 by [email protected]
20160413 Kenyon Mountain by [email protected]
20160416 Bartlett Road by [email protected]
20160416 Clements Mtn by [email protected]
20160417 Bluff Mountain by [email protected]
20160418 Hickory Ridge by [email protected]
20160420 Shingle Mountain by [email protected]
20160423 Darling Cobble and Beech Mtns by [email protected]
20160423 Number Seven Mountain by [email protected]
20160424 Round Pond Mud Pond by [email protected]
20160424 Scaroon Manor Campground by [email protected]
20160430 Ebenezer and Rattlesnake by [email protected]
20160502 Big Hollow Hill 1680 by [email protected]
20160507 Owl Head Lookout by [email protected]
20160514 Eddy and Thomas Mtns Blog by [email protected]
20160515 Big Pond Trail Traverse by [email protected]
20160515 Vanderwhacker Pond and Hill by [email protected]
20160521_Street Ride by [email protected]
20160524 SL near Keenan Res by [email protected]
20160529 Cherry Ridge and Wolf Pond Mtn by [email protected]
20160530 Cobble Constitution and Bullhead Pond Mtns by [email protected]
20160603 Seymour Mountain Averyville by [email protected]
20160604 Vanderwhacker Mtn by [email protected]
20160612 Mt Fremont and Mt Burroughs by [email protected]
20160619 Fathers Day Shelving Rock by [email protected]
20160620 Dix Range from Route 73 by [email protected]
20160622 Boreas Ponds by [email protected]
20160623 Kayak Hudson River by [email protected]
20160627 Ampersand Mountain by [email protected]
20160706 Palmer Pond Hill by [email protected]
20160718 Wilkie Woods by [email protected]
20160730_Shooting by [email protected]
20160814 Moxham Mountain by [email protected]
20160815 Butler Intake Res. by [email protected]
20160817 Butler from Buckbee by [email protected]
20160821 Tenmile Traverse by [email protected]
Tenmile Traverse Summit County Colorado
20160829 Blue Hill by [email protected]
20160830 Burnt Hill and Plank Road Hill by [email protected]
20160831 Sucker Hole Hill by [email protected]
20160904 Goose Pond Hill by [email protected]
20160904 Indian Ridge and Long Sue by [email protected]
20160905 Siamese Ponds by [email protected]
20160907 North Hudson by [email protected]
20160908 Squaw Mtn and Wyman Hill by [email protected]
20160910 Boreas Ponds by [email protected]
20160911 Bailey Pond and Big Pond Trail by [email protected]
20161010 Knob Lock Mountain by [email protected]
20161023 Big Slide by [email protected]
20161030 Beech Hill by [email protected]
20161031 Ledge Hill by [email protected]
20161105 Bald and Rocky Mtns Inlet by [email protected]
20161113 Black Middle and Fox by [email protected]
20161116 Horseshoe Land by [email protected]
20161116 Washburn Shoulder by [email protected]
20161116 Washburn Shoulder by [email protected]
201612 - Wes & Kevin on Nantahala Headwaters Loop by wsumrell
20161201 Dry Gulch by [email protected]
20161201. Dry Gulch Ski. Solo. 6.5 miles. 1,912 ft. 5.0 hrs.
20161202 Butler to Keenan by [email protected]
20161224 Lake Bonita by [email protected]
20161224 Lake Bonita by [email protected]
20161225 Beech Mtn by [email protected]
20161228 Palmer Pond Mountain by [email protected]
2016_04_16 West Sycamore ride by [email protected]
2016_05_21 by MattMaxon
2016GRSC by [email protected]
2016GRSC by [email protected]
2016hikes by RAY
2016NightOMaster by [email protected]
with cps
2017 by [email protected]
2017 by [email protected]
2017 by RAY
2017 - Hotel Camp by [email protected]
2017 - JMT Segment by [email protected]
2017 - Los Angeles by [email protected]
2017 - Potter Pass to Dinky Lakes by [email protected]
2017 - Potter Pass to George Lake by [email protected]
2017 - Traveler's Home by [email protected]
2017 07 09 - Mowich Lake Trailhead to Spray Falls to Spray Park by [email protected]
2017 Backpack by [email protected]
2017 Baja by [email protected]
2017 Bear Royce Lakes by [email protected]
2017 BMWF #01 NTD by [email protected]
2017 BMWF #14 Heart Lake by [email protected]
2017 Bob Open by [email protected]
2017 Broken Arrow 52km by [email protected]
2017 Broken Arrow Loop 2.0 5th->6th by [email protected]
2017 Broken Arrow Loop 2.0 6th -> 6th by [email protected]
2017 Broken Arrow Loop 2.0 6th -> 6th by [email protected]
2017 Broken Arrow Loop V2 by [email protected]
15 miles 5000' vert
2017 Campsites by [email protected]
2017 CCC re-route by [email protected]
2017 Clark Range Solo by [email protected]
3 Nights, 45 miles.
2017 Colorado / Utah / NV Trip by HughJass
2017 CORE 4 KIDS by [email protected]
2017 DayO Master by [email protected]
2017 Eclipse by [email protected]
2017 Eclipse by [email protected]
2017 Eclipse - John Day Region by [email protected]
2017 Eclipse Fires by [email protected]
2017 Eclipse Path by [email protected]
Path of eclipse
2017 Fleischman Sierras by [email protected]gmail
2017 FT Trail Running by [email protected]
2017 Geocache map by [email protected]
2017 Gertrude Lake, Desolation Wilderness by [email protected]
Family: 3 days, 2 nights.
2017 Glacier Peak Loop by [email protected]
Attempting to put together a Glacier Peak Loop
2017 Half Assanutten by Karan Girdhani
2017 High Adventure Backpack by [email protected]
This was the route we took on our Summer 2017 Backpacking Trip through the Sierra's out of Lodgepole in the Sequoia National Park. We went through Sequoia, and Kings National Parks, as well as the Sequoia National Forest.
2017 Hut Run Hut by [email protected]
2017 Indian Heaven by [email protected]
Difficulty: Easy Length: 15.0 mi Elevation Gain: 1,100 ft High Point: 5,100 ft
2017 Ionian Basin Actual by [email protected]
2017 Jake Modified by [email protected]
2017 July Lake Arrowhead by [email protected]
2017 July Yolla Bolly by [email protected]
20 mile double loop in south east Yolla Bolly Wilderness
2017 Kachess Ridge by [email protected]
Difficulty: Moderate Length: 13.0 mi Elevation Gain: 2,200 ft High Point: 4,600 ft
2017 kayak by [email protected]
2017 Kings Canyon/Mt Whitney by [email protected]
2017 Kodiak 100 by [email protected]
2017 Kodiak 50 by [email protected]
2017 Mar 11 - RMNP Ski Tour by [email protected]
Ski tour with Lina & Barb.
2017 Marin Walk by jimy
2017 MDR by [email protected]
2017 Meetup by [email protected]
2017 Monte Vista Hikes by fdv...cast
2017 Mountain Biking by Cascade Yeti
2017 Navaho Pass by [email protected]
2017 OCT 2-4 Carrigain by [email protected]
2017 October Siberian Outpost by [email protected]
2017 OTT Full by [email protected]
2017 Palms to Pines by [email protected]
2017 Partner/ MA Girls team by [email protected]
Straight Creek
2017 Peak bag trip by [email protected]
2017 PEMI trip by [email protected]
2017 ptarmigan traverse by [email protected]
some landmarks for ptarmigan ski traverse
2017 Races by [email protected]
2017 Return To Zion by [email protected]
2017 Sierra Nevada Foothill Fires by [email protected]
2017 Sierra Trip Planning by [email protected]
2017 Sierra Trip Planning
2017 Silver Peak by [email protected]
2017 Snow Trip by [email protected]
2017 Solar Eclipse Wyoming by [email protected]
2017 Total Solar Eclipse Wyoming Overlay
2017 Solstice Race by [email protected]
2017 SonoraPassArea by Jon Cappella
2017 Speedgoat 50k by [email protected]
from gpx file at
2017 Spring Break by [email protected]
2017 Spring Fling by mytmedic
Green 9.9 mi Arrow 13.6 mi Navy 16.5 White 9.8 Water Troughs only on trail during Spring Fling Endurance Rides
2017 Springtime Hiking options by [email protected]
2017 Summerland & Panhandle Gap by [email protected]
Difficulty: Moderate Length: 8.5 mi Elevation Gain: 2,100 ft High Point: 5,900 ft
2017 Tahoe 200 by DestinationTrail
2017 Tanner-Kaibab by [email protected]
2017 TRACKS by Kirk Mallory
2017 Tracks by [email protected]
2017 Tracks B by [email protected]
2017 trail cams by [email protected]
aug 2017
2017 trip by jimy
2017 Twin Lakes, Hoover Wilderness by [email protected]
Daddy and Daughters trip, 21 Miles
2017 Uintas Proposal by [email protected]
Thinking about doing Uintas instead of Wind Rivers; if I do, this is my proposed route.
2017 W (2) by [email protected]
2017 WAV Training by [email protected]
2017 WC SNOW COURSE by [email protected]
2017 WC Snow Route 10 Mile by [email protected]
2017 Wind Rivers Ross Lake Bomber Loop by [email protected]
2017 Wintergreen Leg 1 by [email protected]
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Metro DC Chapter 2017 Xtreme Hike Route
2017 Wintergreen Leg 2 by [email protected]
2017 Wintergreen Leg 3 by [email protected]
2017 Wintergreen Leg 4 by [email protected]
2017-01-01 by [email protected]
2017-01-02 Red Rock Mountain by [email protected]
2017-01-15 Monrovia by [email protected]
2017-01-21 Hollywood, Cahuenga, Verdugo by [email protected]
2017-01-29 Black Butte and Chuckwalla by [email protected]
2017-03-05 Pinto Mountain by [email protected]
2017-03-13 Obsidian Dome nordic loop by [email protected]
2017-03-13 White Wing (attempt) by [email protected]
2017-03-14 Rock Creek Lake nordic by [email protected]
2017-03-17 Orocopia Driving Route by [email protected]
2017-03-17 Orocopia Mtns HP by [email protected]
2017-03-18 Heald Nicolls by [email protected]
2017-03-19 Mount Tammany by [email protected]
hiked 3.8 miles with micro spikes up Mount Tammany, Red Dot Trail up, Blue Trail down; Worthington State Forest and Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
2017-03-19 Pinyon Peak by [email protected]
2017-03-25 Columbia Trail biking by [email protected]
2017-03-25 Columbia Trail biking
2017-03-26 Mission Point by [email protected]
2017-03-27 Basin Peak by [email protected]
2017-03-28 Waterhouse Peak by [email protected]
2017-03-29 Incline Peak by [email protected]
2017-03-30 Liebre Mountain by [email protected]
2017-0314 Lake Sabrina nordic by [email protected]
2017-03_Tumalo Nordic Loop by [email protected]
2017-04-03 Butterbredt by [email protected]
2017-04-03 Chuckwalla and Cross by [email protected]
2017-04-04 Mayan Peak by [email protected]
2017-04-04 McDill by [email protected]
2017-04-04 Onyx Peak by [email protected]
2017-04-16 Zion Newcomb by [email protected]
2017-04-22 Suffern-BearMountainTrail by [email protected]
2017-04-23 Barley Flats by [email protected]
2017-04-23 biking-to-JockeyHollow by [email protected]
2017-04-23 Mount Williamson by [email protected]
2017-04-23 Winston Peak Winston Ridge by [email protected]
2017-04-29 JungleHabitat mountain-biking by [email protected]
2017-04-30 Mt Silliman by [email protected]
2017-05-06 Cobblestone White by [email protected]
2017-05-27 Reyes, Haddock by [email protected]
2017-05-28 Montara Mountain by [email protected]
2017-05-28 NYC biking by [email protected]
2017-05-29 Passaic River paddling by [email protected]
put-in Chatham (Shepard Kollock Park, 16 Henderson Rd - off Parrott Mill Rd); take-out Livingston, Route 510 / South Orange Ave access
2017-05-29: Lassen hike to hot river by [email protected]
2017-06 - Hawaii by [email protected]
2017-06-04 Bare Mountain by [email protected]
2017-06-04 Mount Hillyer by [email protected]
2017-06-04 Wild View Peak and Pine Mountain Ridge by [email protected]
2017-06-11 McKinley Iron Mendenhall by [email protected]
2017-06-25 TRR Training by [email protected]
2017-07 SoloTrip by [email protected]
2017-07-02 Adirondacks hike by [email protected]
2017-07-03 canoeing Lows Lake by [email protected]
2017-07-09 Buckhorn Mountain by Cascade Yeti
2017-07-15 Camp Mur by Cascade Yeti
2017-07-16 geohashing by Beej Jorgensen
2017-07-22 Cascade Pass by [email protected]
2017-07-23 Muah Mountain by [email protected]
2017-08-03 Backpack with Spencer by [email protected]
2017-08-19 Ruby Dome by [email protected]
2017-08-20 Deseret Peak by [email protected]
2017-09-01 - Sequoia by [email protected]
2017-09-11-birdseyehollow by [email protected]
2017-09-17 Azusa Peak by [email protected]
2017-09-17 Smith Mountain by [email protected]
2017-09-18-birdseyehollow by [email protected]
2017-10 Linville Gorge backpack by [email protected]
2017-10-NZ_GA_Loop by [email protected]
Mapping out a route on the Georgia Loop for use as the New Zealand Expeditions long training trip. DRT info from <>
2017-12-04OntCoPkBrown by [email protected]
2017-CanotZecMartin by [email protected]
2017.01.03 Wallingford, VT by [email protected]
2017.03 Chino Hills by [email protected]
2017.03 Holy Jim Trail by [email protected]
2017.03.26 San Jacinto by [email protected]
2017.05.06 El Moro Cyn by [email protected]
2017.05.13 Devil's Punchbowl by [email protected]
2017.05.20 Morgan Trail by [email protected]
2017.05.27 San Jacinto Tram by [email protected]
2017.06.03 San Jacinto Loop by [email protected]
2017.06.10 Dripping Cave by [email protected]
2017.06.13 Moro Canyon by [email protected]
2017.06.24 El Moro Canyon by [email protected]
2017.06.24 Holy Jim or Los Pinos by [email protected]
2017.07.30 JMT Route by [email protected]
2017/7/4 - Ira spring trail to mason lake by [email protected]
20170101 Gulf Brk Rd by [email protected]
20170101 Stream Tr by [email protected]mail
20170103 Pack Forest by [email protected]
20170105 Traver by [email protected]
20170108 Blue Mtn by [email protected]
20170114 PK by [email protected]
20170115 Prospect Mtn by [email protected]
20170116 Bird Mtn by [email protected]
20170120 Cobble Mtn by [email protected]
20170125 avalanches by [email protected]
20170125 Moreau North to West by [email protected]
20170128 Calamity Brk Tr by [email protected]
20170129 Moareau N from Hawk by [email protected]
20170204 Loon Lake Mountain by [email protected]
20170205 Stephens Pond and Cascade Pond by [email protected]
20170207 Willow Ck slide by [email protected]
20170209 Moreau North by [email protected]
20170211 Moreau Western Ridge Tr by [email protected]
20170211 MSP Western Ridge by [email protected]
20170216 Cat and Thomas by [email protected]
20170220 Brown and Five Mile by [email protected]
20170220 Little 13th Lake Attempt by [email protected]
20170221 Moreau Lake Loop by [email protected]
20170223 Baker and Haystack by [email protected]
20170302 Wilkie by [email protected]
20170303 Keenan Ramble by [email protected]
20170305 McKenzie by [email protected]
20170305 McKenzie Mtn by [email protected]
20170312 Butler Ramble by [email protected]
20170313 Oak Hill by [email protected]
20170318 Luzerne Reservoir by [email protected]
20170321 Darling by [email protected]
20170323 Darling Ramble by [email protected]
20170326 Haystack by [email protected]
20170329 Prospect Mtn by [email protected]
201703Backpack by [email protected]
20170402 Wolf Pond by [email protected]
20170408 Potash Mtn by [email protected]
20170409 Snake Ridge by [email protected]
20170412 by [email protected]
20170412b by [email protected]
20170415 Vromans Nose by [email protected]
20170417 Berry Pond by [email protected]
20170418 Moreau North by [email protected]
20170420 Darling by [email protected]
20170422 Brace Hill and Bartonville Mtn by [email protected]
20170423 High Nopit by [email protected]
20170426 LG Rec Ramble by [email protected]
20170426 Wilkie Loop by [email protected]
20170429 Pole Hill by [email protected]
20170430 Prospect Mtn by [email protected]
20170514 Cristo Couloir by [email protected]
20170520 Skylight and Gray by [email protected]
20170522 Rattlesnake Arches by [email protected]
20170527 Near Cattle Mtn by [email protected]
20170528 Eagle Eyrie by [email protected]
20170529 Beartown by [email protected]
20170610 Big and Little 13th Mtn by [email protected]
20170624tracks by sgarcia
201707 Willkie by [email protected]
20170708 Berry Pond by [email protected]
20170708 Berry Pond by [email protected]
20170721 Baldwin Mtn by [email protected]
20170723 Kayak Hudson by [email protected]
20170724 Keenan by [email protected]
20170725 Berry Pond by [email protected]
20170730 T Lake Falls by [email protected]
201707MineralKing by derbilly
20170801 Buck Shoulder by [email protected]
20170801 Buck Shoulder by [email protected]
20170805 Peaked and Slide by [email protected]
20170812 Bartlett Mtn by [email protected]
20170819 Buck TH to Phelps by [email protected]
20170820 Buck TH to Phelps by [email protected]
20170824 Lake Bonita by [email protected]
20170825 Butler Pond East Ramble by [email protected]
20170826 Moon Mtn by [email protected]
20170830 PK from Echo Bay Ln by [email protected]
20171208 Site 5 Route by [email protected]
20171209 Mayflower Gulch by [email protected]
20171223 Ginny Lake by [email protected]
2017_anza-borrego by [email protected]
2017_GCNP by [email protected]
2017IDSawtoothRecap by [email protected]
2017Sep17 by [email protected]
2017wish by [email protected]
2018 - Fall by [email protected]
Catskills, NY - Slide Loop
2018 01 20 hps hike by [email protected]
2018 Absaroka Washakie Traverse by [email protected]
2018 ADK 3-day Trip by [email protected]
2018 Baja 80K by [email protected]
2018 Beartooths July Prelim week route by [email protected]
2018 Bigfoot 200 by DestinationTrail
2018 Broken Arrow non-loop? by [email protected]
2018 Bullinger by [email protected]
2018 Castle Peak 100k by [email protected]
August 18, 2018 :: Castle Peak 100k ::
2018 Chain Lakes, Emigrant Wilderness by [email protected]
Family: 3 days, 2 nights
2018 DAY 1 HIGH MTN by [email protected]
2018 deer season by [email protected]
2018 Directions R1_2 by [email protected]
Directions for Race 1 - 03/04/18 and Race 2 03/18/18
2018 Emigrant Lake Tour by [email protected]
60 Miles in 13 days/12 nights including one layover day at Iceland Lake/Granite Dome & Hyatt Lake. This loop could be shortened by both days and miles.
2018 Enchantment Thru Hike by [email protected]
2018 Fleischmans by [email protected]
2018 Geotech by [email protected]
2018 Geotech by [email protected]
2018 Glacier's Norris Traverse by [email protected]
2018 GR30 RIM by [email protected]
2018 Ideas by [email protected]
2018 Jamboree Ped Bridge by [email protected]ail
2018 kayak Nellie Juan Whittier AK by [email protected]
2018 King's Peak Day 1 by [email protected]
2018 King's Peak Day 4 by [email protected]
2018 Lamar Hoodoo 8 Day Loop by [email protected]
2018 Lindsey Lakes, Tahoe Nat'l Forest by [email protected]
Family: 3 days, 2 nights
2018 Mac 50K Course by [email protected]
2018 MT Mountain Lakes by [email protected]
2018 Mt Zirkel Wilderness Area Guy's Backpacking Trip by [email protected]
2018 Norway by [email protected]
DNT Norway MASSIV IV - Hardangervidda huts
2018 Olympics by [email protected]
2018 Oso Parkway by [email protected]
2018 Parker by [email protected]
2018 PCMR Trails by [email protected]
2018 Quad Crusher - Full Rec Course by [email protected]
2018 Sierra - Horseshoe Meadow to Kearsarge Pass by [email protected]
2018 Sierra Option 1 by [email protected]
2018 Sierra Option 2 by [email protected]
2018 Sierra Option 3 by [email protected]
2018 Spring Deer by [email protected]
2018 Stehekin Lakeshore Trail by [email protected]
Troop 248 hike along the Lakeshore trail.
2018 TF Liquor License Map by [email protected]
2018 Thousand Island Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness by [email protected]
Big Kids: 4 days, 3 nights
2018 Tour of the Otways by [email protected]
2018 Transects by [email protected]
2018 WA Elk Hunt by [email protected]
2018 West Elks Wilderness Area Backpacking Loop by [email protected]
2018 Whittier by [email protected]
2018 Yellowstone Frost Lake/Lamar/Hoodoo Loop by [email protected]
2018 Yellowstone Mirror Plateau Speciman Sour Creek by [email protected]
2018-01-13,14 Manly, Needle by [email protected]
2018-01-18 Antsell Apache Spitler by [email protected]
2018-01-18 Split Mountain West by [email protected]
2018-01-20 by [email protected]
Blue Mountain Lakes, Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
2018-01-26DryerRdPk by [email protected]
Entered left most TH near Slalom Course. Took Epping Forest Ext, right on Bones up to, left on Tree Beard to, right on VHT to, left on Owl's Maze to, right on SSW to, right on Stormy to, left on Ziggy to where The Den meets it, but we followed field edge, then turned left across smaller field, heading for A-train, but took Gravel Pit road back.
2018-01-27 Apshawa-Preserve by [email protected]
2018-02-03 WBC Car Camp 19 Maidenhair Falls by [email protected]
2018-02-05OakHill by [email protected]
2018-02-10 East Ord by [email protected]
2018-02-10 Pine Ridge by [email protected]
2018-02-11 Cinder Cone by [email protected]
2018-02-11 Old Dad by [email protected]
2018-02-18Ganondagan by [email protected]
2018-02-24 McAuley Simi Rocky by [email protected]
2018-02-27CampCutler by [email protected]
2018-03-05 Michigan Bluff To Devils Thumb by [email protected]
2018-09-15-07:30h by [email protected]
2018-09-19-0900h by [email protected]
2018-09-22-0900h by [email protected]
2018-09-24-0830h by [email protected]
20180110 by [email protected]
20180111 by [email protected]
20180113-HenryCoe by [email protected]
20180117 by [email protected]
20180119 by [email protected]
20180120 by [email protected]
20180120 Yin Yang Bowl by [email protected]
20180124 by [email protected]
20180127 Boulder Long Run by [email protected]
20180128 by [email protected]
20180129 by [email protected]
20180201 by [email protected]
20180203 by [email protected]
20180204 by [email protected]
20180205 by [email protected]
20180206 by [email protected]
20180208 by [email protected]
20180211 by [email protected]alanche
20180212 by [email protected]
20180213 by [email protected]
20180214 Chickadee Ridge by [email protected]
20180220 by [email protected]
20180221 by [email protected]
20180222 River Road Flooding locations by [email protected]
20180223 by [email protected]
20180226 by [email protected]
20180227 by [email protected]
20180228 by [email protected]
20180303 Carson Pass Tour by [email protected]
20180304 by [email protected]
20180305 by [email protected]
20180307 by [email protected]
20180309 by [email protected]
20180317 Tamarack Tour by [email protected]
20180318 by [email protected]
20180331 Tahoe Meadows to Brockway by [email protected]
2018_kauai by [email protected]
2018_road_trip by [email protected]
2018CALFX by [email protected]
2018FD by [email protected]
2018HH by [email protected]
2024 Eclipse by cilupercio
2024 Eclipse Planning by [email protected]
20toStehekin by [email protected]
21 Putrid Pete's Peak by [email protected]
21-mile Lost Creek Loop by [email protected]
2107-09-08_South_Early_Winter_Spire--South_Arete by [email protected]
22 acres on Rocky Mtn by [email protected]
22.2 mile Tuolumne to Clouds Rest and Valley by [email protected]
229 by [email protected]
23 :: East of Big Bear Lake by [email protected]
(7)*(10) Bighorn Mountains - Granite Peaks - Tip Top Mountain - Mineral Mountain - Meeks Mountain - Black Mountain #4 - Onyx Peak #1 - Three Sisters - Chaparrosa Peak - Wysup Peak
24 Camp by [email protected]
24 HOURS OF HILL by [email protected]
24 hours of hill by [email protected]
24.5 mile Merced Lake out and back by [email protected]
244 FOBS by anonymous
24K day - training by [email protected]
24Sep16 Whiteface Passaconaway by [email protected]
25 by Harrison
25 :: Yucipa Ridge Area by [email protected]
(0)*(7) Allen Pk -- Birch Mtn -- Cedar Mtn -- Wilshire Pk -- Wilshire Mtn -- Little San Gorgonio Pk -- Galena Pk
25 km - All Private - All Existing by [email protected]
25 short by [email protected]
25 short STIO by [email protected]
25 Talpus & Olallie by [email protected]
25' Short by [email protected]
25-Short by [email protected]
25.5 mi Rattlesnake Lk to McClellan Butte by [email protected]
2510 stageing by [email protected]
hwy 20 to 2510 stageing area
2510 STAGEING AND ROUTES by [email protected]
25714 Camp 12 Road by [email protected]
26 :: Little San Bernardino Mountains by [email protected]
(10) Eureka Peak, Quail Mountain, Queen Mountain, Ryan Mountain, Mount Inspiration, Lost Horse Mountain, Little Berdoo Peak, Bernard Peak, Warren Point, Mount Minerva Hoyt
26 Miler by [email protected]
26 Pratt Lake by [email protected]
26A_Eureka_Peak by [email protected]
26feb by [email protected]
26km Aid Station Segments by [email protected]
27 :: San Jacinto Area by [email protected]
(1)*(10) Indian Mountain -- Black Mountain #1 (LO) -- Castle Rocks -- Folly Peak -- San Jacinto Peak -- Cornell Peak -- Jean Peak -- Marion Mountain -- Suicide Rock -- Drury Peak
27 mi - Marmot Lake by [email protected]
2765 and 2249 by [email protected]
27Worthington Tour by [email protected]
28 :: Desert Divide by [email protected]
(1)*(11)S(16) Lily Rock -- Tahquitz Peak -- Red Tahquitz (S) -- Southwell Peak (S) -- Antsell Rock (S) -- Apache Peak (S) -- Spitler Peak -- Palm View Peak -- Cone Peak -- Pyramid Peak -- Pine Mountain #2 -- Lion Peak -- Butterfly Peak -- Rock Point -- Ken Point -- Sam Fink Peak (S)
28 Denny Creek Melakwa Lake by [email protected]
28.1 mile Tuolumne to Vogelsang and Valley by [email protected]
28.8 mile Toulumne to Agnew Meadows by [email protected]
285toRG by [email protected]
29 :: South of Hwy 74 by [email protected]
(1)*(5) Rouse Hill, Little Cahuilla Mountain, Cahuilla Mountain, Thomas Mountain, Lookout Mountain #1
29 mile by [email protected]
29 Snow Lake by [email protected]
29-Mile/Shinumo from the rim by [email protected]
29.75 mile Grand Canyone of the Tuolumne by [email protected]
2yr. Options by [email protected]
3 by [email protected]
3 Day Santa Catalina by [email protected]
3 Day Suicide by [email protected]
3 Days Hike - Presidential Traverse by MikeZ
3 Forks GPS Track by [email protected]
3 Gun 20151121 by [email protected]
3 Mile Crk by [email protected]
3 Peak Challenge by [email protected]
3 Ponds Loop by [email protected]
3 Ridges with Kevin by [email protected]
3 RINGS FOR ADA by [email protected]
3 Sisters by [email protected]
3 Sisters Fail by [email protected]
3 sisters hut to hut by [email protected]
3 Sisters Loop by [email protected]
3 Sisters Loop 2018 by [email protected]
My planned hike around the Three Sisters in Central Oregon over three days, with a stop at Eileen Lake to scout the fire damage in Linton Meadows
3 Sisters Marathon by [email protected]
3 Stegosaurus Butte by [email protected]
3 T's Plus by [email protected]
3-10-18 Option 1 by [email protected]
3-10-18 Option 2 by [email protected]
3-12-16 Hike by Robert Carnes Jr
3-19-16 Hike by Robert Carnes Jr
3-19-17 trip by [email protected]
3-25-16 Hike by Robert Carnes Jr
3-26-16 Hike by Robert Carnes Jr
3-Day (day 3) by [email protected]
3-Peaks training by [email protected]
3.5 acres, creek on BlueStem by [email protected]
3.7-4.4 mile wash' by [email protected]
3/25/18 by [email protected]
30 :: Santa Rosa Mtn by [email protected]
(5)*(8) Asbestos Mountain, Sheep Mountain, Martinez Mountain, Santa Rosa Mountain, Toro Peak, Rabbit Peak #2, Villager Peak, Rosa Point
30 Gem & Wildcat Lakes by [email protected]
30 Miles 4 days 13 Lake Loop by [email protected]
Emigrant Landmarks, incomplete
30/40/40 Gorge Loops by [email protected]
30E06 - Marvin Pass Trail by WIlderness Corps
30E08 - Rowell Meadow Trail by WIlderness Corps
30E09 - Weaver Lake Trail by WIlderness Corps
31 Snoqualmie Mountain by [email protected]
31-Mile Mtn Loop 10-17 by Trini Garza
315 bypas A by [email protected]
31Aug12 Carrigain by [email protected]
32A by [email protected]
33 Commonwealth Basin by [email protected]
34 by Harrison
34 by [email protected]
34 by [email protected]
346 Buttermilk Falls Road by [email protected]
35 Kendall Peak Lakes by [email protected]
35.4 mi - Teanaway peaks by [email protected]
35mile Rawah Loop by [email protected]
36 acres on Salt Ranch by [email protected]
36 Gold Creek Pond by [email protected]
36.9 mile Lyell Canyon to Valley via Lakes by [email protected]
36B by anonymous
37 Bouse Area Tracks by [email protected]
37 Gold Creek Alaska Lake by [email protected]
39 Lake Lillian & Mt. Margaret by [email protected]
39mileMountain by [email protected]
3BrothersEastSummitAttempt by [email protected]
3FJ Ski options by water
3P by [email protected]
3peaks by [email protected]
3pt-Chi-Loop by [email protected]
3QLD by [email protected]
3rd and 4th by [email protected]
3rd Beach by [email protected]
3sisters by [email protected]
3Ts, Baldy & Bear Cyn by [email protected]
4 Bunnies of the Apocalypse by [email protected]
Tis but a rabbit (or four)
4 Day, Emigrant Off Trail Lakes by [email protected]
Exploring Granite, Toms Canyon, Leopold, Jewelry Drainage, Chain Lakes, off trail routes.
4 lakes loop by [email protected]
4 Lakes, MT by [email protected]
4 Mi Loop by [email protected]
Nice 4 mile hike along the Ragged Mountain Trail (western section) and 5 Brooks Trail (Easter Section)
4 night W Eagle To Wallowa Lake by [email protected]
4 Pass Loop by [email protected]
4 Pass Loop by [email protected]
4 Pass Loop campsites by [email protected]
4 Passes Loop by [email protected]
4 Rainy Lake by [email protected]
4-14-18 Option 1/2 by [email protected]
4-16-16 Hike by Robert Carnes Jr
4-17-16 Hike by Robert Carnes Jr
4-2-16 Hike by Robert Carnes Jr
4-21-18 by [email protected]
4-22-18 Option 1/2 by [email protected]
4-23-16 Hike by Robert Carnes Jr
4-3-16 Hike by Robert Carnes Jr
4-9-16 Hike by Robert Carnes Jr
4-Day (day 4) by [email protected]
4-day West of Glacier Peak Loop by [email protected]
4-state challenge by Karan Girdhani
4/22/17 hike by [email protected]
4/26 by [email protected]
40 80 boundaries by [email protected]
40 acres by [email protected]
40 acres
40 acres Rd 212 by [email protected]
40 Donner ride by [email protected]
40 Margaret Lake by [email protected]
40 mile training run Mac by [email protected]
40.1 mile Valley to Vogelsang and back by [email protected]
4000 footers near Meredith by [email protected]
4000 footers near Meredith
4000ft Jacks Knob by [email protected]
403 and 401 by [email protected]
410Trails by [email protected]
416 to 134 Route? by [email protected]
4377 by [email protected]
44 Thorpe Mountain Lookout by [email protected]
446, 449, 452 by [email protected]
44mi figure 8 by [email protected]
45 Mineral Creek by [email protected]
45 North Recreation Trail by [email protected]
Public mountain bike trails at 45 North Vineyard and Winery
46 Pete Lake by [email protected]
46ers remaining by [email protected]
47 Diamond Lake by [email protected]
47.7 mile loop from Yosemite Valley to Tuolumne by [email protected]
48 ski trip by Matt White
48 Waptus Lake by [email protected]
48X4000s by [email protected]
49 Spade Lake by [email protected]
4Peaks Cleanup by [email protected]
4th by [email protected]
4th July Uintas by [email protected]
4th of July by [email protected]
4th of July by [email protected]
4th of July Peak 10 ski by [email protected]
4th of July Trip by [email protected]
4thofjulycamping2017 by [email protected]
4wd Hacket LW & Metberry by [email protected]
4x4 by [email protected]
4x4 Camp 2016 by [email protected]
4x4 Camp Spring 2017 by [email protected]
5 day Santa Margarita Lake by [email protected]
5 day solo July 11-15 2017 by [email protected]
5 days of yosemite by [email protected]
5 mile Day Hike AF Canyon by [email protected]
5 peak 3 day by [email protected]
5 Peak Challenge by [email protected]
5 Pratt River by [email protected]
5 Springs w/ Mtns by [email protected]
Mostly TRACK trail system w/ some Forest road, Dbl track & a little Elk trail. GPX track a must for this route
5-14-16 Hike by Robert Carnes Jr
5-4-18 by [email protected]
5-7-16 Hike by Robert Carnes Jr
5-Day (day 1) by [email protected]
5-Day (day 2) by [email protected]
5-Day (day 3) by [email protected]
5-Day (day 4) by [email protected]
5-Day (day 5) by [email protected]
5-Day (day 6) by [email protected]
5/21/17 by [email protected]
5/23-24/2015 Toleak Pt. by Jeremy
5/9/17 by [email protected]
50 km course - All Private - All existing trails by [email protected]
50 mile LCW loop by [email protected]
50 Miler St Helens by [email protected]
50 Miler with Scouts by [email protected]
50 milers by [email protected]
50 milers all by [email protected]
50 places to camp by [email protected]
500 sylvan by anonymous
5050 Pass by [email protected]
50_ski_descents_of_NA by [email protected]
50k bash by [email protected]
50k ideas by [email protected]
50k option a by [email protected]
50k option b by [email protected]
50k option c by [email protected]
50k#10 by [email protected]
50k#4 by [email protected]
50k#7 by [email protected]
50k#8 by [email protected]
50k#9 by [email protected]
50mi route for peeps by devtea
515 by walkertm
52 Hikes in San Diego County by [email protected]
A Hike-a-Week - San Diego County
52 Sprite Lake by [email protected]
5280 Loop by [email protected]
53 miles yosemite valley roof by [email protected]
533 Allens Mill Rd, Yorktown VA by [email protected]
54 and 26 km Strava Seg by [email protected]
54 km Course - Full Map - with sections highlighted by [email protected]
54 km Part 1 - Aid Station Segments by [email protected]
54 km Part 2 - Aid Station Segments by [email protected]
54 km part 3 - Aid Station Segments by [email protected]
54 km snow-reroute by [email protected]
549 Ft. Smith bypass by [email protected]
5775BlackBear by [email protected]
5K + 10K Route Soaring Eagle by [email protected]
5K at Soaring Eagle Regional Park by [email protected]
5k Biathlon by anonymous
5K Route for Race PD by [email protected]
5Peaks by [email protected]
5PeaksDone by [email protected]
5T: Trail, Tram, Trolley, Tillikum and Train by [email protected]
5th AWFSBT Actual by [email protected]
5th Block Break, 2017 by [email protected]
6-16-17 by [email protected]
6-18-17 by [email protected]
A Walk to the Sea
6-23-18 Abrams Falls / Hatcher Mtn / Cooper Rd / Wet Bottom 13.4 by [email protected]
13.4 miles Abrams Falls Hatcher Mountain Cooper Road Wet Bottom (horse trail)
6-23-18 CS12 by [email protected]
1.9 mi Gregory Ridge Backcountry Campsite 12: Forge Creek
6-24-18 Gregory Ridge / Gregory Bald / Parson Branch 13/17 by [email protected]
Option 1: 13 miles Gregory Ridge Gregory Bald (Option 2: +4 miles) Gregory Ridge to Appalachian Trail Junction Parson Branch Road
6-9-18 CS23 Fireflies by [email protected]
6-pack of peaks challenge by [email protected]
6/17 Weekend Backpack Trip by [email protected]
6/22/16 Mineral Sites by lungbuster22
60 by [email protected]
60D 17 by [email protected]
611 - JMT Part 1 by [email protected]
24.2 mi. / +10,271 / -2,978
613 by [email protected]
6318 Oldfield by [email protected]
64 high corral by [email protected]
64 high terrain mapping by [email protected]
651 Grizzly Flat Road by [email protected]
676 Silverleaf by [email protected]
6780 by [email protected]
6th AWFSBT by [email protected]
6th AWFSBT Replan by [email protected]
7 Bridges to 701 Loop by [email protected]
7 COLD SPRING GAP BOBS BALD SC BP by [email protected]
October 17-18, 2018
7 Days in Emigrant Wilderness by [email protected]
Shortened Vacation. 50 Miles
7 Devils Loop by [email protected]
7 high points along hightower ridge by John Leroy Chambers
planned bushwhack traverse across Hightower ridge.
7 Lakes Basin GPS Route by [email protected]
7 Marten Lake by [email protected]
7-14-18 BP201 by [email protected]
5.2mi Brown Gap -> Roaring Fork Shelter
7-26-18 by [email protected]
7-27-18 Stupid Sleep by [email protected]
7-28-18 Stupid Up by [email protected]
7-7-16 by [email protected]
7-mile ski trail by [email protected]
7.4 acres Meadow by [email protected]
7/11 by Bird23
7/2/17 by [email protected]
7/20 by [email protected]
7/22-23 weekend by [email protected]
7/4/16 - Goat Lake by Ellusionist
7/4/2016 Sisters by Ellusionist
73 service road by [email protected]
730-73-01 Shakedown by [email protected]
7558 by [email protected]
7625 Warbonnet by [email protected]
7790 Ranked Peak by [email protected]
77s by [email protected]
7925 by [email protected]
7_15_overnight by [email protected]
7FJ / Fernow / Maude by [email protected]
7Gabels-Gemini by [email protected]
7th AWFSBFT by [email protected]
7th AWFSBFT Replan by [email protected]
8 Otter & Big Creek Falls by [email protected]
8 Sheiks Canyon by [email protected]
8-16 Overnight by Ellusionist
8-25-18 CS6 by [email protected]
8-25-18 Option 1 by [email protected]
8-25-18 Option 2 by [email protected]
8/02/17 Hawley Lake Trek by [email protected]
8/21 by [email protected]
8/6 by [email protected]
8/8/16 by [email protected]
8232 by [email protected]
8260 by [email protected]
8410 IXL by [email protected]
877Juarez by [email protected]
8849 by [email protected]
8928 by [email protected]
8940 by [email protected]
9 Creek Segment 6 by [email protected]
9 Creeks by [email protected]
9 Creeks Loop by [email protected]
9 Creeks Segment 1 by [email protected]
9 Creeks Segment 2 by [email protected]
9 Creeks Segment 3 by [email protected]
9 Creeks Segment 4 by [email protected]
9 Creeks Segment 5 by [email protected]
9 Creeks Segment 7 by [email protected]
9 Creeks Segment 8 by [email protected]
9 Peak Adventure by [email protected]
A little Telluride run.
9 Peak Challenge by [email protected]
9 peaks across Southern California and back to starting trailhead.
9 Snoqualmie Lake by [email protected]
9-15-18 desolation option by [email protected]
9-22-18 Smart by [email protected]
Hike with Cindy
9/2-4/17 by [email protected]
90 to CC by [email protected]
91 skiing by [email protected]
91blues by [email protected]
9220 by [email protected]
9340 by [email protected]
9389 by [email protected]
9507 by [email protected]
9672 by [email protected]
9862 by [email protected]
99 piece 11/19/15 by anonymous
9954 by [email protected]
9th grade trip by [email protected]
<2013 Hikes by [email protected]
? by [email protected]
???? by [email protected]
???????? by [email protected]
??Hike in aid?? by [email protected]
[Alpine Lakes Wilderness] Necklace Valley by [email protected]
[Alpine Lakes Wilderness] Necklace Valley by [email protected]
[Alpine Lakes Wilderness] Necklace Valley -> West Fork Foss Creek by [email protected]
[Alpine Lakes Wilderness] Snow Lakes -> Core Enchantments by [email protected]
[Alpine Lakes Wilderness] Stuart Lake -> Core Enchantments by [email protected]
[Alpine Lakes Wilderness] Tank Lakes Traverse by [email protected]
[Ansel Adams Wilderness] Agnew Meadows -> Thousand Island Lake by [email protected]
[Ansel Adams Wilderness] Ashley Lake Loop by [email protected]
[Ansel Adams Wilderness] Minaret Lakes Loop by [email protected]
[Ansel Adams Wilderness] Minaret Lakes Loop by [email protected]
[Ansel Adams Wilderness] Ritter Range Romp by [email protected]
[Ansel Adams Wilderness] Rush Creek -> Thousand Island Lake by [email protected]
[BC] Unnecessary Mountain by [email protected]
[Desolation Wilderness] Desolation Wilderness Zones by [email protected]
Based on:
[Desolation Wilderness] Eagle Falls -> Upper Velma Lake by [email protected]
[Desolation Wilderness] Echo Lake -> Lake Aloha by [email protected]
[Desolation Wilderness] Echo Lakes -> Lake of the Woods by [email protected]
[Desolation Wilderness] Glen Alpine -> Lake Aloha by [email protected]
[Desolation Wilderness] Wrights Lake -> Island Lake by [email protected]
[Desolation Wilderness] Wrights Lake -> Lake Lois by [email protected]
[Dinkey Lakes Wilderness] Dinkey Lakes Loop by [email protected]
[Dinkey Lakes Wilderness] Dinkey Lakes Loop by [email protected]
[Emigrant Wilderness] Cherry Creek -> Gianelli Loop by [email protected]
[Emigrant Wilderness] Cherry Creek / Emigrant Lake Loop by [email protected]
[Emigrant Wilderness] Cherry Creek Loop by [email protected]
[Emigrant Wilderness] Crabtree -> Chain Lakes by [email protected]
[Emigrant Wilderness] Crabtree -> Gem Lake by [email protected]
[Emigrant Wilderness] Crabtree -> Gem Lake Loop by [email protected]
[Emigrant Wilderness] Crabtree -> Twin Lakes by [email protected]
[Emigrant Wilderness] Emigrant 45 Mile Loop by [email protected]
[Emigrant Wilderness] Emigrant 60 Mile Loop by [email protected]
[Emigrant Wilderness] Gianelli -> Granite Lake -> Chewing Gum Lake by [email protected]
[Emigrant Wilderness] Gianelli -> Toejam Lake by [email protected]
[Emigrant Wilderness] Granite Lake by [email protected]
[Emigrant Wilderness] Iceland Lake by [email protected]
[Emigrant Wilderness] Kennedy Meadows -> Emigrant Lakes -> Lewis Lakes by [email protected]
[Emigrant Wilderness] Kennedy Meadows -> Iceland Lake by [email protected]
[Emigrant Wilderness] Kennedy Meadows -> Ridge Lake by [email protected]
[Emigrant Wilderness] Shingle Springs -> Many Island Lake by [email protected]
[Hoover Wilderness] 20 Lakes Basin by [email protected]
[Hoover Wilderness] Hoover Lakes by [email protected]
[Hoover Wilderness] Twin Lakes -> Peeler Lake by [email protected]
[Hoover Wilderness] Twin Lakes -> Peeler Lake by [email protected]
[Hoover Wilderness] Twin Lakes to Green Lakes by [email protected]
[Hoover Wilderness] Virginia Lakes -> East Lake by [email protected]
[Hoover Wilderness] West Lake by [email protected]
[Indian Peaks Wilderness] Crater Lake by [email protected]
[Indian Peaks Wilderness] Devil's Thumb Loop by [email protected]
[Indian Peaks Wilderness] Pawnee Pass Loop by [email protected]
[Inyo National Forest] Trailheads by [email protected]
[John Muir Wilderness] Duck Lake by [email protected]
[John Muir Wilderness] Evolution Valley by [email protected]
[John Muir Wilderness] Graveyard Lakes by [email protected]
[John Muir Wilderness] McGee Lakes by [email protected]
[John Muir Wilderness] Mt Langley by [email protected]
[John Muir Wilderness] Palisade Lakes by [email protected]
[John Muir Wilderness] Sawmill Pass -> Onion Valley by [email protected]
[John Muir Wilderness] Sawmill Pass -> Rae Lakes Loop by [email protected]
[John Muir Wilderness] Sawmill Pass -> South Lake by [email protected]
[John Muir Wilderness] Sawmill Pass -> Taboose Pass by [email protected]
[Marble Mountains Wilderness] Shackleford Creek Basin by [email protected]
[Marble Mountains Wilderness] Sky High Lakes by [email protected]
[Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness] Capitol Creek Circuit by [email protected]
[Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness] Four Passes Loop by [email protected]
[North Cascades National Park] Copper Ridge by [email protected]
[Rocky Mountain National Park] Continental Divide Loop by [email protected]
[Rocky Mountain National Park] Flattop Loop by [email protected]
[Rocky Mountain National Park] Mt Wuh Loop by [email protected]
[Rocky Mountain National Parl] Flattop & Wuh Loop by [email protected]
[Sequoia / Kings Canyon National Park] Rae Lakes Loop by [email protected]
[Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park] High Sierra Trail by [email protected]
[Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park] Mineral King -> Bullfrog Lakes by [email protected]
[Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park] Sawtooth Loop by [email protected]
[Sierra National Forest] Evolution Valley by [email protected]
[Sierra National Forest] Evolution Valley -> Goddard Canyon Loop by [email protected]
[Sierra Nevada] John Muir Trail by [email protected]
[Sierra Nevada] Sierra High Route by [email protected]
[Sierra Nevada] Southern Sierra High Route by [email protected]
[Stanislaus National Forest] Shingle Springs -> Many Island Lake by [email protected]
[Trinity Alps Wilderness] Canyon Creek Lakes by [email protected]
[Trinity Alps Wilderness] Caribou Lake by [email protected]
[Trinity Alps Wilderness] Coffee Creek -> Foster Lake by [email protected]
[Trinity Alps Wilderness] Granite Lake Loop by [email protected]
[Trinity Alps Wilderness] Trinity Alps High Route by [email protected]
[VM] Cache Creek - Serene Lake Lolly Pop by [email protected]
[Yosemite National Park] Cathedral Lakes by [email protected]
[Yosemite National Park] Evelyn Lake Loop by [email protected]
[Yosemite National Park] Kuna Lakes by [email protected]
[Yosemite National Park] South High Sierra Camps Loop by [email protected]
[Yosemite National Park] Yosemite Valley -> Clouds Rest by [email protected]
[Yosemite National Park] Yosemite Valley -> Snow Creek by [email protected]
[Yosemite National Park] Yosemite Valley -> Yosemite Falls by [email protected]
[Yosemite National Park] Young Lakes by [email protected]
a by anonymous
A 2017 Lost Creek Wilderness (May 2016) by [email protected]
A better day by [email protected]
A Rossin and a Rollin by [email protected]
A Shawnee DayTrip by anonymous
A day trip in some southern Ohio hills
A to M by [email protected]
A Tour on the Prairie, Washington Irvings route, October 10, 1832 - November 8, 1832 by [email protected]
A Walk In The Park- Glacier Gorge Traverse by [email protected]
Climbing/mountaineering linkup based on
A-12 928 Crash Site? by [email protected]
A-Basin by [email protected]
A-O River 2017 by [email protected]
A.P. R2 by [email protected]
A2 Defense Overlay by [email protected]
A5 by [email protected]
AA CH Run by [email protected]
AA Loop-D by [email protected]
AA Loop-E by [email protected]
AA OP Area by [email protected]
AA Peak-D by [email protected]
AA6XA (KB1KXL) SOTA by d3ef
All of the summits on the air peaks I've activated. See my blog for trip reports.
AA6XA/P SOTA by d3ef
aac by [email protected]
AAHSC (Day 1) by [email protected]
AAI Pro 1 20180213 by [email protected]
Aaron by [email protected]
Aaron's JMT by [email protected]
AAT by jimy
AAT by jimy
AAW - George & Vince actual by [email protected]
abandoned ski hut by [email protected]
Abasin east wall. by [email protected]
route to North pole from the top of Abasin
Abbot-Mills-Dade-Treas by [email protected]
ABC123 by [email protected]
ABDSP Benchmarks by [email protected]
Abi_Skyline by Ellusionist
Abiathar Peak Ice by [email protected]
Ice climbing information on Abiathar Peak
Abiel by [email protected]
Abiel by [email protected]
Aboretum Geocaching by [email protected]
Abraham Creek by [email protected]
Absaroka roadless by [email protected]
Absaroka trip by [email protected]
Absarokas 2016 by [email protected]
Absarokas Fun Route Final by [email protected]
Abyss Lake Snowshoe by [email protected]
Abyss Lake Tr by [email protected]
ac by [email protected]
AC 100 2015 by scottshiba
AC100 - 2017 by [email protected]
AC100 2nd 25 NewCourse by [email protected]
AC100-2016 Course by [email protected]
AC100-2016Change by [email protected]
AC100-2017 3Points-Chantry by [email protected]
AC100Last25 by [email protected]
Acadia - Duck Harbor Mountain Trail by [email protected]
Acadia dayhike by [email protected]
Acadia day hike- Bald Peak, Parkman mtn, Gilmore peak, Sargeant Mtn, Cedar Swamp mtn. (Supposedly there is wreckage from a plane crash somewhere on the southern side of Cedar Swamp Mtn... I was not able to find it, but I hope you give it a shot). Try adding a big loop down the East side of Sargeant, around Jordan Lake or up Pemetic, then coming back to Cedar Swamp from Jordan Ridge or Jordan Cliffs trail if you want more mileage.
Acadia Stuff by [email protected]
Acadia Traverse by [email protected]
accfeb by [email protected]
accomplishment_to_ribdon by [email protected]
ACH by [email protected]
ACH to Big Tujunga Creek by Sean
ACH to Peak 5171 by Sean
ACH to Pt 4724 by Sean
Acker Rock by [email protected]
peregrine traverse
Acorn Pine Ridge upper loop by [email protected]
Acra Point Loop Catskills NY by [email protected]
Across the Swell by [email protected]
Across Utah (2017.04 by AmyL
More info at
Acteon Ridge by earlylitegmailcom
Acteon Ridge Traverse by earlylitegmailcom
Acteon Ridge Traverse 2 by earlylitegmailcom
ActonKOAToVasquezTunnel by [email protected]
Actual 6/17/17 by [email protected]
Actual BPNW 16 Matt Mc by [email protected]
Actual Moore Flat by [email protected]
actual yosemite route by [email protected]
kelechi is out of shape
Aculpulco&Sapphire by [email protected]
ADAM by [email protected]
Adam Scout Adventure by [email protected]
Adam's Canyon Waterfall by [email protected]
Adamant Range Mountain Resort by [email protected]
ARMR is a theoretical European-style ski resort in the pristine Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia. A brief description can be found below. For more information, please visit the Adamant Resort website! The Canadian Rockies hold some of the best potential worldwide for the ultimate mountain resort based on geography and weather. After surveying mountains all over the continent (and the world) using topographical/slope steepness data and extrapolated precipitation patterns, this location was decided upon for its vertical drop, slope aspect (mostly facing North, East or West), projected snowfall totals and snow quality, varied terrain, and natural beauty. The development is modeled after resorts like France's Courcheval (Les Trois Vallees), Italy's Sestriere (Via Lattea), and Austria's Kitzbuhel (KitzSki). Ski resorts like these, which feature many villages interconnected by expansive ski lift and trail systems, are virtually unheard of in North America (Utah's One Wasatch concept would be the first if it ever garners approval). The proposed plan includes one large mountain village (Everly) and nine satellite villages; all ten establishments are accessible by train or bus. The towns will encompass lodging, shops and eateries. All downtown areas are designed to be vehicle-free to add to the small-town ambiance and prevent congestion, but will have local transportation in the form of cable cars and buses to help move visitors around. Only full-time residents of the area will be allowed to have vehicles at all; vacationers will need to leave their vehicles in the parking lot in Donald and take the train (or arrive by plane or boat). A system of trains and trucks will move personal items between villages while patients ski during the day for those who are changing lodging accommodations. Some villages will have direct ski-in/ski-out access, and feature trails that weave right between the buildings. Small neighborhoods of custom homes will be available for permanent residents outside of each town and around the region based on demand. All buildings must meet pre-established architectural standards, and neighborhoods will be modeled after private communities like Martis Camp in California's Lake Tahoe region, The Colony in Park City, and Montana's Yellowstone Club. Acceptable architectural styles include mountain modern or mountain rustic. The town of Everly will include a small college with a medical school and teaching hospital. Night-skiing will be available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays above the town of Everly on the Northeast aspect of Tabernacle Mountain. A scattering of luxury hotels and lodges can be found throughout the area, some of which are only accessible by ski lifts or helicopters. The resort will also feature a few golf courses. Two trams transport sightseers to the peaks of Adamant Mountain (10,974') and Mount Sir Sandford (11,545') for extraordinary views of the resort and surrounding mountain wilderness. Design and construction of all infrastructure, buildings, and ski lifts will be done in the spirit of environmental conservation to minimize impact, and the resort will develop renewable energy sources to work toward a zero net-energy presence. Three large subranges of the Selkirks will be involved in the ski lift infrastructure. Much of the area is covered by snow year-round. Based on data collected for nearby Valemount Glaciers Resort, natural snowfall should easily be able to cover areas above 4,000'. Similarly, CMH's Adamant Lodge (which sits at an elevation of approximately 3,000') usually has adequate powder for winter activities. Artificial snowmaking will be used to cover slopes along Kinbasket Lake (where the lowest elevations are) when needed. Due to the sheer size of the resort, entire areas can be closed when snow coverage is spotty without really affecting the overall availability and diversity of terrain. The lift system was designed to add as much skiable area as possible. British Columbia is known for its glades skiing, and many forests will be left untouched (apart from lift construction) for those seeking a more natural experience. In addition, private cat-skiing will be available to guests who desire it; areas that are not lift-served will be open to these types of operations. A ski school will be located just outside of Kirkwood (Red Carpet and Snoopy's Park lifts) for beginners. Terrain parks are scattered throughout, including an area above Everly which will be open for night-skiing and competitions. The region will become a tourist hotspot similar to nearby Revelstoke during the Summer, with activities such as mountain biking, hiking/backpacking, and boating on Kinbasket Lake. Backcountry and traditional camping will be available as well. Summer glacier skiing will be available in the Forbes Glacier Bowl above Vallee de la Cascade. ARMR is far larger than any existing resort on Earth and includes a vertical drop that tops all but Chamonix. Relevant statistics for the entire establishment can be found below: -Lift-Served Vertical = 9,002' [Cloud 9 Tram (11,496'), Sullivan Line (2,494')] -Total Number of Lifts = 175 -Total Length of Lifts = 222.61 miles Statistics regarding the ski area itself: -Total Skiable Area (Approximate) = 161.22 square miles -Lift-Served Vertical (Skiable) = 8,021' [Pioneer Lift (10,515'), Sullivan Line (2,494')] -Largest Continuous Skiable Vertical = 7,930' [top of Pioneer Lift (10,515') to Down The Hatch to Newton's Theory to Corner Pocket to Valley Forge to Meadows to base of Swan Bay Connector (2,585')] -Total Number of Ski Lifts = 171 -Total Length of Ski Lifts = 219.547 miles -Total Vertical of Ski Lifts = 357,811 feet -Total Number of Trails = 1,018 -Total Length of Trails = 1,021.556 miles -Total Vertical of Trails = 1,244,714' -Total Area of Inbound Glades = 8,171 acres -Total Length of Night-Skiing Trails = 22.0 miles -Total Length of Summer Glacier Skiing Trails = 9.89 miles Projected costs for a project like this are immense, and the combination of lack of funding, government roadblocks, and competition from established resorts nearby basically guarantees that this plan will never be brought to fruition. The principles on which it was designed, however, are replicable. If the North American ski industry ever has a chance of rivaling its European counterparts, resorts of this style will be what evens the playing field. Disclaimer: I have never visited the area that this resort encompasses. All decisions made for where trails and lifts could be constructed were based on mapping software. The area is already used for skiing by Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH) and the Alpine Club of Canada, which both operate lodges here; claims from those organizations and personal accounts from their respective beneficiaries support the idea that this region has great potential for ski resort development.
Adams by [email protected]
Adams by [email protected]
Adams by [email protected]
Adams by [email protected]
Adams by [email protected]
Adams by [email protected]
Adams by [email protected]
Adams & St Helens by [email protected]
Adams / Madison by [email protected]
9.9 miles
Adams and Fluted Peak by [email protected]
Adams Climb by [email protected]
Adams County Open Space by [email protected]
adams crystal by [email protected]
Adams Elwell by [email protected]
Adams Peak SPS by [email protected]
adams round by [email protected]
adams round actual and suggested by [email protected]
adams round w Lisa by [email protected]
Adams Ski - South Spur by [email protected]
Adams Ski - South Spur by [email protected]mail
Adams Ski - South Spur by [email protected]
Late winter ski ascent of Mount Adams via South Spur
adams snowshoeing options by [email protected]
Adams South Spure by [email protected]
Adams SW Chutes by [email protected]
Adams SW Chutes by [email protected]
Adams SW Chutes by [email protected]
adams via king ravine by [email protected]
adams via king ravine
Adams-Mazama by tagmail
Adams-Mazama-ColdSprings by tagmail
AdamsSWC1 by [email protected]
adder by [email protected]
Addie S Hut by [email protected]
Adding the travers to Walters proerty map by [email protected]
Additional Routes by [email protected]
Adena Trace Overnight by [email protected]
Adeps BLC 2016 by [email protected]
ADEPS BLC 2016 by anonymous
Adie and Cleaver by [email protected]
Adirondack by [email protected]
Adirondacks by [email protected]
adirondacks by [email protected]
Adirondacks Possibilities by [email protected]
Adjusted JMT - Tunnel View / Parker Pass Option by [email protected]
ADK - Ausible Drainage (East Branch) by [email protected]
ADK - Cascade by [email protected]
ADK - Colvin Range Tour (2 Days) by [email protected]
ADK - Dix Range Traverse by [email protected]
ADK - Eleventh Mountain by [email protected]
ADK - Giant and Rocky by [email protected]
ADK - Grand Central Slide 3 day ski trip by [email protected]
ADK - High Peaks Grand Ski Tour by [email protected]
ADK - Jackrabbit High Route by [email protected]
ADK - John's Brook Drainage by [email protected]
ADK - John's Brook Drainage Summit Tour by [email protected]
ADK - John's Brook Slide Tours by [email protected]
ADK - MacIntyre Range by [email protected]
Wright, Algonquin Iroquois
ADK - Mount Marcey Loop by [email protected]
ADK - Mt. Colden Slides & Trap Dike by [email protected]
ADK - Panter Gorge Recon Loop by [email protected]
ADK - Panther Gorge by [email protected]
ADK - Phelps-Table-Colden by [email protected]
ADK - Slides: Angel,Wright,Algonquin by [email protected]
ADK - Steet & Nye by [email protected]
ADK - Summer Loop to Recon GCS by [email protected]
ADK - Western High Peaks by [email protected]
ADK - Wright's Peak Ski Trail by [email protected]
Adk 46 by [email protected]
ADK 46ers by [email protected]
ADK 46ers by anonymous
ADK adventures by [email protected]
ADK Ass Kicker by [email protected]
LGR, Sawteeth, Indian Head, Colvin, Blake, Nippletop, Dial
ADK Dix Range Traverse (9-17) by [email protected]
Adk for Dan by amahon
ADK Gothic Nipples by Tim Zeblisky
~19.53 miles total. New York. 3 days, 2 nights. Be aware of AMR rules and High Peaks Wilderness rules.
ADK High Peaks General by [email protected]
ADK Hike Planning by [email protected]
ADK John's Brook (Bennies Brook Slide) by [email protected]
ADK Slide Map by anonymous
ADK Summer 2018 Rt A by [email protected]
ADK with Trailmixers 6/29/18 by [email protected]
ADK, 4th Jul weekend by Karan Girdhani
ADK, 4th July by Karan Girdhani
ADK-Beckhorn by [email protected]
ADK-Phelps & Tabletop by [email protected]
ADK: glacier pass by [email protected]
ADKS by [email protected]
ADKS Clusterfuck by Tim Zeblisky
~33.81 miles. New York. 7 days, 6 nights. Alternate plan: Cut trip down to 3 days by camping at Camp Charlie on day 1 (13.28 miles) and Camp Echo on day 2 (11.9 miles), (8.63 miles on day 3.
ADKs-Sept-2017 by [email protected]
Advanced Route Finding Course by Karan Girdhani
adventure by [email protected]
Adventure Offroad Park by [email protected]
Adventure Offroad Park by [email protected]
Adventure run! by [email protected]
AE Run List by [email protected]
Aero Lakes by [email protected]
AEU-French by [email protected]
AF Canyon - Pistburg Lake by Kuya_Blake
Affleck to Knoles via Mueller by [email protected]
AFNCOA by [email protected]
Agamenticus - Three Hills by [email protected]
agassiz by [email protected]
agassiz by [email protected]
Agassiz (Dusy Basin) by [email protected]
Agassiz from South Lake by [email protected]
agassiz goode by [email protected]
agassiz goode by hagar by [email protected]
Agnew - Tuolumne (Via High Trail) by levanmatt
agnew loop by [email protected]
Agnew Loop by [email protected]
Agnew Loop 1 by [email protected]
Agnew Meadow by [email protected]
Agnew Meadows 3-day by [email protected]
Agnew Meadows PCT to TIL by [email protected]
Agnew Meadows to DPP 15.3 by [email protected]
Agnew to HI by [email protected]
agnew to june by [email protected]
Agnews Meadow to Tuolumne by [email protected]
Agua Dulce Loop by Hiking San Diego County
Agua Dulce Loop - 6.2 mile loop in the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area See more at
agua tibia by [email protected]
Agua Tibia by [email protected]
AguaDulceLagunas by JCaff
aguas arriba lodge walk by [email protected]
Aheb by [email protected]
Ahern GC of Tuolumne Out & Back by [email protected]
AHS Ranger Station Camping by [email protected]
AIARE 1 Route - MRNP by [email protected]
AIARE Course Run List for CMC Alpine Campus by anonymous
AIARE L1 RAB by [email protected]
AIARE L1 Tour Mock by [email protected]
AIARE Test by [email protected]
AIARE Trip by [email protected]
AIARE Yodelin by [email protected]
Aid Station 8 Little Loco by [email protected]
Aid station Access by [email protected]
Aidan by [email protected]
Aidan by [email protected]
AIP Group Project by [email protected]
Air Assault DEC 15 by [email protected]
Airola + Arnot by [email protected]
airplane by [email protected]
Airplane Monument & Arroyo Seco Loop by Hiking San Diego County
airport prop by [email protected]
Airway Arrows by joeqc
Ajaltoune Trail by [email protected]
AK by [email protected]
AK 2017 by [email protected]
AK Overview by [email protected]
AK range by [email protected]
AK_GMU by heikem
Game Management Units - State of Alaska
Akawana by [email protected]
Alabama Hills by JCaff
Aladdin's Lamp Hut - PR1 by [email protected]
First attempt at creating a possible route plan for the Aladdin's Lamp hut trip.
Alamere by [email protected]
Alamere by [email protected]
Alamere Falls Hike by Tom V
8 miles out and back. 4 hours and 38 minutes with 30 minutes of break
Alamere Falls Loop by [email protected]
Alamo Lake N by [email protected]
Alamo Ride by [email protected]
Alan_SoSHR by [email protected]
Waypoints according to adventure alan SoSHR route
Alaska by [email protected]
alaska by jimy
Alaska by [email protected]
Alaska 2005 by [email protected]
Alaska 2015 by [email protected]
Alaska Basin (Jedadiah Smith Wilderness) by [email protected]
Alaska Basin - Roaring Creek by [email protected]
alaska cross 2016 by [email protected]
Alaska Cross 2017 Actual by [email protected]
Alaska Factor by [email protected]
Alaska Group Map by [email protected]
Alaska Ideas by [email protected]
Alaska Mountain Adventure Zone by [email protected]
alaska options by [email protected]
Alaska Overview by [email protected]
Alaska Planning by [email protected]
Alaska Range by [email protected]
Alaska Ski Tours by ryanclimbs
AlaskaBasin-Eric by [email protected]
alaskadenalidenalifualtcantwellwestforkchulitna60 by [email protected]
alaskadenalimcgonagallpass39 by [email protected]
alaskadenalirileycreekrefugevalleyteklanika45 by [email protected]
alaskadenaliteksanctuarysavage by [email protected]
alaskagatesofthearcticanaktuvukpass by [email protected]
alaskagatesofthearcticnorthforkkoyukuk by [email protected]
alaskakenaifjords by [email protected]
alaskakenaifjordsexitglacier4 by [email protected]
alaskalakeclark by [email protected]
alaskapanhandlechilkoottrail by [email protected]
alaskaskagway by [email protected]
alaskawrangellstelias by [email protected]
alaskawrangellsteliasgoattrailloop by [email protected]
Albany 2017 by [email protected]
ALBANY2 by grog
albertajasper by [email protected]
Albino Lake by [email protected]
Albion by alexdrobertson
Albion Basin Supreme Loop! by [email protected]
Albion/Kiowa/Arikaree by alexdrobertson
album photo pata by [email protected]
AlcoveAmble by [email protected]
Alder Lake to Beaver Meadow (out and back) by [email protected]
Alder Lake to Big Pond (out and back) by [email protected]
Alder Slides by JCaff
ALDHA-West - CT to airport by dropnroll
ALDHA-West - Grays and Torreys by dropnroll
ALDHA-West - Herman's Gulch by dropnroll
ALDHA-West - Tenmile Range by dropnroll
alelele by [email protected]
Alex JMT by [email protected]
Devils postpile to yosemite valley, stop at clouds rest, 7 days, 6 NIGHTS
Alex's bear map by alexdrobertson
Alexander Road Map by Rory Read
Alexander Supertramp by [email protected]
AlexanderSupertramp by [email protected]
Alexnder Basin by [email protected]
Algoma Ice Climbing by [email protected]
This is a location of ice climbs in the Algoma region of Ontario Canada
Algonquin by [email protected]
Algonquin by [email protected]
algonquin 2 by [email protected]
Algonquin Loop by [email protected]
Alice Toxaway Loop by Tim Zeblisky
~19.03 miles. Idaho. 3 days, 2 nights. Optional climb of Park's Peak on day 1.
Alice Toxaway plus Ardeth by [email protected]
Alien Base by [email protected]
Alimony by [email protected]
Alkali Flat Trail - WSNM by [email protected]
ALL by [email protected]
All 10th Mtn Hut Connections by [email protected]
All 10th Mtn Hut Connections by [email protected]
All Camping Spots by [email protected]
All Canyons by [email protected]
All day to fraser by [email protected]
ALL DONE by [email protected]
All Hikes by [email protected]
All Hikes T-21 2016 by [email protected]
All KLT Stuff by [email protected]
All Massanutten Trails by [email protected]
All my hikes by [email protected]
Every hike I've done
All Night Ridge_X by Todd Long
ALL PROSPECTS by [email protected]
all sierra by [email protected]
All Sites by [email protected]
All the Airport Available for Sale by [email protected]
All the Pemi options by [email protected]
All the Pemi options by [email protected]
All the Walks by [email protected]
All Trails by [email protected]
All Trips by Karan Girdhani
All_10th_Mtn_Div by [email protected]
Based on; but added my own layer rating slope angles as per resort ski difficulty ratings. 0-5 deg: White; 6-15 deg: Green; 16-25 deg: Blue; beyond 25 (avalanche terrain): Black.
Allagash by [email protected]
Allagash Trip by [email protected]
ALLC Lewsburg Hike by [email protected]
ALLC PCT hike? by [email protected]
Allegany Front Trail east and west by [email protected]
Allegany NCT by [email protected]
Allegheny Front Trail 2018 by [email protected]
Allen by [email protected]
Allen. Approximate ascents values.
Allen by [email protected]
Allen by [email protected]
Allen Mountain by [email protected]
Allen's Hikes by [email protected]
Allenspark by [email protected]
Allenspark by [email protected]
St Vrain & Meadow Mtn
Allenspark Snowshoe by [email protected]
AllenViaFujacksRoad by [email protected]
Allis Ranch by [email protected]
Allis Ranch Guest Map by [email protected]
Allison Gulch by [email protected]
Allsop PriordLoop by Kuya_Blake
Allstones Lake by [email protected]
Almaden Quicksilver Runs by [email protected]
Trail runs in Almaden Quicksilver
Almagre by [email protected]
Almagre Mtn 10-6-15 by [email protected]
Almagre Mtn N-S Summits 10-6-15 by [email protected]
aloha lake by [email protected]
Aloha Lake 2D/1N trip by [email protected]
Alpe Adria Trail (2014.05 by AmyL
More info at
Alpental Route by [email protected]
alpental tour by [email protected]
Alpental/Chair Mtn by [email protected]
Alpental Tour Route
Alpha by [email protected]
Alpha Patrol 10-14-17 Hike by [email protected]
Alphabet Nasty by [email protected]
alpine garden by [email protected]
Alpine King Traverse by [email protected]
Alpine Lakes by [email protected]
Alpine Lakes 2016 by [email protected]
Alpine Lakes Grand Tour by [email protected]
Alpine Lakes High Route by [email protected]
Alpine Lakes High Route (planned) by Gabriel Deal
Alpine Lakes HR by [email protected]
Alpine Lakes Loop :: Margaret -> Alta -> Chikamin -> Katwalk by Drewaight
Alpine Lakes Peakbagging by [email protected]
Alpine Lakes wilderness by [email protected]
Alpine Lakes Wilderness by [email protected]
Alpine Lakes Wilderness - August 2018 by [email protected]
Alpine Lakes Wilderness Hiking by [email protected]
Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA - June 2016 by seekinglost
Alpine Loop by [email protected]
Alpine Loop CO by [email protected]
Alpine Runs for GMR by [email protected]
alpine trail by [email protected]
AlpineCreekNorthCirque2017 by [email protected]
AlpineGardens by [email protected]
Alplaus / Indian Kill Trails - Blazer by [email protected]
Alps by [email protected]
alps by [email protected]
Alps by [email protected]
als map by [email protected]
Alstrom Point by [email protected]
alt cat n carter by [email protected]
alt pemi loop by [email protected]
alt ylp by [email protected]
Alt-Olympics by [email protected]
Alternate 100 mile 22,000 foot elevation gain route, loops around the olympics
Alta backside by [email protected]
Alta Mountain by blahdi
Alta Mountain by [email protected]
Alta Mt. by [email protected]
Alta Peak by [email protected]
Alta Peak by [email protected]
Alta Peak by [email protected]
Alta Peak Day Hike KC by [email protected]
Alta Peak Hike by [email protected]
Alta Peak Hike KC by [email protected]
Alta Peak Trail by [email protected]
7.39 mi., +4,635, -568 (one way) | 14.78 mi., 5,203, -5,203 (round trip)
Alta Peak-Pear Lake Loop by [email protected]
alta pear lake loopity loop by [email protected]
alta plunge by hyperphil
alta rocky run by [email protected]
Alta to Silliman Traverse by [email protected]
Alta Trail to Bearpaw meadow by [email protected]
alta up by hyperphil
Alta Via 6 by [email protected]
alta vicente trail by [email protected]
Alta WNW Options by [email protected]
Alta-Brighton Loop by [email protected]
Alta/Brighton/Catherine's by [email protected]
Alta_Via_Master by [email protected]
AltaBajada by fdv...cast
Altadena Front by [email protected]
Altadena hikes by [email protected]
Alternate 100k Route by [email protected]
Alternate 7-Mile Ski by [email protected]
Alternate 7-mile Ski Trail by [email protected]
alternate route by [email protected]
ALTERNATE RPPL by [email protected]
Alternate Spring 2016 by [email protected]
alternate to dicks by [email protected]
alternative stts by [email protected]
alternative stts
Altes Schloss by [email protected]
Alturas to Atlanta by [email protected]
Alturas to Iron Creek Campground Traverse by [email protected]
alum_rock_park by [email protected]
AlumRock8Mile by anonymous
alumrockheavy by [email protected]
South side through all switch backs then North side through todd quick + eagle rock
Alvord by [email protected]
Alvord & Vicinity by [email protected]
Alvord Circumnavigation by Gabriel Deal
ALW High Route Beta by [email protected]
AM to 1000 to DPP 19.5 by [email protected]
AM to TM by [email protected]
Amabilis by [email protected]
Amabilis Mtn by [email protected]
Amabilis_Mtn by anonymous
Amabilis Mountain - SOTA Activation 01/03/2016
Amanda Trail by [email protected]
Amazon Creek Diversion Channel Levees Trail by [email protected]
Trails open to hiking and bicycling follow both sides of the diversion channel
Amba Sunset by [email protected]
AMC Wht Mt. ALL 4000+ by [email protected]
amelia earhart and others by [email protected]
American by anonymous
American Border Peak by [email protected]
American Border Peak 2016 by [email protected]
Aproach to climb. Turned around prior to descending to camp
American Fork Headwaters by [email protected]
Lake Mary along PCT to headwaters of American Fork River
American Hockey League 2017-2018 by [email protected]
american ridge to swamp lake by [email protected]
AMERICAN RIVER by [email protected]
AMERICAN RIVER by [email protected]
AMERICAN RIVER by [email protected]
American River Rec Area - Gates by Dkrussow
American West Trail by [email protected]
Hiked 3/17-8/15/17 Route crosses private property. EXTREMELY challenging. See Great western trail and GWT ID/MT for data
Ames Monument by [email protected]
Amethyst Basin by [email protected]
Amethyst Basin by [email protected]
Amethyst Basin OAB by [email protected]
Amethyst Brook by [email protected]
AMG Trip Plans by [email protected]
Amicalola Creek by [email protected]
AML Full by [email protected]
AML Shorter CalTopp by [email protected]
ammonoosuc lower falls by [email protected]
great swimming hole but strong rapids / stay away from the falls
ammonoosuc upper falls by [email protected]
excellent swimming hole but considered the deadliest in NH near the pothole in the main plunge. Swim here when low currents / cliff jumping
Amphitheater by [email protected]
amphitheater lake by [email protected]
AMRC Sandias by [email protected]
AMS grad climb by [email protected]
AMS winter camping 2018 by [email protected]
amstad by [email protected]
AMTL 3a by [email protected]
Amtrak by [email protected]
Amtrak ADA Stations by [email protected]
AMWC 2015 by [email protected]
AMWC 2016 Alex by [email protected]
Amy/Blue Lakes by [email protected]
Amythst Lake, Middle Basin (High Uintas) by [email protected]
Amythyst, Kermsuh Lakes (High Uintas) by [email protected]
Anaktuvuk River to Dalton by [email protected]
Anaktuvuk to Kuyuktuvuk by [email protected]
Anchor Lake by [email protected]
Anchor Lake
Ancient Lakes by [email protected]
Ancient Lakes by [email protected]
ancient lakes by [email protected]
Ancient Lakes Loop by [email protected]
Ancient Lakes Loop Backpacking Trip by [email protected]
Ancient Lakes Scramble Route by blahdi
Ancient Lakes, WA by [email protected]
Ancient paths by [email protected]
AncientLakes20160124 by [email protected]
AncientLakes20161117 by [email protected]
AncientLakes20170223 by [email protected]
AncientLakes20180413 by [email protected]
Hiked a good portion of the Ancient/Dusty mesa from west to east.
AncientLakesByCharlie20180406 by [email protected]
anderson by [email protected]
Anderson Lake by [email protected]
Anderson mill by Blubear
Anderson Mill Hike by [email protected]
Andes Rail Trail by [email protected]
Andesite-Sand Ridge by [email protected]
andrejs g r2r2r by [email protected]
AndrewsGlacier by [email protected]
Andy's Market by [email protected]
Aneroid Lake by [email protected]
AneroidLake6MileMeadow by [email protected]
ANF - Baden-Powell by Hikin Jim
Mount Baden-Powell, San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest
ANF - BP - *Holcomb Crk from Vincent Gap (16 mi RT) by Hikin Jim
Vincent Gap to Dorr Crk to S Fork Big Rock Crk to Holcomb Crk and return. 8 mi ea way.
ANF - BP - Bear Canyon by Hikin Jim
ANF - BP - Confluence Camp - Mt. Williamson - Pleasant View Ridge Loop - 16.1 mi RT by Hikin Jim
ANF - BP - E Fork Thru by Hikin Jim
ANF - BP - Mount Wilson - Switzer Through Hike (18 miles) by Hikin Jim
ANF - Bridge To Nowhere by Hikin Jim
ANF - Chantry Flats Survey Sections by Hikin Jim
ANF - Colver Peak by Hikin Jim
ANF - Crystal Lake Loops by Hikin Jim
ANF - Cucamonga Peak by Hikin Jim
ANF - East Fork - Big Iron by Hikin Jim
ANF - Henninger Flats - Water Works by Hikin Jim
ANF - Hoegees Loop by Hikin Jim
ANF - Icehouse Saddle 2015-10-24 GPS by Hikin Jim
ANF - Little Jimmy 15 Oct 2016 by Hikin Jim
ANF - Little Jimmy Based Hikes by Hikin Jim
ANF - Switzer - Royal Gorge - Bear Canyon Semi Loop - 12 mi RT by Hikin Jim
ANF - T4N, R12W, SBBM - Tie Triangulation Point by Hikin Jim
ANF - Tom Sloane Trail by Hikin Jim
ANF Trail Camps by Jordan Brown
ANF West of Bear Divide by MattMaxon
Angel Area by [email protected]
Angel Island Kayak Camp by [email protected]
Angel Lake by [email protected]
Angel of Shavano/Tab by [email protected]
angel slots by [email protected]
Angel Wing by [email protected]
Angel's Landing by [email protected]
Angel's Landing, Zion National Park, USA. 7.15km return, +/-653m, 3h25m @ 4km/h, summit 1761m, Easy scramble; moderate exposure with a chain along most of the ridge walk.
Angel's Rest by [email protected]
Angel's Rest - Devils Rest by [email protected]
Angel's Rest Columbia River Gorge by [email protected]
Angel's Rest Trail #415 by [email protected]
Angel's staircase by [email protected]
Angeles Crest Highway Road Guide by [email protected]
Angeles Crest peakbagging by [email protected]
Angeles Crest Ride by [email protected]
Angeles National Forest by levanmatt
Angeles National Forest Hike by [email protected]
Angelina land use and roads by [email protected]
angeline1 by [email protected]
Angell Family Adventures by [email protected]
Angels National Forest - Mt. Wilson Loop by levanmatt
AngelsLanding20160405 by [email protected]
Angelus Oaks to Forsee Creek via SB Ridge by [email protected]
Angelus Oaks to Momyer Creek via SB Peak by [email protected]
Angelus Oaks to Vivian Creek t/h via SB Ridge by [email protected]
Angelus Oaks Unit 341 by [email protected]
Angelus Oaks Unit 341 Vicinity by [email protected]
AngewLoop2 by [email protected]
AngleMtn by [email protected]
Anglewood Lake by [email protected]
ANgora 2017 by [email protected]
angora dp loop by [email protected]
Angora Lake and Emerald Bay by fat...cast
Angora Lakes Road/Masonic by JCaff
Angora winter option by [email protected]
Angora, Echo, Flagstaff by Jon Cappella
Animal Option 1 by [email protected]
Animas River by [email protected]
Animas Sludge 1 by [email protected]
Ann Lake by [email protected]
Anna's Cabin by [email protected]
Anna's Cabin by [email protected]
Anna's Cabin Hut Trip by [email protected]
Anna's Cabin Leadville by [email protected]
Anna's Cabin Zones by [email protected]
Annadel XC by [email protected]
Annapolis Rocks/Black Rocks by MumMim
Annapurna Circuit by [email protected]
Annapurna Circuit Detailes by [email protected]
Anne Kolb Nature Center - South Track by peterpeterxtrahancom
Anne Kolb South Trail Inner Track by peterpeterxtrahancom
Annette by [email protected]
Annette Silver Loop by [email protected]
Annie's Canyon Trail by Hiking San Diego County
Annie's Canyon via N Rios by Hiking San Diego County
anniversary by [email protected]
Another North Slope Uintas exploration by [email protected]
51 miler.
Another Teanaway by [email protected]
Ansel Adams by [email protected]
Ansel Adams by [email protected]
Ansel Adams Backpacking trip by [email protected]
Ansel Adams Fall 2018 by [email protected]
Ansel Adams Four-Night by [email protected]
Ansel Adams Loop by [email protected]
Ansel Adams Thousand Island and Banner by [email protected]
Ansel Adams trip by [email protected]
ansel adams trip and south warner wilderness by [email protected]
Ansel Adams Wilderness by [email protected]
Here are some options for our trip. Our permits have us going up the Shadow Creek Trail the fist day (red line).
Ansel Adams Wilderness -Thousand Island Lake Loop by [email protected]
Ansel Adams/Kings Canyon by [email protected]
Exploring backpacking options in the Ansel Adams National Forest and Kings Canyon National Parks
Ansel Lake X-Ctry by [email protected]
Ant/Tab/Shav 5-Day by [email protected]
Antelope Elk Hunting by [email protected]
Antelope Island by [email protected]
Antelope Island 50mile by [email protected]
Antelope Research by [email protected]
Antero by [email protected]
antero by [email protected]
Antero alternatives by [email protected]
antero direct line by [email protected]
Antero routes by [email protected]
Antero Winter Route Options by [email protected]
Anthony by [email protected]
Anthony Lake by [email protected]
Anthony Lakes by [email protected]
Anthony Lakes Ski Tour Ideas by [email protected]
BC skiing ideas for Anthony Lakes - subject to snowpack and avalanche conditions. Red uptracks, blue ski routes. Not field verified except for Lees peak route.
Anthracite by [email protected]
Anthracites 11/28/2015 by [email protected]
Antique Aspen Valley Rd by [email protected]
Antonovich by [email protected]
Anvil Rock by [email protected]
ANWR passes by [email protected]
ANZA by [email protected]
Anza Borrego by [email protected]
Anza Borrego by [email protected]
Nick Gatel's route
Anza Borrego by [email protected]
Anza Borrego & Ocotillo Wells by [email protected]
Anza Borrego - Carrizo Badlands by sc8tty
Anza Borrego 1-7-17 by [email protected]
Anza Borrego Loop by [email protected]
Anza Borrego Low Desert hikes by Mrotekj
Anza Borrego Rockhouse and Box Canyon Loop by sc8tty
Anza Borrengo SP by Mrotekj
Anza-Borrego March 2016 Coyote Canyon by [email protected]
Drove a 4WD truck from Terwilliger Valley in Anza, CA down Coyote Canyon Road into Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and stayed the night at Bailey's Cabin. We hiked around Upper Willows. The next day we drove back and took a side-trip up Horse Canyon on a very seriously four-wheel-drive road.
Anza-Borrego Nov 2015 by [email protected]
Drove through Spit Mountain via the Fish Creek Wash. Camped overnight with a nice view of the Wind Caves. Car camping, no hiking.
Anza-Borrego Wind Caves by [email protected]
Drove off-road to the Wind Caves trailhead in Fish Creek Wash (part of anza-Borrego Desert State Park) via Split Mountain Road in Ocotillo Wells, CA. Backpacked uphill to the Wind Caves and spent the night there. Beautiful views.
AO by [email protected]
AO BANDIT by [email protected]
AO waypoints by [email protected]
Map of Applegate open waypoints
AOI by [email protected]
Aoudad 2018 by [email protected]
Apache Falls by [email protected]
Apache Junction Jeep Trails - by [email protected]
ApachePeak by [email protected]
Apartment Loop by [email protected]
apartment to massebesic by [email protected]
Apex by [email protected]
Apex - Dakota Ridge by [email protected]
Apex 011417 by [email protected]
Apex Ghost Town by [email protected]
Apex Park two loop small by [email protected]
Apex, Cathedral, Amphitheater, and Remmel - Top 100 Peak in WA Trip by carlovonultimate
Apostle Islands - Ice Caves by pietimer
Apostles and Ice by [email protected]
Appalachian Trail by [email protected]
appalachian trail by [email protected]mail
Appalachian Trail to Hump Mountain by [email protected]
Appalchian 1 by [email protected]
Appeal Maps by [email protected]
Appert NWR by [email protected]
Applegate Lake Payette Trail by [email protected]
Appletree - Bartram to AT Loop by [email protected]
Approach to Dick's and Jack's Peaks by [email protected]
Apr 8th BC Ski Options by [email protected]
April 15/16 by [email protected]
April 15/16 by [email protected]
april 22 boundaries by [email protected]
Boundaries of the Unassigned Lands opened April 22, 1889. First Oklahoma Land Run.
April 23 by [email protected]
April 23-24 2016 by [email protected]
April 29-30 by [email protected]
April ADKs by [email protected]
April Sequoia Peak Bagging by [email protected]
April trip by [email protected]
April trip by [email protected]
April WA Beach Hike by [email protected]
AQ 8.19.17 by [email protected]
AQ Trees by [email protected]
Aqua Tibia Wilderness by [email protected]
Aquilla Fish by [email protected]
AQUILLA HUNT by [email protected]
AR XCC Route Map by [email protected]
ARA Metro Link by [email protected]
Arachnophobia by [email protected]
Aransas Paddle Trip by [email protected]
Paddle trip with Helena, Vanessa, James and Jeff 2013/03/22
arapaho by [email protected]
arapaho by [email protected]
Arapaho by [email protected]
Arapaho Columbine Devil's Thumb Loop by [email protected]
Ararat by blahdi
Ararat by [email protected]
Ararat-Tumtum by [email protected]
Aravaipa by [email protected]
Aravaipa by [email protected]
Aravaipa Canyon by [email protected]
Aravaipa Canyon - Nov. 2016 by [email protected]
ArbaneyKittle/Lenado by [email protected]
arcadia by [email protected]
Arch by [email protected]
Arch, Basket, North, Watkins by [email protected]
ArchDome by [email protected]
arches by [email protected]
Arches by [email protected]
Arches 9.22 - 9.23.15 by [email protected]
Arches in Hall Crk Bay by [email protected]
Arctic Refuge route by [email protected]
Ardoch NWR by [email protected]
Area runs by [email protected]
area to scout by anonymous
Arestua Hut & Rollins Pass by [email protected]
ArestuaFromLostLake&Eldora by [email protected]
Arete Ridge by [email protected]
arethusa falls by [email protected]
5.2 miles with frankenstein cliff
Argentine Peak by [email protected]
Ski route in winter.
Argentine-Edwards-Mclellen by [email protected]
ARGMEUEX Locations by [email protected]
Argo Day trip by [email protected]
argonaut by carlovonultimate
Argonaut - NW Arete by [email protected]
Argonaut South Face approach by [email protected]
arido - old man by [email protected]
Arizona by RAY
Arizona by [email protected]
Hiking planning in Arizona
Arizona Backpacking Ideas by [email protected]
Arizona Canyons by [email protected]
Arizona Peace Trail by anonymous
Arizona Trail by [email protected]
Arizona Trail by jimy
Arizona Trail by [email protected]
Arizona Trail (2016-04 by AmyL
More info at
Arizona1 by [email protected]
arizonagrandcanyonchuckjohn by [email protected]
arizonagrandcanyongrandviewtontohermit by [email protected]
arizonagrandcanyonlittlecolorado154 by [email protected]
arizonagrandcanyonnankoweapfaultroute by [email protected]
arizonagrandcanyonnankoweaplavaloop53 by [email protected]
arizonagrandcanyontannerescalantetontosouthkaibab by [email protected]
ArizonaZion2017 by [email protected]
Arkansas Trip by [email protected]
Arkaquah Trail by [email protected]
Arkaquah Trail by [email protected]
Day Trip
Arlington by [email protected]
Armstrong Grove by [email protected]
Armstrong Woods Grand Loop 2018 by [email protected]
Approximate remapping of OSM including new trail improvements as of February 2018. Grand Loop as described in North Bay Trails and Afoot & Afield Bay Area (Weintraub), and 100 Classic Hikes (Soares). Several trails have changed thanks to the park agency non-profit
Arnold by [email protected]
Around Broken Top Loop by Tim Zeblisky
~21.1 miles. Oregon. 3 days, 2 nights. Part of this hike is off trail (1.02 mi on day 1, 3.2 mi on day 2, 4.22 mi total), so be sure to maintain orientation and plan moves carefully.
Around Guyot by [email protected]
Around Mt Adams by [email protected]
Around Onondaga Lake by [email protected]
Around Phoenix, up Shaver, down Yolanda 6.6mi by [email protected]
Arrigetch basic by [email protected]
Arrigetch Peaks by [email protected]
Gates of the Arctic Trip July 2017
arrow by [email protected]
Arrow Basin by [email protected]
Arrowhead by [email protected]
Arrowhead by [email protected]
Arrowhead by [email protected]
Arrowhead by [email protected]
Arrowhead (Rob's) by [email protected]
Arrowhead Dec 16 ST by [email protected]
Arrowhead Mt SKI by [email protected]
Arrowhead Mtn Tour by [email protected]
Arrowhead Trail by [email protected]
Arrowhead Trails by [email protected]
ArrowheadRoutePlanDec2016 by bri...cast
Possible snowshoe/ski route up Arrowhead Mountain in early season winter.
Arrowmaker Ridge by [email protected]
Arrowwood NWR by [email protected]
Arroyo Seco by [email protected]
Arroyo Seco by [email protected]
Arroyo Seco to Tan Oak by [email protected]
Backpacking outing from Arroyo Seco Camp to Tan Oak Camp (multiple routes) Arroyo Seco to Tassajara Hot Springs (8 mi) Tassajara Springs to Willow Camp (3 mi) Willow Camp to Tan Oak Camp (4.25 mi) Willow Camp to Tassajara Split (2.75 mi)
Arroyo Tapiado by [email protected]
Arroyo Tapiado Mud Caves by [email protected]
Map of the area around the Arroyo Tapiado Mud caves including the two closest camp grounds.
Art Loeb by Karan Girdhani
Art Loeb by [email protected]
Art Loeb by [email protected]
art loeb by [email protected]
Art Loeb Trail by Karan Girdhani
Art Loeb Trail by [email protected]
Art Loeb Trail by [email protected]
Art Loeb Trail is a popular 30-mile hiking trail in Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina.
Art Loeb Trail REI GPX by [email protected]
Art Loeb- Trip Plan by [email protected]
Arthur Loop by [email protected]
Arthur's rock trail by [email protected]
Arthur's rock trail
Artist Point by [email protected]
Artist Point by [email protected]
Artist Point Trails by [email protected]
Artist Point/Huntoon Point - Baker by [email protected]
ArtistPoint by fdv...cast
ArtSmithTrail20170119 by [email protected]
Arvada Ralston Creek by [email protected]
ARWC2017 by [email protected]
Asbestos by [email protected]
ASG Nav by [email protected]
AshbyGap by MumMim
Ashcroft to Markley Hut by [email protected]
Asheville 20 by jvector
Ashford & Desert View by [email protected]
Ashland by [email protected]
ashland or run by [email protected]
Ashland OR long run route
Ashland White Rabbit Trail by [email protected]
Ashokan High Peak by [email protected]
Ashton by [email protected]
asldfj by [email protected]
ASPBYC Marks by [email protected]
Aspen by [email protected]
Aspen Arch by [email protected]
Aspen Butte & Mt Carmine by dropnroll
Aspen Camp Spot by [email protected]
Aspen Four Pass Loop 4 Day 3 Night by [email protected]
Aspen Grove - Snowshoe Tracks 2015/2016 by [email protected]
I've marked safe snowshoe trails/tracks in blue. Purple shows the road where vehicles have packed the snow. I have left off other trails that are unsafe in avalanche conditions and marked areas that are traditionally considered dangerous depending on avalanche conditions. Updated 2016-01-01
Aspen Grove 2017 by [email protected]
Updated 2017-01-28 11am Snowshoe Trails at Aspen Grove for the 2017 season
Aspen Grove Trail to Fish Creek TH by [email protected]
Aspen ITC Map by [email protected]
Aspen Ridge by [email protected]
Aspen Ridge Car Track by [email protected]
aspen run list by [email protected]
Aspen to Champion by [email protected]
Aspen/Champion/Siberia/Bluff/Aspen by [email protected]
Aspirant Exam by [email protected]
Aspirant Exam Day 1 by [email protected]
Aspirant Exam Day 2 by [email protected]
Aspirant Exam Day 3 by [email protected]
ASRA Gate Map by Dkrussow
Assignation by anonymous
Assiniboine by rachelo
assiniboine by [email protected]
Assiniboine by [email protected]
Assiniboine-Highline by rachelo
Assiniboine_Jay by [email protected]
AT by [email protected]
AT by [email protected]
AT by wez...cast
Planning to section hike AT in September 2018
AT - Bartram Loop by [email protected]
A map of the Appalachian Trail / Bartram Trail Loop. 52 miles.
AT - Dismall Falls to Bluff city by [email protected]
AT - Georgia portion by [email protected]
AT - Harpers Ferry by [email protected]
AT 16 Miles CT Undermountain Road to US 7 by [email protected]
AT Approach Trail by [email protected]
AT Approach Trail by [email protected]
AT Delaware Water Gap by [email protected]
AT dickscreek-windingstair by John Leroy Chambers
and some waypoints
AT East by [email protected]
at greenbrier 2 spence by [email protected]
AT Jennings Creek 2 Daleville 17 + 11 = 28 by [email protected]
AT Maryland GPX by [email protected]
AT points by [email protected]
at russel to doe by [email protected]
AT Sam's Gap to Erwin by [email protected]
AT Section 1 by [email protected]
AT section hik - Feb. by [email protected]
AT SECTION NEAR FRONT ROYAL by [email protected]
AT Sections by [email protected]
Sections completed of the AT
AT Smokies by John Leroy Chambers
AT to Hot Springs by [email protected]
AT Trail Magic by Karan Girdhani
AT US 60 to VA 56 by Karan Girdhani
AT US 60 to VA 56 by Karan Girdhani
AT VA Triple Crown by [email protected]
3 day backpacking trip. Both overnights at AT Shelters
AT-4state by [email protected]
AT-Coosa-Bear Hair Loop by anonymous
AT: Notch Rd. to VT 9 by [email protected]
AT_82217 by [email protected]
AT_full by [email protected]
AT_Long by [email protected]
AT_Maryland by geoc2357
AtalayaPk by drcroleymsncom
Atchafalaya Route by [email protected]
Atchafalaya Route Info (2014.08 by AmyL
More info at
ATEC Bike Ride 2016 by [email protected]
Athabasca Glacier and the Skywalk by [email protected]
Athmar Park by [email protected]
Atkins-Concra Residence by [email protected]
ATL->LA by [email protected]
Atlantic Crossing by [email protected]
Atlantic Peak by [email protected]
AtoZ Map by [email protected]
Attempt 2 by [email protected]
Marcy, Skylight, and Gray from the Upper Works Trailhead
atterbury by [email protected]
atwellhockett by Chris Knupp
Auburn - Ruck-a-Chucky by anonymous
25 mile map for run from Auburn Dam Overlook to Ruck-a-Chucky via Western States Trail.
Auburn Fire 9-18-16 by Dkrussow
Auburn Loop by [email protected]
Aucilla WMA by [email protected]
Audobon by [email protected]
audobon by [email protected]
Audobon Loop by [email protected]
Audubon by [email protected]
Audubon - Toll - Pawnee by [email protected]
Audubon - Toll Linkup by [email protected]
Audubon / Paiute Pk Loop by [email protected]
Audubon&Toll by [email protected]
Audubon-Shoshoni by [email protected]
Aug 14-21, 2016 Trip by [email protected]
Aug 18 by [email protected]
Aug 2017 Hut Trip by [email protected]
Aug 6 2017 Glacier Lake Hike by [email protected]
aug-2016-w/jk by [email protected]
augerpoint by [email protected]
Augsburger Dog Mountain Loop by HughJass
2900 Feet of Gain over 7 miles
August '17 Break by [email protected]
August 2016 by [email protected]
Gem, Wood, Coyote, Big, Hyatt, Pingree, Rosasco, Grouse loop
August 2017 by [email protected]
August RMNP Hike Idea by [email protected]
August Ski Triathalon by [email protected]
Skiing? In August. Wind Rivers
August Snow Climb Ideas by [email protected]
Auraria by [email protected]
Aurora Norfolk by [email protected]
Austin by [email protected]
Austin Pass by [email protected]
Austin Rattler 66K by [email protected]
Australia: Bibbulmum Track (2015.09 by AmyL
More info at
Australia: Cape to Cape Track (2015.10 by AmyL
More info at
Australia: Great North Walk (2011-09 by AmyL
More info at
Australia: Great South Coast Walk (2011.09 by AmyL
More info at
Autumn Creek 2 by [email protected]
Autumn Creek Trail by [email protected]
AUX VI LZ by [email protected]
Auxier Ridge Trail by Hobo
Av Class 3 by [email protected]
AV_Sections by [email protected]
Available by Hikin Jim
Available by Hikin Jim
Available by Hikin Jim
Available by Hikin Jim
Avalanch Lake by [email protected]
Avalanche by [email protected]
avalanche by [email protected]
Avalanche by Bill Lundgren
Avalanche Gulch by [email protected]
Avalanche Gulch by [email protected]
Avalanche Lake by [email protected]
Avalanche Plus by [email protected]
Avalanche View (Peak 7625) by Sean
Avalon-Field-Willey-Tom Loop by [email protected]
Avenza by [email protected]
Avery Options by [email protected]
AVI 2 Course by [email protected]
Avila, Sycamore Mineral Springs by [email protected]
Avila-SLO-Pismo by [email protected]
Avon Park Initial Eval by [email protected]
Avy canyon by [email protected]
AWC Granite Cabin by [email protected]
AWC Shaw Cabin by [email protected]
AWC Silvertip by [email protected]
Axtell tour by [email protected]
az by [email protected]
AZ Barnhardt Canyon by [email protected]
AZ Big Kahuna by [email protected]
AZ Christopher Creek Gorge by [email protected]
AZ Drive by [email protected]
AZ First Water by [email protected]
az GC by [email protected]
AZ Grapevine Group Campsite by [email protected]
AZ Hog Canyon by [email protected]
AZ Minnow Canyon by [email protected]
AZ Parker Creek Canyon by [email protected]
AZ Peace Trail Aug 16 by [email protected]
AZ Peace Trail North by [email protected]
AZ Peace Trail North by [email protected]
AZ Phog Canyon by [email protected]
AZ Punchbowl Canyon by [email protected]
AZ Salome Creek Lower by [email protected]
AZ Salome Creek Upper by [email protected]
AZ Shake Tree Canyon by [email protected]
AZ sheep saddle by [email protected]
AZ Uberfiesta by [email protected]
AZ Waterslides by [email protected]
AZ Zig Zag by [email protected]
AZ/UT Kayaking by [email protected]
AZ: Buckskin Gulch by somenumbskull
AZ: Grand Canyon R2R #1 by somenumbskull
South Kaibab to North Kaibab
AZ_Christopher_Creek_WP by [email protected]
AZ_Crystal_Canyon by [email protected]
AZ_Frye_Creek_WP by [email protected]
AZ_Geronimos_Track_2016_WP by [email protected]
AZ_Grapevine_Group_Campsite by [email protected]
AZ_Hog_Canyon by [email protected]
AZ_Illusions_Canyon by [email protected]
AZ_Illusions_Immaculate_Insomnia by [email protected]
AZ_Immaculate_Canyon by [email protected]
AZ_Insomnia_Canyon by [email protected]
AZ_Parker_WP by [email protected]
AZ_Phog_Canyon_WP by [email protected]
AZ_Punchbowl_Canyon_WP by [email protected]
AZ_Salome_Creek_Lower_WP by [email protected]
AZ_Salome_Creek_Upper by [email protected]
AZ_Shake_Tree_Canyon by [email protected]
AZ_Sneak Routes by [email protected]
AZ_Waterslides_WP by [email protected]
AZ_Zig_Zag by [email protected]
Azalea Glen Loop by Hiking San Diego County
azalea glen loop by [email protected]
Azalea Glen Trail to Cuyamaca Peak
AZPT Updated 2018 Apr 15 by [email protected]
Primary route with two spurs updated as of April 15, 2018.
AZT 17-43 by [email protected]
AZT 28 + Fred Haught #141 by matthewkphx
AZT Kentucky to Sahuarita Rd by [email protected]
azt section by [email protected]
aztec by [email protected]
Azurite by carlovonultimate
Azurite by [email protected]
Azurite by [email protected]
Azurite Options by [email protected]
Azurite Peak by [email protected]
Azurite Peak via Methow River Trial 5/31/14 by [email protected]
The plan was to day trip Azurite Peak Saturday May 31st. Josh Henderson had agreed to do this seldom climbed peak with me, I was glad someone was willing. I left Friday evening May 30th 2014 at 5:15 in the evening. Stopped in Lynnwood and picked Josh up and we off to the Methow River Trailhead (elevation 2,600 feet). I hit the hay at 10:15 in the evening. The next morning we got up at 4:15 and were on the trail hiking by 4:50am. At 1.5 miles a large avalanche debris field covered the trail. It took an extra 15 minutes to navigate this. After that just .5 miles up the trail the bridge across Trout Creek was damaged, not sure how much longer it will be there. If it goes out getting across the creek will be much more difficult especially early in the season. 8 miles in the Methow River Trail Joined the Pacific Crest Trail. We followed the PCT an additional 2 miles to the south. There is a cairn with a stick in it that marks the point where the Azurite Pass Trail joins the PCT (elevation 4,400 feet). Initially we missed the turn to Azurite Pass and ended up going about a quarter mile further to the Meebe Pass Trail. We realized the error and went back to the cairn with a stick in it. It takes about 3.5 to 4 hours to reach the Azurite Pass trail from the Methow River Trailhead. We were on our way up the Azurite Pass Trail at 8:50am. We made quick work in getting up to Azurite Pass as it was snow covered above 5,000 feet. We reached Azurite Pass (elevation 6,700 feet) at 10:15 and took a little break. From there we simply followed the ridge to around the 7,600 foot mark and then began traversing. There is some good beta on summitpost as to how to find the hidden gulley. It can definitely be a little tricky but we found the gully which led to the summit gully. The summit gully was snow filled and the snow was just soft enough such that it did not require crampons. We made short work of it and we on the summit (elevation 8,400 feet) at 12:20 in the afternoon. The views were perfect and the wind was nearly nonexistent. We enjoyed the well earned summit for about an hour and then at 1:20 began the decent down. We took our time and were back the PCT by 3:30. At the PCT we took a nice 15 minute break and then began the 10 mile trek out of there. We kept a decent pace and were back to the trail head at 7:40 in the evening. Azurite Peak stands at 8,400 feet and is the 78th tallest peak on the Bulger Top 100 list. It was the 85th peak I have completed on the list and was Josh Henderson's 56th peak on the list. Trip stats from Methow River Trailhead to Azurite Peak summit, round trip: 24 miles, 6,800 feet of elevation gained.
Azusa History by [email protected]
B Boot Spur and the Great Gulf Loop by earlylitegmailcom
B Co allisons state by anonymous
B trail and Middle trail April 30th workday by matiasek
B-17 Crash by [email protected]
B-Day Group Ride by [email protected]
B.M.T.- Death Hollow- Escalnate by [email protected]
B17Adventure by [email protected]
BaBaBaBadRock20170423 by [email protected]
babcock loop by [email protected]
babcock loop by [email protected]
Babes Ride Out - Big Bear by [email protected]
Babymoon by [email protected]
Bachelor by [email protected]
Bachelor Mountain by [email protected]
Bachelor Mountain Trail #3420 by [email protected]
Bachelor to Bend by [email protected]
Bachy to broken top by [email protected]
Bacidore by [email protected]
Planned route
Back Door in Grand Teton Park by [email protected]
Back side of macabre by [email protected]
Backbone Trail by [email protected]
Backbone Trail by [email protected]
Backbone Trail with geocaches by [email protected]
Shows all the geocaches on the Backbone Trail
backcountry alpine fishing by [email protected]
backcountry current creek by [email protected]
Backcountry Mammoth by smharley
backcountry route mt. st. vrain by [email protected]
Backcountry Ski Grassy Hut by [email protected]
Backcountry Skiing by [email protected]
Backcountry Skiing Forest/Arapahoe Lakes by [email protected]
Backcountry Skiing Peaks - Mt Rose Area by [email protected]
Backcountry Skiing Peaks - Tahoe North by [email protected]
Backcountry Skiing Peaks - Tahoe South by [email protected]
backcountry with frank by [email protected]
BackcountrySkiing1 by [email protected]
BackcountrySkiing1 by [email protected]
BackcountrySkiing2 by [email protected]
Backfill by Cascade Yeti
Backountry ski by [email protected]
Backountry Skiing by [email protected]
Backpack 7/21-22 by [email protected]
Backpack 7/27 by [email protected]
Backpack CA by [email protected]
Backpack Offroad by [email protected]
Laurel County Offroad Gravel Ride.
Backpack Options? by [email protected]
Backpacker Image Needs by [email protected]
Backpacker Photo Needs by [email protected]
backpacking by [email protected]
Backpacking - Sequioa by [email protected]
Backpacking 12/29-31/17 by [email protected]
Backpacking Chattahoochee National Forest1 by [email protected]
backpacking Class 2019 by [email protected]
backpacking class map by [email protected]
Backpacking Daniel Boone National Forests Red River Gorge and Clifty Wilderness Areas1 --- July 29 - August 1, 2017 by [email protected]
Silvermine Arch, Koomer Ridge, Hidden Arch, Buck, Pinch em Tight, Rush Ridge, Rough, Clifty Wilderness, Wildcat, Swift Camp Creek
Backpacking Grand Canyon National Park1 by [email protected]
Backpacking Grouse Ridge by [email protected]
Backpacking Hikes by [email protected]
Norcal Hikes 14-35 min
Backpacking Land Between the Lakes1 by [email protected]
Backpacking Marmot by [email protected]
Backpacking Mineral King: Mosquito Lakes by [email protected]
Mineral King Backpacking Map from the Mineral King ranger station to Mosquito Lakes 1 through 5
Backpacking Nantahala National Forest1 by [email protected]
For directions, type in mapquest: Henderson County, NC
Backpacking North Cascades by [email protected]
backpacking options by [email protected]
Backpacking Oregon trips by [email protected]
Backpacking Pisgah National Forest1 by [email protected]
Backpacking Smoky Mountains National Park1 --- October 28 - November 7, 2017 by [email protected]
Grapeyard Ridge, Old Settler, Greenbrier Pinnacle, Gabes Mountain, Hen Wallow Falls, Maddron Bald, Appalachian, Inadu Knob, Old Black, Mt. Guyot, Tricorner Knob, Mt. Sequoyah, Eagle Rocks, Charlies Bunion, The Boulevard, Mt. LeConte, Trillium Gap, Grotto Falls
Backpacking Smoky Mountains National Park2 by [email protected]
backpacking trip October 24-25 by [email protected]
Backpacking Trips by [email protected]
Backpacks by [email protected]
Backroads by [email protected]
Backup Yosemite Plan by [email protected]
Backup-aspen-grove by [email protected]
backus/russell by [email protected]
Bacon Peak by [email protected]
bacon ridge chillywilly by [email protected]
BACR by [email protected]
BACR by [email protected]
Baden east ridge from gulch by [email protected]
baden powell by [email protected]
Baden Powell by Mrotekj
Baden Powell by [email protected]
Baden Powell by [email protected]
BADEN POWELL - ISLIP LOOP by [email protected]
Baden Powell 2017 by [email protected]
Baden Powell to Islip Saddle by [email protected]
Baden+PineRidges by [email protected]
Baden-Powell June 2015 by [email protected]
Backpacked from Dawson Saddle on the Dawson Saddle Trail and camped midway on the ridgetop. Day-hiked to Mount Hawkins and Mount Baden-Powell.
Baden-Powell North Gully by Sean
baden-powell via big horn mine by [email protected]
BadenFullEastRidge by [email protected]
BadenHalfEastRidge by [email protected]
Badger by [email protected]
Badger - Dewey - Tunnel View by [email protected]il
Badger 100 by [email protected]
two 50 mile loops at Badger Mountain
Badger 2017 by [email protected]
Badger Creek by [email protected]
badger creek by [email protected]
Badger Creek Loop by [email protected]
Badger Creek Wilderness by [email protected]
Badger Creek Wilderness by kepPNW
Badger Creek Wilderness T9S, R11E/R12E, S24/S19/S25/S30 by Hikin Jim
Badger loop by [email protected]
Badger Pass Ski Hikes by [email protected]
Badger Pass Snowshoe by smharley
Badger Pass XC Ski by smharley
Badger to Ostrander Horizon Ridge by [email protected]
Snowshoe/Ski Trail to Ostrander Hut via Horizon Ridge
Badin Lake Loop by [email protected]
Badlands by [email protected]
Badlands by seekinglost
Badlands Boundary by [email protected]
Badlands Loop Trail by anonymous
Badlands NP by [email protected]
badlands weekend outing by [email protected]
Badwater to Mt. Whitney Summit by HughJass
Lowest to Highest (L2H): A backcountry hiking route from Death Valley to Mount Whitney
Badwater to Telescope by anonymous
Badwater to White Mountain Summit by HughJass
Bike from Badwater, CA, Death Valley at -282 feet to the summit of White Mountain at 14,246. Totally elevation gain is 21,000 feet over 172 miles. I have completed the entire route. It is allowable to ride your bike to the summit. I did this in 2013, and was easier than I thought.
Badwater to Whitney by [email protected]
Bagley Lakes by [email protected]
Bailey -> Muncaster by [email protected]
Bailey -> NF Quinaut by [email protected]
bailey -> s fk hoh by [email protected]
Bailey Canyon & Waypoints by [email protected]
Bailey Mega Loop by [email protected]
Bailey Peak Bagger by [email protected]
Bailey Range by [email protected]
Bailey Range - Martins Park by tom[email protected]
Bailey Range to Queets by [email protected]
Bailey Range Traverse by [email protected]
Bailey Range Way by [email protected]
Bailey Ridge by [email protected]
Bailey to Queets 2 by [email protected]
Bailey Traverse by [email protected]
Bailey Range Traverse, Olympic Mountains, August 15 - 21, 2015
bailey traverse actual by [email protected]
Baileys Range Traverse by [email protected]
Bair island by [email protected]
Baja by [email protected]
Baja 2017-2018 by [email protected]
Baja California by [email protected]
baja divide by [email protected]
Baja Divide by [email protected]
Baker by [email protected]
Baker by [email protected]
Baker by [email protected]
Baker by [email protected]
Baker by [email protected]
Baker + Shuksan by [email protected]
Baker - Coleman-Deming by tagmail
Baker - Colemn Deming Route by [email protected]
Baker - Easton glacier by [email protected]
Baker - Easton Route by [email protected]
Baker - N Ridge (Boulder) by [email protected]
Baker - Squak by [email protected]
Baker 1 by [email protected]
Baker 2 by [email protected]
Baker 2017 by [email protected]
Baker 2017 by [email protected]
Baker 2018 by [email protected]
Baker Backcountry AIARE 3 run map by [email protected]
Baker Bastille? by [email protected]
Baker Beta by [email protected]
Baker Circumnav by [email protected]
Baker Climb by [email protected]
Baker Coleman-Deming by [email protected]
Baker Early Spring Approaches by [email protected]
Baker Easton by [email protected]
Baker Easy routes by [email protected]
Baker fixing ropes by [email protected]
Baker Lake by [email protected]
Baker Lake by [email protected]
Baker Lake by [email protected]
Baker Lake Loop by [email protected]
Baker low ice 2 by [email protected]
Baker Mtn by [email protected]
Baker N. Ridge by [email protected]
Baker North Ridge by [email protected]
Baker North Ridge by [email protected]
Baker North Ridge by [email protected]
Baker North Ridge by [email protected]
baker resort ski by [email protected]
Baker Routes by [email protected]
baker run list by [email protected]
Baker Run List by [email protected]
baker squak easton by [email protected]
Baker via Easton by [email protected]
Baker-Boulder Creek by [email protected]
Baker-Bowen by [email protected]
Baker.CD by [email protected]
Baker2 by [email protected]
baker_mountain_tour by [email protected]
BakerArea by fdv...cast
BakerLake by fdv...cast
BakerLakeHikeIdeas by fdv...cast
BakerSauk by [email protected]
BakerTerrain by [email protected]
Bald by [email protected]
bald / booth exit by [email protected]
Bald and Cowpen by John Leroy Chambers
Bald Knob by [email protected]
Little and Big Bald Knob - 28.3 miles semi-strenuous
Bald Knob - Option A and B by earlylitegmailcom
Bald Knob - Slope Shading by earlylitegmailcom
Bald Knob Basic by earlylitegmailcom
Bald Knob Basic2 by earlylitegmailcom
Bald Mountain by [email protected]
Bald Mountain by [email protected]
Bald Mountain and the Weetamoo Trail by earlylitegmailcom
Bald Mt by [email protected]
Bald Mtn by [email protected]
bald mtn & caribou pk by [email protected]
Bald Mtn (Nederland) by [email protected]
Bald Mtn - Talk by earlylitegmailcom
Bald Mtn Bushwhack by earlylitegmailcom
Bald Mtn Loop - with Rach by [email protected]
Bald Mtn. Tour Area 1.20.2018 by [email protected]
Bald Peak, New York ADKs by [email protected]
Bald-Beta by [email protected]
Baldface Carter Moriah Loop 021418 by earlylitegmailcom
Baldface Circle Loop by [email protected]
Baldface loop by [email protected]
10.6 miles with emerald pool (good swimming spot) and chandler gorge
Baldface Loop Map by [email protected]
Baldface Range Loop by earlylitegmailcom
Baldpate by [email protected]
Baldwin Cirque Ski by [email protected]
Baldy by drcroleymsncom
Baldy by [email protected]
Baldy Bear Canyon 11/26/17 by [email protected]
Baldy Bowl by [email protected]
baldy bruiser by [email protected]
Baldy et al by [email protected]
Baldy Face Ski by [email protected]
BALDY IRON BADEN LOOP by [email protected]
Baldy January 2018 by [email protected]
Baldy Knoll by anonymous
Baldy Knoll Avalanche by [email protected]
Baldy Knoll Yurt by [email protected]
Baldy Loop (Dung) by [email protected]
Baldy Peak Loop via Tyler Peak Way Trail
Baldy Marathon by [email protected]
BALDY MARATHONS by [email protected]
Baldy Traverse/ Ruby Circumnave by [email protected]
Baldy via Devils Backbone Sept 2017 by jfr[email protected]
Hiked from the Mount Baldy Ski Lift to the summit of Mount San Antonio (aka Mount Baldy) as well as West Baldy
Baldy Yurt Area by [email protected]
Baldy-Wrightwood & Back by [email protected]
BaldyMtn by [email protected]
BaldyWithDylan by [email protected]
Balkans by [email protected] more tracks available here:
Ball Butte Run List by [email protected]
Ball Butte tour day by [email protected]
Ball Mountain Hike by [email protected]
Ballantine by fdv...cast
Bally to Cascade by [email protected]
BALO by [email protected]
Balsam by [email protected]
Balsam Lake Mountain by [email protected]
Balsam Mtn Rd Hike by [email protected]
Balsam Mtn Rd Hike - 5 Trails
Baltimore Ridge by [email protected]
Balu Pass by [email protected]
ski touring to Balu pass
BAMO by [email protected]
Bandera Loop by [email protected]
Bandera Loop real by [email protected]
Bandera Mountain by [email protected]
Bandera Scramble by [email protected]
Bandera Snowshoe by [email protected]
Bandit Springs by [email protected]
Bandy Canyon by [email protected]
Bandy Canyon by JCaff
Banff 2012 by [email protected]
Hiked from Banff to Lake Louise via the 40 mile creek trail, up the cascade river trail, over Badger Pass to the Johnston Creek Trail, then down to Luellen Lake, then back up Johnston Creek, over Pulsatilla Pass to Baker Creek, then up Baker Creek to the Skoki Lakes Trail, and out to Lake Louise.
Banff Backcountry Camping by [email protected]
Overlay of the Banff Backcountry PDF.
banff big by [email protected]
banff big by [email protected]
Banff Final Itinerary by jvector
Banff-Jasper trip by [email protected]
Bangtail MVUM by [email protected]
Banks Veronia by [email protected]
Banner - Bull Trout by anonymous
Banner Creek Summit - Snowcave Trip by [email protected]
Banner Peak by [email protected]
Banner Ridge Snow Cave Map by [email protected]
Banner Sammit Area by [email protected]
Banner Summit Area by leegmail
BANNOCKS by [email protected]
BansheePeak20170826 by [email protected]
Baptiste Lookout Trail by [email protected]
Current trail alignment to Baptiste fire lookout, Flathead National Forest, constructed from a mix of OSM and USFS map data. May underestimate distance by approximately 0.4 miles.
Baptists Draw to Upper Chute by [email protected]
Barbara-Jacks x-over by [email protected]
Barclay Lake by [email protected]
Barclay Lake by [email protected]
barcroft by [email protected]
Bare Mt by [email protected]
Bare Mtn - Coney Lake by [email protected]
Baring by [email protected]
Baring - 5/12/18 by [email protected]
Baring Map by [email protected]
Baring Mountain by [email protected]
Baring Mountain by [email protected]
Baring Mountain NW Ridge by [email protected]
Baring Mt by [email protected]
Baring USGS 7.5 by [email protected]
BarkerDamLoop20150412 by [email protected]
BarkerDamLoopAndBarkerDamLinkUp20170126 by [email protected]
BarkerLakeWonderlandOfRocks20170123 by [email protected]
Barlow Creek N/NE Aspects by [email protected]
Barlow Hut by [email protected]
Barlow > White River Hut
Barlow Pass by [email protected]
Barlow Pass by [email protected]
BARN PROP by anonymous
Barnabe Peak by [email protected]
Barnaby by jimy
Barnett WHHM by Bird23
Barney Lake Loop by [email protected]
Barney Springs Loop by [email protected]
Barnhardt by fdv...cast
Barnum by [email protected]
Baron Creek by [email protected]
Baron F by [email protected]
Baron Fitzsimmions Canyon by MattMaxon
Baron Lakes by [email protected]
Barr to Pikes by [email protected]
Barr Trail by [email protected]
BARR TRAIL by [email protected]
Barrett Lakes by [email protected]
Barrett Lakes by [email protected]
Barrett Lakes - Treasure Lakes, 23 by [email protected]
Barrett Spur by kepPNW
Barrier Lake Lookout East Approach by [email protected]
11.8km return, +/-581m, summit 1942m, 4h24m @ 4km/h, Barrier Lake Lookout East approach
Barron Yurt 2018 by [email protected]
GPS Tracks from Backcountry Ski Touring at Barron Yurt 2018
BartizanArch by [email protected]
Bartlett Haystack Bushwhack by earlylitegmailcom
Bartman to 11th Mt. WLWF by chagmail
Bartram Trail by [email protected]
Bartram Trail by [email protected]
Bartram Trail by [email protected]
Bartram Trail Georgia South by [email protected]
Bartram Trail North Georgia by [email protected]
Bartram/Appalachian Loop by [email protected]
Loop starting at NOC; from "Trekking the Southern Appalachians" by Jack Igelman & Corey Hadden
Basalt Mtn - Red Table Mtn trails by [email protected]
basalt trails by [email protected]
BasalttoEagle by [email protected]
baseline rd by [email protected]
Basic Sandwich by [email protected]
Mt Whiteface to Mt Passaconaway
Basic Sandwich by [email protected]
Basin by [email protected]
Basin and Haystack by [email protected]
Basin Area by [email protected]
Basin Creek_A_GUESS by [email protected]
Basin Lake Hike by [email protected]
Basin Loop by [email protected]
Quick weekend loop near with the Basin and Mad River Falls
Basin Mountain by [email protected]
Basin Mountain Hike by [email protected]
Basin Mtn by [email protected]
Basin to Tom Traverse by [email protected]
Basin-Royce Loop by [email protected]
Bat Cave and Pulido Canyon by halladay
Bat Mtn area by [email protected]
Bateman Island by [email protected]
Bath Lakes Traverse by [email protected]
Bath Tub Lakes/Pilchuck Traverse by [email protected]
Bathtub Lakes by [email protected]
Bathtub Lakes by [email protected]
the first and only rule of bathtub lakes is you don't talk about bathtub lakes.
Batiquitos Lagoon Aug 2016 by [email protected]
Hiked along the shore of Batiquitos Lagoon. A perfect Summer Hike
Batona Trail by [email protected]
Battle Axe Twin Lakes by [email protected]
Battle Mountain by [email protected]
Battle of Khe Sanh by [email protected]
Battlescars to V5 by [email protected]
Battleship Mt by fdv...cast
battleship/ paradise trees by [email protected]
Baxter by [email protected]
Baxter Loop by jimy
Baxter Pass by [email protected]
Baxter Pass Loop (2016.09 by AmyL
More info at
Baxter Pass Tadpole Loop by [email protected]
Bay by jimy
Bay Area by derbilly
Bay Area Hiking by [email protected]
Bay Area Peaks by derbilly
Bay Area SOTA by d3ef
Bay Area Twenties ( by AmyL
More info at
Bay Mountains by [email protected]
Bay Ridge Section Hikes by [email protected]
Bayfield by [email protected]
Bayfield Inland by [email protected]
Bayfield routes by [email protected]
Bayview park by [email protected]
bayview to glen alpine / fallen leaf by [email protected]
Bazin River May 2017 by [email protected]
bb by [email protected]
BB Joyce Kilmer July 2016 by [email protected]
BB Woodworth, Mt by [email protected]
bb43 by Harrison
BB7: CT Segments 1&2 by [email protected]
BBear1 by [email protected]
BBNP Emory Peak by [email protected]
BBNP Outer Mountain Loop by [email protected]
BBT Need by [email protected]
Bby mountain by [email protected]
BC - Mt Albert Edward by GreenMtnSam
BC - Mt Arrowsmith by GreenMtnSam
Two Trailheads for Arrowsmith
BC - Mt Becher by GreenMtnSam
BC Epic 2015 by [email protected]
BC-King's Peak by GreenMtnSam
BC-Mt Myra by GreenMtnSam
BCC 2018 Red Mountain by [email protected]
BCC Crevasse by [email protected]
BCC Overnight Actual Path by [email protected]
BCC Tatoosh Actual by [email protected]
BCC Tatoosh routes by [email protected]
BCC Team 1 Overnight by [email protected]
BCH by [email protected]
BCP Windy Ridge 6-14-18 by Trini Garza
BCS by [email protected]
BCS to SF to BP to MPT by SBHiker
Loop Starting above Big Cone to South Fork, South Fork to Big Pine, Big Pine back to MP Spring, MP Spring to Big Cone TH
BCS, Gabb, Dade by [email protected]
BCSP by [email protected]
BCWA by [email protected]
bday plans by [email protected]
Bday Weekend Options by [email protected]
bdla by jonze
BDR Washington by [email protected]
BDR-Nevada by [email protected]
BDU -> BCE routes by [email protected]
Beach Map - NRM by [email protected]
beachamp by anonymous
Beachie Trail (probably) by [email protected]
Not really sure of the name. curious to have a route to Battle Axe mountain and watershed that doesn't start from Elk Lake.
Beacon Rock 7-8-2007 by idahomtnhigh
Beacon Rock State Park by kepPNW
Bean Basin Scrambles by [email protected]
Bean Peak by [email protected]
Bean Peak by [email protected]
BeanPeak20160512 by [email protected]
Bear (Logan to Ranger Dip) by [email protected]
Bear 100 by alexdrobertson
Bear 100 - 2016 (alt course) by [email protected]
Bear 100 Alternative by [email protected]
Bear 100 Fire by hyperphil
Bear 100 original full by alexdrobertson
Bear 100 original sections by alexdrobertson
Bear 100 snow reroute by [email protected]
Bear 100 Track - Official by [email protected]
Bear 2016 by alexdrobertson
Bear 3way by [email protected]
bear basin loop by [email protected]
Bear Basin Loop by [email protected]
45mi., mostly XC travel (class 1-2).
Bear Canyon by [email protected]
Bear Canyon Loop by [email protected]
Bear canyon/Fern loop by [email protected]
Bear Claw by [email protected]
Bear Claw St George by [email protected]
Bear Claw Yurt by [email protected]
Bear Creek - Alpine Lake HS by [email protected]
Bear Creek Hot Springs by [email protected]
Bear Creek Mtn by [email protected]
bear creek narrows by [email protected]
bear creek sites by [email protected]
Bear Creek Spire by [email protected]
Bear Creek Spire by [email protected]@maclaybridge
Bear Creek Spire by [email protected]
Bear Creek Spire by Bernie
Bear Creek Spire North Arete by [email protected]
Bear Creek to Big Creek by [email protected]
Bear Creek to Pocket Meadow by [email protected]
Bear Creek Tr Loop by [email protected]
Bear Creek / Fourney Cr / Jonas Creek Tr / Welsh Ridge
bear glacier? by [email protected]
Bear heaven Falls by cilupercio
Bear Hunting Bighorns by [email protected]
Bear Lake by [email protected]
bear lake by [email protected]
Bear Lake Runs by [email protected]
Bear Lake Skiing by [email protected]
bear lake to grand lake by [email protected]
Bear Lake to Hollowell Park by [email protected]
Bear Lake Tour Plan by [email protected]
bear milner bear by [email protected]
Bear Mountain by [email protected]
Bear mountain by [email protected]
Bear Mountain, CT High Point, Tri State Marker, Mt Frissell by [email protected]
Bear Mt. CT by [email protected]
Bear Mtn Bartlett by [email protected]
Bear Peak Boulder by [email protected]
Bear Peak from Cragmoor by [email protected]
Bear Peak Pete by [email protected]
Bear Point Trail #3342 by [email protected]
Bear River by [email protected]
Bear River by [email protected]
Bear Rocks- Dolly Sods by [email protected]
Bear Run by [email protected]
Bear Skull Hollow by anonymous
Bear Spring (Central Loop) by [email protected]
Bear Spring (east bushwhack) by [email protected]
Bear Spring (east loop clockwise from Rt 206) by [email protected]
Bear Spring (East road loop from 206) by [email protected]
Bear Spring (Launt Pond Loop) by [email protected]
Bear Spring: Southeast Trails (clockwise) by [email protected]
Bear to Home via Sand Canyon Rd by [email protected]
Bear Tooths by [email protected]
Bear Valley by [email protected]
Bear Valley Avalanche, 2017-01-10 by [email protected]
Bear Valley G-cups by [email protected]
Bear Valley HS by [email protected]
Bear Valley Loop by smharley
Bear Valley Snow Camping by [email protected]
bear with peaks by alexdrobertson
Bear-North-Rainy-Whatum by [email protected]
Bear-Race-Everett-Frissel by edwin
A 2 day loop, not for beginners.
Bear-Wakefield Explore by [email protected]
Bear100-2016 by [email protected]
BearAndSawmillonPCT by [email protected]
Bearfence Mountain from LewsMtnCabins by [email protected]
Bearfort Ridge north hike by [email protected]
Bearhead by [email protected]
Bearhead / Summit Lake by [email protected]
Bearhead Mountain by [email protected]
BearJackEast20090115 by [email protected]
BearJackWest20100121 by [email protected]
BearLake60k by [email protected]
BearLakeTerrainPark by [email protected]
bearmilnerbear by [email protected]
Bearpaw meadow hike 2 by [email protected]
Bearpaw Meadow to Lodgepole by Chris Knupp
Bearpaw Peak by [email protected]
Bearpaw to Atwell by Chris Knupp
Bearpaw to Horseshoe Meadow via Deadman and Colby Canyons by [email protected]
Bearpaw to Whitney Portal via Deadman and Cloud Canyons by [email protected]
Bearpaw-Nine Lakes Basin-Tamarack Lake by [email protected]
BearPeakLoop-PreTrip by [email protected]
bears breast by [email protected]
Bears Ears by [email protected]
Bears Ears Traverse by [email protected]
beartooth by [email protected]
Beartooth Backpacking 9-8-2014 by [email protected]
Beartooth Dorfworld by [email protected]
Beartooth Loops by [email protected]
Beartooth Mountain Trails by [email protected]
Beartooth Mountains by [email protected]
Beartooth Mountains by [email protected]
Beartooth traverse with days by [email protected]
beartooth: Jasper lk by [email protected]
Beartooths by klank
July 18-24, 2016
Beartooths by [email protected]
Beartooths by [email protected]
Beartooths by [email protected]
Beartooths 2016 Trip by [email protected]
Beartooths 2017 July Sky Pilot Loop by [email protected]
Beartooths Fun Route Final by [email protected]
beartoothsfrozetodeathbiglakesmainroute39 by [email protected]
Beartop Mesa by [email protected]
Beast Alpine - Indian Crk Ride by [email protected]
Beat 100 by [email protected]
Bear 100 race
Beaten Path by [email protected]
Beaten Path by [email protected]
Beatout (Pfeifferhorn) by [email protected]
Beatty by [email protected]
beauchamp by anonymous
Beauty-Iron Spring I-Prov by [email protected]
Cooper Canyon Beauty Peak and Iron Spring Mtn I-Provisional
Beaver 100k by [email protected]
beaver creek by [email protected]
beaver high adventure by [email protected]
Beaver Meadow - Sterling Pond by [email protected]
Beaver Peak by [email protected]
Beaver Res X-C ski route to Saw Tooth Mountain by [email protected]
Beautiful 4.4 mile out and 4.4 mile back X-C ski trail.
Beaver Reservoir Peaks by [email protected]
Beaverbrook Trail by [email protected]
beavercreek by [email protected]
Beaverhead 100k by [email protected]
Beaverhead 55K by [email protected]
Beaverheads by [email protected]
Beavers - Abay by [email protected]
Bebe Lake by [email protected]
Mokelumne Wilderness
BECA by [email protected]
BECA by [email protected]
Bechler River by [email protected]
Bechler River Trail - Yellowstone by pietimer
Bechler to Old Faithfu by [email protected]
Bechler Winter by [email protected]
Beck Lakes by [email protected]
Beckey Route - Liberty Bell by [email protected]
Beckey-Chouinard by [email protected]
BecklerPeakOneWay20150630 by [email protected]
Becoming Ultra Route by [email protected]
BedalPeak20150910 by [email protected]
BedalPeak20150910 by [email protected]
Bee Canyon-Pine Cove Rd. by JCaff
Bee Rock by [email protected]
Bee Rock DNF by [email protected]
Beech Mt BSA Camp (Flynn and Big Rock) by [email protected]
beede falls by [email protected]
good swimming hole near squam lake
Beehive by [email protected]
BEEHIVE AREA by [email protected]
beej-maury by Beej Jorgensen
Beej/Michelle East Fort Rock 2015-03-19 by Beej Jorgensen
Beer Keg by [email protected]
Beetop_ID by [email protected]
BeforeSunset20150102 by leegmail
begbi by [email protected]
Behind The Rocks by [email protected]
Behunin Canyon (Zion) by [email protected]
Belcher River (Yellowstone) by [email protected]
Belford Oxford Pine Creek by [email protected]
Belford/Oxford/Missouri by [email protected]
Belgium by [email protected]
belize waypoints by [email protected]
Belknap Springs Trek by [email protected]
Bell Cord by [email protected]
Bell Creek Loop Hike using trail #459 by [email protected]
This is the Bell Creek Loop Hike that uses trail #459
Bell Mountain by [email protected]
Bell Mountain Loop from Hwy A Trailhead by [email protected]
Bell Mtn by [email protected]
Bell Smith Springs by [email protected]
Bell's Canyon Falls by anonymous
Bellevue by [email protected]
Bellingham by [email protected]
Blum and Hagan Twin Sisters
Bellows Lake, SMWF by chagmail
8 Jan, 2016, with Tredhed
Bells Both Falls by [email protected]
Bells Mt. Sect. 1 by [email protected]
Belly River to Many Glacier by [email protected]
Belmar Park Loop by [email protected]
below pinapple pass by [email protected]
Bemis by [email protected]
Ben & Kevin's Excellent Pasayten Adventure UPWC 2017 by [email protected]
Ben Arthur, Beinn Ime, Beinn Narnain by [email protected]
Ben Lomond by leegmail
Ben Lomond (Ogden Area) by [email protected]
Ben Lomond Massif by [email protected]
Used by the Ogden UAC Forecasting Center
Ben Lomond Options by [email protected]
Ben Lomond S Face by [email protected]
Ben Lomond Touring Area by [email protected]
Ben Nevis by [email protected]
Ben Tyler by [email protected]
Ben Tyler by [email protected]
Ben's fish during grouse hunt by [email protected]
Ben's Stage Race by [email protected]
Bench Hut by [email protected]
Bench Lakes by [email protected]
Bench/Nu'alolo Trail by Tom V
Bench_Lake_Snow_Lake_WA by [email protected]
Copy of gps route to Snow Lake at Mt. Rainier
Bend AR 36 2016 by [email protected]
bend glacier day by [email protected]
Bend Ice Caves 2018 DRAFT map 5/18 by [email protected]
Bend Ice caves 2018 Navigation Race. red are mostly final controls. Yellow are control ideas I had for future races, and a nre trail or two.
Bend mt bike trails by [email protected]
Bend to Hood by HughJass
98 miles and 16,766 feet of Gain. Starts at Trail Head at West of Black Butte crater on Old Santium Wagon Wheel Road. Ends at Timberline Lodge.
Bend-AR lake paddle by [email protected]
Bend-to-Timberline by HughJass
Benedict Huts by [email protected]
Benedict Huts by [email protected]
Bennett Lake, WLWF by chagmail
16 Dec, 2015, with Tredhed 24 Sep, 2016, with Krista
Bennett Ledges, WLWF by chagmail
16 Mar, 2016, solo
bennett pass by [email protected]
Bennett Pass by [email protected]
Bennett-Gunsight by [email protected]
Out and back to Gunsight ridge
Benning dcc land nav by [email protected]
Bensen Plateau and Eagle Creek Trail by [email protected]
benson eastern approaches by [email protected]
Benson Hut Approach by [email protected]
Benson Jeep Trails - by [email protected]
Benson Lake Loop by [email protected]
Benson Lake Loop by [email protected]
Benson Lake Loop by [email protected]
Benson Plateau by kepPNW
Benson Trip by [email protected]
Benson-Matterhorn loop by [email protected]
benson_lake_loop by [email protected]
BensonLake by [email protected]
Bent Tree by [email protected]
Benthos Buttress by [email protected]
Benton Mackay Trail (2015.04 by AmyL
More info at
Benton MacKaye GSMNP by [email protected]
Benton Mackaye Trail by AmyL Trail routing as of Spring 2015. Our trip report is here:
Benton MacKaye Trail by [email protected]
Berchie MTN RD_DIC by [email protected]
Berea Pinnacles by sweepr
Bergen Peak by [email protected]
Berkeley by [email protected]
Berkeley + Oakland Hills by [email protected]
berkeley hills training by [email protected]
Berkeley Marina Paddling by [email protected]
berks by [email protected]
Berkshires - 2015 Thunderbolt Race Ascent by [email protected]
Berlin Bike Tour by [email protected]
Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park Aug 2016 by [email protected]
Drove to Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park in Nevada and visited the Berlin mining ghost town and the archeological site of in situ Ichthyosaur Fossil beds. The track shows both driving and hiking. We arrived in time for a guided tour of the fossils.
Bermuda Rail Trail by [email protected]
bernard route 3 by [email protected]
Bernardo lion by wTk49
Bernardo Mountain by [email protected]
Bernardo Mountain April 2016 by [email protected]
Hiked to Bernardo Mountain from West Bernardo Drive in Rancho Bernardo. Great views down over Lake Hodges
Berners Peak and Antler Lake trip by [email protected]
Bernese Oberland 2016 by [email protected]
Berrian Mountain by [email protected]
BERRY CREEK FALLS LOOP by [email protected]
Berry Creek Falls Trail by [email protected]
Berry Creek Loop by [email protected]
Berry Fire Reroute by [email protected]
BertCanyon by [email protected]
Berthod to Ck Current by [email protected]
Berthoud 3/4/16 by [email protected]
Berthoud Pass by [email protected]
berthoud pass by [email protected]
Berthoud Pass by [email protected]
berthoud pass by [email protected]
berthoud pass by [email protected]
Berthoud Pass by [email protected]
Berthoud Pass - Hidden Knoll by [email protected]
Berthoud Pass 5.13.16 by [email protected]
Berthoud Pass Backcountry 5-20 by [email protected]
Berthoud Pass Ski by [email protected]
Berthoud Pass- Ski by [email protected]
Berthoud Tour 2015-11-07 by anonymous
Bessemer Mountain by [email protected]
Bessemer Mountain - Mid Fork Snoqualmie by [email protected]
best cle 50k by [email protected]
best loop ever by [email protected]
Best of Bear Lake with Shuttle by [email protected]
Beth SAR 2/2/16 by [email protected]
Beth's Birthday hikes by [email protected]
Bethel Ridge by [email protected]
Bethlehem by anonymous
betty bear by [email protected]
Betty Bear Hut Via Road 505 - 10th Mountain Division Huts by [email protected]
Betty Bear Hut Via Road 505 - 10th Mountain Division Huts Per Road 505 Trailhead?Betty Bear Hut via Road 505 DIFFICULTY: Intermediate HUTSKI.COM FREE MAPS: Betty Bear Hut (see above), Granite TIME: 6 1/2 hours up, 5 hours down DISTANCE: 6 3/4 miles ELEVATION GAIN: 2,020 feet; loss: 40 feet This 10th Mountain suggested route is the standard trail to Betty Bear Hut from the Fryingpan drainage. The bulk of the route uses snow-covered Road 505. This road is used by both skiers and snowmobilers, but it is wide enough for everyone. Park at the Road 505 Trailhead on the Fryingpan Road. Ski Road 505 as it gradually climbs SE along the side of the Fryingpan drainage for 3 1/2 miles to the road high point at the obvious concrete structure of the Granite Adit (9,990 feet). Enjoy the superb view of Mount Massive looming on the northeast side of the upper drainage. Continue on level road (with a few slight ups and downs) another mile to cross over Lily Pad Creek. This creek is inconspicuous as it has little flow and passes under the road through a culvert. The stub of the culvert is visible if you look over the downhill side of the road. Another good way to identify Lily Pad Creek is by paying attention to the two rock "gates" you pass through on Road 505. These "gates" are places where road-blasting left remnants of rock outcrops on the downhill side of the road. Lily Pad Creek is located about 100 feet past the second rock "gate." Ski the road past Lily Pad Creek for several hundred feet. At this point the trail to Betty Bear Hut leaves the road and climbs NE up the side of the valley. With a lack of natural landmarks and your altimeter of little use because of the level road, this intersection of road and trail is a place where the blue diamond trail markers (and possibly GPS use) are essential. Using climbing skins, climb the marked trail as it makes several switchbacks up the valleyside, then parallels and gradually nears Lily Pad Creek. After the steep switchbacks, the marked trail leaves the Lily Pad Creek drainage by heading E up through timber and clearings to enter a larger open area at about 11,090 feet. Swing S here, enter the trees at the far southwest end of this open area, then continue SW for 1/8 mile through timber to Betty Bear Hut (11,100 feet). The hut sits at the edge of timber overlooking a southwest-facing clearing. If you miss the trail keep your eye on your altimeter and GPS. It is essential to not drop too low. (By no means try to make it down to the road from below the hut as the terrain is quite steep and rough.) Also note that skiers frequently take more direct lines to the hut from the upper portion of the trail. If you see such tracks and have your GPS working correctly, these can be quite nice as optional and less time consuming routes. Otherwise stick to the marked trail. REVERSE ROUTE: From the back door of Betty Bear Hut ski N on a blue diamond trail several hundred yards up through timber to a fork and high-point. Here, the trail down to Road 505 heads left. Take the left, and follow the marked trail N across an open area, then left (W) as it gradually converges with Lily Pad creek. A series of scary switchbacks drops you on Road 505, which you then ski NW to the trailhead. With good snow conditions, expert skiers will find good skiing by exploring glades on the way down the upper part of this route. Such skiers can also avoid the switchbacks by skiing down the Lily Pad Creek gulch. This latter option requires a thick snowpack and skill. SAFETY NOTES: With unusually unstable snow a few "bank sluff" avalanches could fall to Road 505. The first of these banks is just past the Granite Adit, with another at 4.7 miles from the trailhead, and another at 5.3 miles. Skirt these banks as far to the opposite side of the road as possible, and pass below them one person at a time.
Bettys Jugs Routes by anonymous
Bettys Jugs Route Options
Bettys Jugs Trailhead by anonymous
Start for Bettys Jugs scramble. Access is via FS road 2640, Grady Creek
Beus Canyon by [email protected]
Beveridge by [email protected]
Beyers lake by [email protected]
Beyers Lake by [email protected]
Beyers Lakes Hike by [email protected]
bf by ary[email protected]
Bf desolation wilderness by [email protected]
BF-Cohutta by [email protected]
BF200 Chain of Lakes by [email protected]
BFT South by [email protected]
BG120 Lewis to 9327 by [email protected]
BH by [email protected]
bh esd by [email protected]
BHB ROUGH by [email protected]
BHB trip by Rachel
Bibbulmun by [email protected]
BIBE OML and Mule Ears by [email protected]
Bicentennial Bridge approach by [email protected]
Bicentennials by [email protected]
Colorado's Bicentennial Peaks
Bicycle Hill Climbs by [email protected]
BiddWW by [email protected]
Bierstadt by [email protected]
Bierstadt by [email protected]
Bierstadt via SE Ridge by [email protected]
big adventure 1 by anonymous
Big Attitash by earlylitegmailcom
Big Attitash and Lucy Brook by earlylitegmailcom
Big Baldy Loop 8/9/2015 by [email protected]
Big Basin by jimy
Big Basin Day Hike 15mi 6hrs by [email protected]
big basin state park by [email protected]
Big Basin | Skyline to the Sea by [email protected]
Big Bear by scottshiba
Big Bear by [email protected]
Big Bear by [email protected]
Big Bear + German River by [email protected]
Big Bear Lake by [email protected]
Trinity Alps; Short Steep Hike. 2:00 drive
Big Ben Plug by Bill Lundgren
Big Bend by [email protected]
Big Bend - Cattail Canyon by [email protected]
Big Bend - Outer Mountain Loop by [email protected]
Big Bend 01.18 by [email protected]
Big Bend Bump by [email protected]
Big Bend Jeep Trails - by [email protected]
Big Bend National Park by [email protected]
Big Bend National Park by [email protected]
Big Bend National Park - Jan 2016 by seekinglost
I used this map to create my route and plan my trip
Big Bend National Park Hike - 7 Days, 85 Miles - Jan 2016 by seekinglost
Big Bend NP Map by [email protected]
Big Bend OML by [email protected]
Big Bend Separate Days Route Hiked by seekinglost
Big Bend Temp by [email protected]
Big Bend The Basin Topo by [email protected]
Big Bend Trip by [email protected]
Big Big Cattle Ck loop by [email protected]
Big clockwise mountain bike loop around upper Cattle Ck.
Big Boulder Lakes ID 2016 by [email protected]
Big Buddha and the Lantau Five by [email protected]
Big Chi by carlovonultimate
Big Chief by [email protected]
Big Chief Mountain Winter by [email protected]
Big Coe Loop by [email protected]
Big Coe Loop ( by AmyL
More info at
Big Cottonwood backcountry by [email protected]
Big Craggy by [email protected]
BIG CREEK by anonymous
Big Creek Greenway by John Leroy Chambers
Big Creek Map by [email protected]
big creek radio by [email protected]
repeater line of sight elevation obstructions, putvin planning
Big Creek to Bronson Meadows, ID by [email protected]
Big Creek Trail From Herrick, ID by [email protected]
Big Creek-Mt Cammerrer-Davenport Gap BP by [email protected]
Big Creek-Mt Cammerrer-Davenport Gap BP
Big Crow Basin by [email protected]
Big Deer Park loop by [email protected]
big diablo by [email protected]
Big Diablo Loop (2015.03 by AmyL
More info at
Big Elk Park Peaks by [email protected]
Big Eyes by [email protected]
big fackoff fluffer by [email protected]
Big Falls Trail by [email protected]
Big Falls Trail Mount Charleston with GPS waypoints from
Big Farm by [email protected]
Big Four by [email protected]
Big Four Ice Caves 7.16.16 by [email protected]
big frog 20's by [email protected]
Big Frog/Cohutta Loop by [email protected]
Big Girls Trip by [email protected]
Big Granite Creek by [email protected]
Big H2O to Albion Basin by [email protected]
Big Heart Lake Camping by [email protected]
Big Heart Lake, MT by [email protected]
Big hole weekend by [email protected]
Big Horn by [email protected]
Big Horn Crags by [email protected]
Big Horn Fawn Pass by [email protected]
Big Horn Mine by anonymous
Big Horn Peak via Black Butte TH by [email protected]
big horns by [email protected]
Big Huckleberry by [email protected]
big k by [email protected]
Big Laguna Loop by Hiking San Diego County
Big Laguna Loop by Hiking San Diego County
Big Laguna Loop by [email protected]
Big Laguna Meadow Loop by [email protected]
Big Lake by [email protected]
Big Lake to Burntside via Cummings Lake by [email protected]
Big Lake/Huckleberry by [email protected]
Big Loop - Los Liones to Temescal by [email protected]
Big Mac Traverse by anonymous
Big Mac Traverse
Big Meadow TH to Dardanelles by [email protected]
A short jaunt along the Tahoe Rim Trail south west of lake Tahoe.
Big Meadow TH to Showers by [email protected]
1400ft elevation gain, 7.4 miles
Big Meadow to Round lake -winter trip by [email protected]
Big Meadows Campground by peterpeterxtrahancom
Stoney Man to Big Meadows
Big Mtn Pass - Bald Mountain by [email protected]
Big Mtn to Nans by [email protected]
Big Oak Mtn by [email protected]
Big Ol' 90-Miler by jvector
Can we do 15 miles per day?
Big Ol' Loop by [email protected]
Big Pine Creek July 2018 by [email protected]
Big Pine Creek North Fork to South Fork by [email protected]
Big Pine Lakes by [email protected]
Big Pine Lakes by [email protected]
Big Pine Lakes Planning by [email protected]
Big Pine Lakes Trail by [email protected]
Map from the trailhead of Glacier Lodge Road to the Big Pine Lakes
Big Pine N&S Fork by [email protected]
Big Pine, hike to second lake on the north fork by [email protected]
Big Piney Trail by devtea
Big Piney Trail at Paddy Creek Wilderness MO Red objects are found / confirmed Purple objects are from maps, reports, or suspected/guessed.
Big Pond to Alder Lake (out and back) by [email protected]
Big Prairie alternative by [email protected]
Big Ring 2017 by [email protected]
Big River Management Area by anonymous
public hunting land
Big Rivers WMA by [email protected]
Big Roundtop Loop? by [email protected]
Big Sandy Loop by [email protected]
Big Sandy Loop by [email protected]
Big Sandy to Lonesome Lake by anonymous
Big Santa Anita by [email protected]
Big Savage Mountain Trail by [email protected]
Big Sawtooth Hike by [email protected]
Big Sawtooth Ski Tours by [email protected]
Big Schloss & Little Schloss Loop by [email protected]
This is a 18.2mi loop trail that is rated as Hard. Lots of Camping along little sluice trail. Beautiful views. Includes 4 springs.
Big Schloss Mtn by [email protected]
Big Schloss-Little Schloss by [email protected]
Traverses Big Schloss, Halfmoon Mountain, Little Sluice, and Little Schloss. 37 miles
Big Schloss-Waites Run by [email protected]
31 miles of semi-strenuous; Big Schloss, Halfmoon Mountain, Waites Run
Big SEKI Loop ( by AmyL
More info at
Big SEKI loop edited by [email protected]
Big Seki Loop w/ Whitney by [email protected]
Map of the Big Seki Loop (BSL) with an added side trip to Mount Whitney, with a total mileage of 177.5 miles. This route was completed by Philip Queen and Lucie Hanes from July 21st to August 1st of 2016. Campsites on the map mark the approximate location we camped for each of the 11 nights. This map has been adapted from Amy Lauterbach, developer of the BSL's original route map posted here:
Big SEKI Loop w/ Whitney by [email protected]
BIG SEKI Short by [email protected]
Big Sky/Butte Super Cutoff by [email protected]
Red Route starts with Onion's route until Ennis Lake where it starts following Brian and Martina's route the rest of the way. Onion's route until Yellowstone is included in purple and I've added a number of my own alternates since I want to link up with Tapon's Teton Route. Onion's Route: Brian and Martina's Route: ...hopefully someone finds this useful. -Canhacker
Big Slide by [email protected]
Big Slide by [email protected]
Big Slide Trail Run by [email protected]
Big Slide-Yard via The Brothers by [email protected]
Big Snow - Iron Cap by [email protected]
Big Snow Mountain by [email protected]
Big Snow Mountain via Myrtle Lake by [email protected]
Big South Fork by [email protected]
Big South Fork by anonymous
Big South Fork 05.18 by [email protected]
Big South Fork Packrafting by [email protected]
Big South, Brack, Browns to Camp by [email protected]
Big Southern Butte by [email protected]
big split rock by [email protected]
Big Spring Hollow Trail by [email protected]
Big Spruce Lake Julie Mao by [email protected]
big sur by [email protected]
Seven day big sur hike
Big Sur - Boronda Loop (2012.11 by AmyL
More info at
Big Sur - Ventana by [email protected]
Big Sur 2016 by anonymous
big sur 3-day fastpack by [email protected]
Big Sur Hot Springs by [email protected]
big sur kirk creek by [email protected]
Big Sur Trail by [email protected]
Big Sur Trip #1 by [email protected]
Big Sur Vicente Flat by [email protected]
Big Sur | Buckeye - Cruikshank - Salmon Creek Loop by [email protected]
Big Survey Master by crshortt
All of the trails I have mapped on the Big Survey, as well as some off-trail routes.
big sycamore canyon by [email protected]
big thicket national preserve by [email protected]
Big Three by [email protected]
Big Traverse by [email protected]
Big Tree Ridge Triple Lollipop by [email protected]
Big Tress by [email protected]
Big Trip 2011 by [email protected]
Big Trip 2012 by [email protected]
Big Trip 2013 by [email protected]
Big Trip 2017 by [email protected]
Big Turtle 50 Miler by [email protected]
Big uglies backpack by [email protected]
BIG VALLEY by anonymous
Big Water to Murdock Peak by [email protected]
Big Wood River by [email protected]
Big-Pines-Palisade-glacier by [email protected]
BigBend2016_GPS by [email protected]
BigChief by fdv...cast
Bigelow by [email protected]
Bigelow Backpack by [email protected]
Great first backpacking trip. Doable by anyone 10+
Bigelow Campout by [email protected]
Bigelow Traverse by [email protected]
Bigelow weekend by [email protected]
Bigelow, Martin & Switchback by [email protected]
Bigelow/Cheops/Martin/Cooney Ridge by [email protected]
bigf00t100l by [email protected]
bigfoot by wildcoyote
Bigfoot 100k by [email protected]
Bigfoot 120 by [email protected]
Course for the Bigfoot 120 foot race
bigfoot 200 by [email protected]
Bigfoot 200 with Finish in Randle by DestinationTrail
Bigfoot 206 by hyperphil
Bigfoot all by hyperphil
Bigfoot sandbox by hyperphil
BigFour by [email protected]
Biggo Piggo by [email protected]
bighorn by [email protected]
bighorn 100 by alexdrobertson
Bighorn 100 by [email protected]
Bighorn 100 sections by alexdrobertson
Bighorn Crags by [email protected]
Bighorn Crags by [email protected]
Bighorn Creek (LRD) by [email protected]
Bighorn Hike by [email protected]
Bighorn Mountain Jeep Trails - by [email protected]
Bighorn National Forest by Tim Zeblisky
~48.87 miles. Wyoming. 6 days, 5 nights. Part of the route is off trail (6.29 mi on day 2, 4.06 mi on day 3, 10.35 mi total), so be weary.
Bighorn Ridge by [email protected]
bighorn- deluge - mamacita by [email protected]
Bighorne Gorge by [email protected]
Bighorns by [email protected]
Bighorns Fun Route by [email protected]
BigJimMtnFromRod20090627 by [email protected]
BigLittleSchloss_VA_16.48 by [email protected]
BigSeki South by [email protected]
BigSekiLoop by [email protected]
BigSplitRockSlotCanyon20180318 by [email protected]
We went in via "Big Split Rock Slot Canyon" and came back out via one of the tributary canyons of Painted Canyon... making for a nice loop hike/scramble... ladders, ropes and slot canyons... what else can a person ask for.
bigsurly by lnor
Bike by ad[email protected]
Bike and Hike Gothics by [email protected]
Bike and Hike Gothics
Bike n' boat Bakers to town by [email protected]
Bike packing ideas by [email protected]
Bike Ride by [email protected]
bike rides by [email protected]
Bike Route and Robbins Park by peterpeterxtrahancom
Bike Routes by [email protected]
Routes and notes from bike rides I have done.
Bike Routes by IsraelR
Bike SouthMt by fdv...cast
Bike to Crested Butte via Schofield Pass by [email protected]
Bike to Crested Butte via Taylor Pass by [email protected]
Possible bike ride to Crested Butte from near Ashcroft. Around 32 Miles
Bike Trip POI by [email protected]
bike-50-mile by [email protected]
Bike-Rte by [email protected]
Bike-Shooters to Franks by [email protected]
Bike: Washington Roads by Cascade Yeti
Bikepack to boulder by [email protected]
Bikepacking by [email protected]
Bikepacking Argentine Pass Silver plume to Keystone and back by [email protected]
This is a two day bikepacking trip from Silver Plume to Keystone and back. the back side of Argentine pass to forest road 260 may require a few spots of hike a bike. Clear Creek county CO and Summit County CO
Bikepacking Cordilleras by [email protected]
Bikepacking death march. Guanella Pass to Montezuma and back by [email protected]
I have not done this route and it looks very challenging with the elevation so be warned!!! I saved this as a future idea to check out. This goes from the summit of guanella pass to montezuma vai leavenworth creek, argentine pass , Red cone jeep trail, and Bruno Gulch trail this route is 67% dirt (gravel, 4x4 and single track) and 33% pavement (guanella pass rd)
bikepacking maybe by [email protected]
Bikepacking Routes by [email protected]
Bikepacking Routes by [email protected]
Bikepacking Shakedown by [email protected]
BikeSantaClara by [email protected]
Biked all the streets in the city of Santa Clara, CA.
Biking by [email protected]
Bill Ewasko Searches & Relevant Orbeso/Nguyen Searches by Perry
Search tracks + cell phone reception and ping radius.
Bill Putnam Hut by [email protected]
Bill Rill Mill by [email protected]
Billboard off I-80 by [email protected]
BillPeakBeanPeak20050618 by [email protected]
BillsPeak20150329 by [email protected]
BillsPeak20151110 by [email protected]
Billy Goat A by [email protected]
Billy Peetz Siphon# by [email protected]
Billy Taylor by [email protected]
bio by anonymous
Biomas Brasil by [email protected]
Birch by [email protected]
Bird Creek Meadows Loop by [email protected]
bird lake with lisa actual by [email protected]
Bird-Sawtooth-Lemei by [email protected]
Birds Eye Crossing W by [email protected]
Birthday tour by [email protected]
birthday tour options
bishop by [email protected]
Bishop Area by [email protected]
Bishop Area by [email protected]
North and Sabrina Lakes About 53 min or 53 mi from Mammoth Lakes
bishop campsites for addi by [email protected]
Bishop Creek by [email protected]
Bishop Creek Camping by [email protected]
Bishop Pass by smharley
Bishop Pass by [email protected]
Bishop Pass - South Lake to North Lake by [email protected]
Bishop Pass and Dusy Basin Aug 2011 by [email protected]
Backpacked to Dusy Basin via the Bishop Pass Trail from the South Lake Trailhead. Visited Thunderbolt Pass and explored the Sierra Crest just north of Bishop Pass
Bishop Pass for resupply by [email protected]
Bishop Pass for resupply by [email protected]
Bishop Pass Loop by duncanfrussellgmailcom
Bishop Pass, June 2016 by [email protected]
Bishop to Lamarck by [email protected]
Bishop's Peak by [email protected]
Bishop's Scepter by [email protected]
Bishops Peak, San Luis Obispo EG 07.25.2016 by [email protected]
Bison Mtn Loop by [email protected]
Bison Peak and Ute Creek TH by [email protected]
8719' to 12,431', 11+ mi. RT
Bison Peak Lost Creek Wilderness June 2017 by [email protected]
Bison Ranch by [email protected]
Bison Ridge Loop 9-29-15 by [email protected]
Bisti Badlands by [email protected]
Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness by [email protected]
bitterroot by [email protected]
Bitterroot Valley East to Palisades by [email protected]
bitterroots-28m by [email protected]
bivak belgie by [email protected]
Bivins Site by [email protected]
BIWO by [email protected]
BIWO by [email protected]
BKPS Trip 3a by [email protected]
BL - Lil Raven by [email protected]
XC ski tour
black by [email protected]
Black & Diamond by [email protected]
Black and Goode by [email protected]
Black Angel Backpack by earlylitegmailcom
Black Balsam by [email protected]
Black Butte by dropnroll
Black Butte Crater by [email protected]
Black Butte Trail by [email protected]
Black Butte Trail by [email protected]
Black Butte Trail - From lower trailhead by HughJass
The Black Butte Trail from the lower trailhead. 3400 Feet of Elevation Gain over 5 miles. 10 miles RT.
Black Buttes by Tom V
Black Buttes from Grouse Ridge by [email protected]
Approach and climb of Black Buttes
Black Canyon by [email protected]
black canyon by anonymous
Black Canyon 100K by [email protected]
Black Canyon Loopish by [email protected]
Black Canyon Packraft Adventures by [email protected]
black canyon, teton pass by [email protected]
Black Cloud - Mt Cosgriff by [email protected]
This could be a potentially gnarly day trip to a 13000 foot peak. 1 SUD for Black Cloud Has a potential for a 3 day possible Elbert Summit.
Black Cloud - Mt Cosgriff by [email protected]
This could be a potentially gnarly day trip to a 13000 foot peak. 1 SUD for Black Cloud Has a potential for a 3 day possible Elbert Summit.
Black Coulee NWR by [email protected]
Black Crater Trail by [email protected]
black creek by [email protected]
Black Creek Trail - De Soto NF, MS by Richard M
Black Creek Trail (36mi) in the northern section of the De Soto National Forest of Mississippi. Route Drawn in by hand, will update with GPS data when I hike it.
Black Diamond Mine RP 2016 by [email protected]
Black Diamond RR Grade by [email protected]
Black Divide Crossing by [email protected]
black dragon idea by [email protected]
Black Elk Loop 1 by [email protected]
Black Elk Peak by [email protected]
Black Elk Wilderness by [email protected]
Black Elk WIlderness Loop by [email protected]
Black Forest & West Rim Trails by [email protected]
Black Forest Trail May '16 by Karan Girdhani
Black Forest Trail May'16 by Karan Girdhani
Black Hawk by [email protected]
Black hill imports by hyperphil
Black Hill Tour by [email protected]
Black Hills by [email protected]
Black Hills by [email protected]
Black Hills by [email protected]
Black Hills Improv by [email protected]
Black Hills Jeep Trails - by [email protected]
Black Lake (snowshoe) RMNP by [email protected]
Black Lake Hike by [email protected]
Black Lake Ice Climbs by [email protected]
Black Lakes Ridge by [email protected]
black mount by [email protected]
Black Mountain by [email protected]
Black Mountain by [email protected]
Proposed Route to Black Mountain
Black Mountain by [email protected]
Black Mountain camping and hikes
Black Mountain (Benton) by earlylitegmailcom
Black Mountain (Jackson) by earlylitegmailcom
Black Mountain Crest Trail by [email protected]
Black Mountain from Page Mill by [email protected]
Black mountain normal route by [email protected]
From the outlet of Pine Creek Lake to the summit of black mountain
Black Mountain via Miner's Ridge Loop by Hiking San Diego County
Black Mountain, New York by [email protected]
The Black Mountain lollipop loop offers big views on a relatively easy hike. This hike is great for beginners, kids, and first-time backpackers.
Black Mountains Route by [email protected]
Black MTN North tracks ONLY by [email protected]
Black MTN South tracks ONLY by [email protected]
Black Peak by Gabriel Deal
Black Peak by [email protected]
Black Peak by [email protected]
Black Peak by [email protected]
black peak by [email protected]
Black Peak by [email protected]
Black Peak by [email protected]
Black Peak by [email protected]
Black Peak by [email protected]
Black Peak -- NE Ridge by [email protected]
Black Peak Existing Tracks by [email protected]
Black Peak via South Ridge by [email protected]
Black Peak, North Cascades National Park by [email protected]
Black pearl mine az by Blubear
Black R to Long by [email protected]
black rapids ski by [email protected]
Black river by [email protected]
Black River by Dan B
Black River Loop Trip by [email protected]
Black Rock by [email protected]
Black Rock Canyon by [email protected]
Black to Long by [email protected]
Black to PP by [email protected]
Black Velvet Trails by [email protected]
Black Velvet Canyon to: (Y) "The Park" (O) Hidden Peak and/or (RL) Monument Peak
Blackbeard's Revenge by [email protected]
This trip covers the entire length of the Devil's Path.
BlackBoxes by [email protected]
Blackcap Basin by [email protected]
Blackcomb Backcountry by [email protected]
BlackElkWildernessAug2018 by [email protected]
CalTopo Routes for our Black Elk Wilderness backpacking trip Aug 2018
Blackerby to Roberts Ridge Loop by [email protected]
BlackettRidge20170420 by [email protected]
Blackfoot Divide Project by [email protected]
Blackfoot Divide Trail by [email protected]
Potential 'Girls in The Bob' project
Blackjack Ridge/Meadow Creek 15M by [email protected]
BlackMesaJan27 by fdv...cast
BlackMesaLoop by fdv...cast
blackrock by [email protected]
Blackrock Canyon by [email protected]
Blackrock Loop Extension by [email protected]
Blackrock Springs Hotel by [email protected]
Blackrock>RIP by [email protected]
BlackrockTrip7/16 by [email protected]
BlackStar by [email protected]
Blacktail Mountain by balldt
Blacktail Mountains, MT by [email protected]
BlackTopMesa by fdv...cast
Blackwood Canyon by [email protected]
Blair Lake by [email protected]
Blair Traverse by [email protected]
Blake Island Clockwise by [email protected]
Clockwise loop around the perimeter of Blake Island, starting and ending at the marina / Tillicum village.
Blake place by Blubear
Blake, Colvin by [email protected]
Blakely Trenches by anonymous
Believe these are CW Trenches which are outside of the Blakely Battleground areas
Blanca Lake by [email protected]
Blanca Lake by [email protected]
Blanca Lake Area by [email protected]
Blanca Peak 6-8-18 by Trini Garza
Blanca Peak Rio Grande NF by [email protected]
Blanca peak via Lake Como by [email protected]
Blanca Plan by Connor McKay
Blanding 2016 by [email protected]
Blanding Jeep Trails- by [email protected]
Blanton Creek by [email protected]
blarg by [email protected]
Blewett Pass by [email protected]
Blewett Pass by [email protected]
Blewett Pass Ski Touring by [email protected]
Blewett snow tour by jimgroh
Blind Hollow Yurt by [email protected]
Blitzen Ridge by afwang1
BLK Rock by [email protected]
bll of the woods by [email protected]
BLLA by [email protected]
blm by [email protected]
BLM Shooting by [email protected]
blm-great-falls by [email protected]
BLock and Tackle trail Gunnison A by [email protected]
Blodgett Peak Open Space by [email protected]
Blood Hill by [email protected]
Blood Lake Loop by [email protected]
Blood Mountain Loop by [email protected]
Blood Mtn by [email protected]
Bloods Lake by [email protected]
Bloodvein Day 10 by [email protected]
Bloodvein Day 11 by [email protected]
Bloodvein Day 13 by [email protected]
Bloodvein Day 14 by [email protected]
Bloodvein Day 16 by [email protected]
Bloodvein Day 17 by [email protected]
Bloodvein Day 18 by [email protected]
Bloodvein Day 19 by [email protected]
Bloodvein Day 20 by [email protected]
Bloodvein Day 22 by [email protected]
Bloodvein Day 23 by [email protected]
Bloodvein Day 4 by [email protected]
Bloodvein Day 5 by [email protected]
Bloodvein Day 7 by [email protected]
Bloodvein Day 8 by [email protected]
Bloodvein Day 9 by [email protected]
Bloodvein River by [email protected]
Bloodvein_post_final by [email protected]
Bloody by [email protected]
Bloody mountain by [email protected]
Bloody Mtn-E Climb by [email protected]
Bloom Lake Trail by [email protected]
Bloomington Canyon Yurt by leegmail
Bloomington Yurt by [email protected]
Bloomsday by [email protected]
blora by [email protected]
Blowdown mountain snowshoe (rough) by [email protected]
BLUE by [email protected]
Blue - Yam and Long canyon by [email protected]
Blue canyon approaches by [email protected]
Blue Grouse - Mule Deer Loop by [email protected]
Blue Hill roundabout in Acadia by [email protected]
Approximate 43 meter diameter footprint of Blue Hill roundabout superimposed on Acadia National Park Loop Road
Blue Hills Field Trip by [email protected]
Blue Hills Shakedown by [email protected]
Blue Hills-138 to Buck Hill and back by [email protected]
Blue Hole Trailhead by [email protected]
Blue Lake by [email protected]
Blue Lake by [email protected]
Blue Lake by [email protected]
Blue Lake by [email protected]
Blue Lake 8.20.16 by [email protected]
Blue Lake to Grouse Lake by [email protected]
Blue Lake to Lang's Crossing by [email protected]
Blue Lake Trail #3422 by [email protected]
Blue Lake Trail to Fourmile Lake Loop by [email protected]
Sky Lakes Wilderness. 1:30 drive
Blue Lake WaPass by [email protected]
Easyish great hike
Blue Lakes by [email protected]
blue lakes by [email protected]
Blue Lakes by [email protected]
Blue Lakes by [email protected]
Blue Lakes Area by [email protected]
Blue Lakes Pass, Co by [email protected]
Blue Mesa 100 Circumnave by [email protected]
Blue Mountain by [email protected]
Blue Mountain by [email protected]
Blue Mountain Loop by [email protected]
Blue Mountain Loop by [email protected]
Blue Mountains by [email protected]
Blue Mtn alt summit by [email protected]
Blue Mtn Loop by [email protected]
Blue Mtn to Wallace Falls by [email protected]
Blue Mtn/Kellogg Lake/Wallace Falls All by [email protected]
Exploration plans for Blue Mtn or Kellogg Lake to Wallace Falls route
blue north drive by [email protected]
blue pk by [email protected]
Blue Range Mtn by [email protected]
Blue Ridge Loop by [email protected]
Blue Ridge Res by [email protected]
Blue Ridge to Rich to Hightower Bald by [email protected]
Blue Ridge Trail by anonymous
Blue River (Fredericksburg to Milltown) by [email protected]
Blue Sky Ecological Reserve by Hiking San Diego County
Blue Sky Lake Ramona April 2016 by [email protected]
Visited the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve in Poway, CA and hiked up the Green Valley Truck Trail to see Lake Ramona and the dam
Bluebird Lake by [email protected]
Bluebird Lake by [email protected]
Blueboonets 0408 by [email protected]
Bluebox Lake by [email protected]
Bluedbird Lake, RMNP by [email protected]
BlueGrass by [email protected]
bluepool by [email protected] by [email protected]
Blues June 2017 by [email protected]
Blues Scramble Training Route by [email protected]
BlueSpring-SouthRim by [email protected]
Bluff Finder Trip by [email protected]
Locations scouted out in the fall of 2016
Bluff Springs by [email protected]
bluff trail molera SP by Chris Knupp
Bluff_Lookout_July_2018 by [email protected]
Bluff_Mountain_Slide by [email protected]
Documenting rock slides in 2018
BluffSpringsMt by fdv...cast
BluffTrail-MtMarshall by MumMim
Blum/Berdeen access TRIP PLANNING ONLY by [email protected]
bm by [email protected]
BM by [email protected]
BM Trail 2014 by [email protected]
Belicica - Medenica Trail - trail running race @ Mavrovo National Park - R. Macedonia organized by TREX association
BM17 by [email protected]
BMA - Montana - 2016 by [email protected]
BMC Fund '18 Nav by [email protected]
BMCT by UglyJoesMaps
BMCT Options by [email protected]
BMESJ West Canada Lakes Adirondacks 2014 by [email protected]
BMS Basic Snow by [email protected]
BMS Grad Hike Map (Charlie) by [email protected]
Temporary map to showcase 2nd camping location
BMT by UglyJoesMaps
BMT by jimy
BMT by [email protected]
BMT - Death Hollow - Escalante Rvr by [email protected]
BMT 9.5 by [email protected]
BMT 9.5 Dyer to Dally by [email protected]
BMT Georgia by John Leroy Chambers
Benton McKaye From beginning to Ocoee
BMT Half & Full Marathons & Relay by [email protected]
BMT Section 10 - Dally Gap to Double Spring Gap by [email protected]
BMT Section 8 by [email protected]
BMT2 by UglyJoesMaps
BMW 11/2015 by [email protected]
BMWF # 03 Grizzly Basin by [email protected]
BMWF #03 Route from Benchmark to Grizzly Basin 6/22-6/26
BMWF #02 Hobnail Tom by [email protected]
Hobnail Tom Trail Retread before/after Packbridge - 6/13-6/17
BMWF #04 Gorge Creek by [email protected]
Waiting for further trip details before making map
BMWF #07 Gates Creek by [email protected]
Reconstruct Puncheon 1 mile south jct 110/151
BMWF #08 Goat Creek by [email protected]
BMWF #10 Indian Creek by [email protected]
BMWF #11 Snake Loop by [email protected]
BMWF #12 Pendant Turnpike by [email protected]
BMWF #13 Big Prairie by [email protected]
BMWF #14 Heart Lake Restoration by [email protected]
BMWF #22A by [email protected]
BMWF #3 CDT low water trail by [email protected]
BMWF #9 Bighorn Creek by [email protected]
BMWF Weeds #2 by [email protected]
BMWO 2016 by [email protected]
BMWO 2017 by [email protected]
BMWO 2017 by [email protected]
BMWO 2018 by [email protected]
Bob by [email protected]
Bob by [email protected]
Bob June by [email protected]
Bob Marshal Bruce Creek Phone Creek Big River Meadows by [email protected]
Bob Marshal north fork itinerary by [email protected]
Bob Marshall by [email protected]
Bob Marshall 07-2015 bak by [email protected]
Bob Marshall 2016 by [email protected]
Bob Marshall Big 8 by [email protected]
Bob Marshall Chinese Wall Benchmark Loop by [email protected]
Bob Marshall July 2015 by [email protected]
Bob Marshall Lakes West Side Holland Lake Loop by [email protected]
Bob Marshall Open 2017 by [email protected]
Bob Marshall Wilderness by [email protected]
Bob Marshall Wilderness Open History by [email protected]
These are the start, finish, and direct lines for the Bob Marshall Wilderness Open.
Bob Marshall Wilderness1 by [email protected]
Chinese Wall Loop Total: 102.6
Bob Super loop by [email protected]
Bob's Hill Climb by [email protected]
Bob's Knob - 2016-01-31 by [email protected]
bobBowdieFableDarkCanyon by [email protected]
BOCA by [email protected]
boco by alexdrobertson
Boden Canyon Jan 2018 by [email protected]
Hiked down into the Boden Canyon Ecological Reserve. Hardly anyone ever goes there. A peaceful canyon.
Bodie Loop? by [email protected]
bof by [email protected]
Bog Dam Loop by earlylitegmailcom
Bog Meadow, SPWA by chagmail
30 Mar, 2016, with Tredhed
Bog River canoe trip by [email protected]
Bogachiel Peak by [email protected]
Bogachiel River Trail by [email protected]
Bogus by leegmail
Bogus Basin by [email protected]
Bogus Basin 2017 Feb 18 by leegmail
BogusBasin20160120 by leegmail
BogusBasin20161223 by leegmail
BogusBasin20170110 by leegmail
BogusBasin20170110 by leegmail
BogusBasin20170331 by leegmail
BogusBasin20170414 by leegmail
BogusBasin20170415 by leegmail
BogusBasin20180119 by leegmail
bohemia saddle loops by [email protected]
boiler off trail clingmans by gollwoods
a old boiler from norwood lumber company probably had wheels but was abondoned
bolam by [email protected]
Bolinas Ridge Loop by [email protected]
bolivia by [email protected]
Bolivia by [email protected]
Bolivia Adventure by [email protected]
Bolivia Adventure by [email protected]
route of places traveled in Bolivia. January/February 2017
Bolivia Final by [email protected]
Bolsa Chica Navigation by [email protected]
Bolt by [email protected]
Boltergeist by [email protected]
bomb ass touolume weekend by [email protected]
Bomber and Ross Lake loop by [email protected]
Bomber Traverse by ccronick
Bomber Traverse by [email protected]
Bomod-ok Falls Hike by MumMim
Bon Echo - Essens Lake by [email protected]
Bonanza by [email protected]
Bonanza / Mary Green Glacier by [email protected]
Bonanza Flat Trails by [email protected]
Bonanza via Suiattle River by [email protected]
Bonaparte Lake To Summit by [email protected]
bondcliffe by [email protected]
Bonds / twins by [email protected]
20.2 miles for the hike through or 23 miles with just the bonds
bonds and owls head by [email protected]
Bonds From Zealand by [email protected]
Bonds Traverse by [email protected]
Bonds Traverse (Zealand -> Lincoln Woods) by [email protected]
Bone Hill NWR by [email protected]
Bone-a-tron 5000 by [email protected]
Bone-a-tron v2 by [email protected]
Boney, Sanstone, Grotto by gravityh
Bonito de Minas - Pandeiros by [email protected]
Bonner Park Map by [email protected]
Mapped for a boy scout project and expanding on the existing trails
Bonneville Shoreline Trail (Indian Road TH to Squaw Peak Road by [email protected]
Bonney_Butte_Snowshoe_OR by [email protected]
Bonney Butte and the Terrible Traverse
Bonnie Brae Belcaro by [email protected]
Bonnington Traverse by [email protected]
Book Cliffs by [email protected]
boondock by [email protected]
boondocking_ by [email protected]
Boone Creek (Jedediah Smith) by [email protected]
Bootalicious by fdv...cast
Booth and Pitkin Lake Loop by [email protected]
Booth Falls by [email protected]
booth lake by [email protected]
Bootie by [email protected]
Borah Peak by [email protected]
Borah Peak by [email protected]
Borah Peak by [email protected]
Borah Peak by dropnroll
Border fire by [email protected]
Bore Hole locations by MattMaxon
Boreas by [email protected]
Boren HC by Bird23
Boresight Coords by [email protected]
Boriana/Hualapais by [email protected]
Boronda Ridge - 3 miles by [email protected]
Boronda Ridge Alternative by [email protected]
Borrego Traverse by [email protected]
BOSS Property by [email protected]
Boston & Sahale by [email protected]
Boston Basin by [email protected]
Boston Basin by [email protected]
Boston Basin + Nearby by [email protected]
A map of the climbs accessible by Boston Basin and some others (Eldorado, the Triad).
Boston Basin 6 day by [email protected]
Boston Basin 6 Day by [email protected]
Boston Marathon by [email protected]
boston marathon 2017 by [email protected]
Boston Marathon KML by [email protected]
BOTANICAL-HIKE by [email protected]
Boucher Hill Loop by Hiking San Diego County
Boudoir Couloir 4-8-17 by [email protected]
Attempt on 4/8/17 with CMC group
Boulder by [email protected]
Boulder by [email protected]
Boulder 5 Peak Traverse by [email protected]
Boulder Ale Trail by [email protected]
Day trip On the bikes
Boulder area by [email protected]
boulder beta by [email protected]
Boulder Brook Group Campsite by [email protected]
Boulder Chain Lakes ID 2016 by [email protected]
Boulder Cleaver/Glacier by [email protected]
Boulder County - all by alexdrobertson
Boulder creek by [email protected]
Boulder Creek (Baker River) by [email protected]
Boulder Creek to Tin Cup Lake by [email protected]
Boulder Lake by [email protected]
Boulder Lake by [email protected]
Boulder Lakes by [email protected]
Boulder Loop by Hiking San Diego County
Boulder Mountain Getting There by [email protected]
Boulder Mtn by alexdrobertson
Boulder Mtn Tour Short by [email protected]
25.3 mi with spur trails 4,750 vert
Boulder Neighborhoods by [email protected]
Boulder Pass Loop by [email protected]
Boulder Pass- GNP by [email protected]
Boulder RD - Caribou-Diamond Route by [email protected]
This is a 3 day split backpack or day hike to Diamond lake. WE have run a lot of CD trips here, but because of the split we might consider making this a CB or BHR trip. The group has to be split up. It is very important to contact Boulder RD in December with the form in the Permits folder to reserve camping dates. You will also need to send in a small reservation fee.
Boulder Rez Marathon by [email protected]
boulder river by [email protected]
Boulder Runs by [email protected]
Boulder Skyline Traverse (July 9th, 2017( by [email protected]
boulder to golden mtb ride by [email protected]
Boulder Trail DOE by [email protected]
shows area of new trail
Boulder White Clouds Loop by [email protected]
Boulder work day access and sites by [email protected]
Boulder Trail - Work Day Access and Sites (to be drawn in)
Boulder-White Clouds by [email protected]
BoulderCounty by [email protected]
BoulderCreek by [email protected]
BouldOakPCT by [email protected]
Boundaries of Public Lands at Joshua Tree by [email protected]
Boundaries of Joshua Tree National Park and its partially overlapping wilderness areas.
Boundary Creek Yurt Trip by jabegoseph Lily Lake Trail System:
Boundary Fall 2016 by [email protected]
Boundary Lake by [email protected]
Boundary Peak by [email protected]
Boundary Peak by [email protected]
Boundary Peak - NV by [email protected]
Boundary Trail by [email protected]
Boundary Trail by [email protected]
Boundary Trail (St. Helens to Mt. Adams) by [email protected]
Boundary Trail - 40 miles by [email protected]
Boundary Trail - 40 miles to the PCT by [email protected]
Boundary Water Ski Trip MN by [email protected]
Boundary Waters by [email protected]
BoundaryPeakFromMountaineersEbook by [email protected]
Bountiful Ridge by [email protected]
bourland to buck by [email protected]
Bourne-Stratton Pond Loop by [email protected]
bow-yoho by [email protected]
Bowdoin NWR by [email protected]
Bowerman Lake Trail #3492 by [email protected]
Bowery Camping by [email protected]
Bowman Lake to Kintla Lake Hike - Glacier NP by [email protected]
Bowman Mountain Loop by [email protected]
Bowman Mt. Trail Loop by [email protected]
Bowmen Mt. by [email protected]
bowron actual by [email protected]
Bowron Lakes Prov Park by [email protected]
bowrun by [email protected]
Box Canyon by [email protected]
Box Canyon Trail by [email protected]
Box Death Hollow Loop by [email protected]
Box Elder Loop by [email protected]
box_elder_loop by [email protected]
Boy Scout Hikes by [email protected]
Boy Scout Rd. LA by Richard M
This gentle 6.2-mile hike opens up with an orchestra of bird song, then leads to a marshy coastline perfect for viewing sunsets. Bring bug repellent. ? See more at:
Boy_Scout_Ridge_OR by [email protected]
Snowshoe route near White River
Boyce Mayview by [email protected]
Boyce Rd Rosseau by [email protected]
boynton canyon by [email protected]
Boys Weekend 4-29 thru 4-30 by [email protected]
boyscout yoyo by [email protected]
Boyscouts (Jun 16 - 20) by robroloplanecom
bozeman bike by [email protected]
Bozeman Brewery Tour by [email protected]
A map of Bozeman breweries and the bicycle routes between each.
Bozeman Brewery Tour by [email protected]
A map of Bozeman breweries and the bicycle routes between each.
Bozeman Fatbike Routes by [email protected]
Bozeman Mystic Loop by [email protected]
Bozeman Townie Trails by [email protected]
Bozeman trails? by [email protected]
Bozeman-Sypes-M by [email protected]
Bozoo by [email protected]
BP by [email protected]
BP by Bird23
BP - PCT & Backpacking - Angeles National Forest by Hikin Jim
BP Agnew to Reds by [email protected]
Minaretes backpacking route beginning at Agnew Meadow and ending at Reds Meadow in Ansel Adams wilderness
BP Trip 9/9/17 by [email protected]
BP201-RFtoMP by [email protected]
BR700 Alpine by martin_nv
Brack/Mirror/Mummy Loop by [email protected]
Bradbury (East & West Side) by [email protected]
Braderich Weed Contract 2017 by [email protected]
Braderich_heritage by [email protected]
Bradford Ridge Trail by [email protected]
Bradley Hut by [email protected]
Brady Mountain 5/1/18 by [email protected]
Bragg Creek Provincial Park & Rec area by [email protected]
Braggin Rights by [email protected]
Test to export to eTrex
Brainard Hike by [email protected]
Brainard Lake by [email protected]
Brainard Lake Area by [email protected]
Brainard Lake Rec Area by [email protected]
Brainard Lake Snoeshoeing by [email protected]
Bramley Mountain: New Trails by [email protected]
Brandi's High Peaks route by [email protected]
Brasstown Bald by [email protected]
Brawley Launch by scottshiba
Breadloaf by [email protected]
BREAK THE CYCLE RELAY 2018 by [email protected]
breakheart by [email protected]
Breakheart 020417 by [email protected]
Breakheart Res 010316 by [email protected]
BrecciaPeak20170728 by [email protected]
BrecciaPeakFromPeakbagger by [email protected]
Breck - Vail by [email protected]
Breck Backcountry by [email protected]
Breck Epic 2018 - Stage 1: Pennsylvania by [email protected]
Breck Epic 2018 - Stage 1:Pennsylvania by [email protected]
Breck Epic 2018 - Stage 1: Pennsylvania
Breck Epic 2018 - Stage 2: CO Trail by [email protected]
Breck Epic 2018 - Stage 3: Guyot by [email protected]
Breck Epic 2018 - Stage 4: Aqueduct by [email protected]
Breck Epic 2018 - Stage 5: Wheeler by [email protected]
Breck Epic 2018 - Stage 6: Gold Dust by [email protected]
Breck Resort Ride by [email protected]
Breck Resort Ride by [email protected]
Breckenridge by [email protected]
Breckenridge Jeep Trails - by [email protected]
Breckenridge Peak by [email protected]
Breckenridge, Kern County by [email protected]
Always heard of the trail potential from Breckenridge Road, let us see if its possible.
Breed by anonymous
BREITENBUSH CASCADE by [email protected]
Brenda - Camping Suggestions by [email protected]
Brennan Cyn by MattMaxon
BrennenCanyon by [email protected]
BrettDysonNurseryPeakOneWayFromSpriteLake by [email protected]
This track does not include the mileage and elevation gain necessary to get from Nursery Peak back to Sprite Lake... so add 3.2 miles and roughly 1400 feet of elevation gain to the stats shown in this track for roundtrip totals.
Bretton Woods Course by [email protected]
BrettsNurseryPeakTrack by [email protected]
brevard by [email protected]
Brevard by [email protected]
Brevard Parks by [email protected]
Brevard Restaurants by [email protected]
Brevard Shopping by [email protected]
Brew Hut - Summer Route by hpka
Brew Hut - Winter Route by hpka
Map data from several forum posts on ClubTread and VOC Waypoints.
Brewer by [email protected]
Brewer by [email protected]
BRF JFE by [email protected]
Brian Waddington Hut by carlovonultimate
Brian Waddington Hut / Phelix Creek by hpka
Briar Creek by [email protected]
Bridal Falls/Lake Serene by 1nf1d3l0
Bridal Veil by anonymous
bridal veil falls by [email protected]
Bridal veil falls by [email protected]
picturesque / 5 mile / kid friendly
Bridal Veil Falls by [email protected]
Bridge Creek, McAlester Pass, Stehekin, Rainbow Lake Loop by [email protected]
Bridge Mountain (Pine Creek) by [email protected]
6.4 mi, 3576' elev gain
bridge of heaven by [email protected]
Bridge of Heaven Loop by [email protected]
Bridge to Nowhere by [email protected]
Bridge to Nowhere by [email protected]
Bridge to Nowhere Hike by [email protected]
Bridge West by [email protected]
7.84 mi, 2324' elev gain
Bridgeport / Twin Lakes KMZ by Jon Cappella
Bridgeport Training #3 by [email protected]
Bridger-Teton 3/4 day hike by [email protected]
Bridger-Teton NF by [email protected]
Bridgers (North) by [email protected]
All unsampled as of May 13, 2017
BRIDGES by grog
Bridle Trails Running Festival by [email protected]
Bright Angel by [email protected]
Bright Angel Trail 8.8.17 by [email protected]
Brighton Beatout by [email protected]
Brighton Lakes by [email protected]
Brighton Marathon by [email protected]
Brighton to Orem by [email protected]
Brins Mesa by [email protected]
BRIONES by [email protected]
Briones Peak by [email protected]
Briones Peak from the east
Briones RP by [email protected]
Briones training hike by [email protected]
Bristlecone Pines August 2011 by [email protected]
We drove to the Patriarch Grove in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest and hiked the nearby trails. We visited the Patriarch Tree, which is the largest Bristlecone Pine in the world.
Bristlecone Pines August 2016 by [email protected]
Hiked the Methuselah Trail in the Schulman Grove to see the world's oldest trees, the ancient bristlecone pines
Bristlecone-Bonanza Route by [email protected]
bristol by [email protected]
Brittany and Normandy Coast (2007.05 by AmyL
More info at
brm by [email protected]
Bro. Backpacking 2018 by [email protected]
broad mt hike by [email protected]
Broads Fork by [email protected]
BROCK by anonymous
Brockway & S River Musk Thistle by [email protected]
Brohm Lake by [email protected]
Broken Arrow - 17 mile / 27 km by [email protected]
The total distance is 17 miles or about 27 km. Elevation gain: 5377 ft. Elevation loss: 5377 ft.
Broken Arrow 10km by [email protected]
Broken Arrow 26 km - Snow Reroute - Aid Station Segments by [email protected]
Broken Arrow 26km - Snow Reroute - Full Course by [email protected]
Broken Arrow 31 mile / 50 km Course by [email protected]
Total distance: 31.27 miles / 50.3 km Elevation Gain: 9821 ft. / 2993 m Elevation Loss: 9821 ft. / 2993 m
Broken Arrow 50 km - Loop 2 by [email protected]
Broken Arrow 50 km - Part 1 by [email protected]
Broken Arrow 50 km - Part 2 by [email protected]
Broken Arrow 50 km - Part 3 by [email protected]
Broken Arrow 50km by [email protected]
~10000 ft. of vertical
Broken Arrow 50km - Loop 1 by [email protected]
Broken Arrow 52km - Full 2 loops by [email protected]
Broken Arrow 52km - Snow Reroute - Aid Station Segments by [email protected]
Broken Arrow 52km - Snow Reroute - Full Course by [email protected]
Broken Arrow 52km - Snow Reroute - Part 1 by [email protected]
Broken Arrow 52km - Snow Reroute - Part 2 by [email protected]
Broken Arrow 54km by [email protected]
Broken Arrow 54km - Part 1 by [email protected]
Broken Arrow 54km - Part 2 by [email protected]
Broken Arrow 8km by [email protected]
Broken Arrow Loop 2018 (2 in 1 Backup) by skinny g
Broken Arrow Loop Course by [email protected]
Broken Arrow Loop Course with start and finish by [email protected]
Broken Arrow Loop Segments by [email protected]
Broken Arrow VK by [email protected]
3.2 miles and 3100 ft. of elevation gain.
Broken Arrow VK by [email protected]
Broken Goat 25k by [email protected]
Broken Hand Peak by [email protected]
Broken Top by [email protected]
Broken Top Oregon
Broken Top by tagmail
Broken Top climb options by [email protected]
Broken Top Loop by [email protected]
Broken Top Loop by [email protected]
Broken Top Winter Route by cudavid9
BrokenHand20160920 by [email protected]
Located a short distance east of Broken Top.
BrokenHandWest20150807 by [email protected]
BrokenHandWest20160914 by [email protected]
Arguably the "biggest bang for your buck" in Central Oregon.
BrokenTopSouthPeak20160913 by [email protected]
Brokeoff April 2017 by wayrobfry
Brokeoff Mountain Lassen by [email protected]
Bronco Routes by Jon Cappella
Bronson Cave & Hollywood Sign by [email protected]
Brooklyns Highway Exercise by [email protected]
Brooks Range by [email protected]
Brooks Range Hunt by [email protected]
brooks road by anonymous
Brookside Trail by [email protected]
Brookside-McCurdy Trail 2 Night by [email protected]
Brookside/Payne Creek by [email protected]
Broome Hut by [email protected]
Broome Hut tours by [email protected]
Broomfield Open Space by [email protected]
BroScouts Lake Circuit by [email protected]
BroScouts Lake Circuit- B by [email protected]
brothers by [email protected]
Brothers by [email protected]
Brothers Route by [email protected]
Brothers, Fort, Coe by [email protected]
BROTHERS-AUG-31-2013 by [email protected]
Brown Duck Basin (31 Miles) by [email protected]
Brown Duck Basin B (30 Miles) by [email protected]
Brown Duck Lake Loop by [email protected]
Brown Duck loop by [email protected]
Brown Duck Mountain Loop by [email protected]
Brown Mtn from Eaton Saddle by MattMaxon
Brown Mtn from Millard by MattMaxon
BRown P2K by [email protected]
Brown Peak by [email protected]
Brownback > Mill > Rock > Brownback by [email protected]
Brownlee to Oxbow by [email protected]
Browns Beaver Creek Loop by [email protected]
Browns Hollow Hike by [email protected]
1 night backpacking loop
Browns Lake / Lake Falls Hike by [email protected]
Browns peak extravaganza by [email protected]
Browns peak extravaganza!
Browns/Fish Creek Loop by [email protected]
BRT by [email protected]
BRT Simple by [email protected]
BRT-SHT by [email protected]
BRT2 by [email protected]
BRTO by [email protected]
Bruce June Hike by [email protected]
Bruce Trail by [email protected]
Brule Lake (BWCA) by [email protected]
Brundage by leegmail
Bruno Meadows Trail #3424 by [email protected]
Brunswick and Deeks Lake by [email protected]
Brush Creek tour by [email protected]
Brush Creek Trail by [email protected]
Brushing SawTeeth by [email protected]
Brushy Creek by [email protected]
Brushy Creek by [email protected]
BRW Satellite Crag by halladay
Bryant by fdv...cast
Bryant by fdv...cast
bryant by [email protected]
Bryant Peak by [email protected]
Bryant-via-HemlockPass by fdv...cast
BryantPeak20150729 by [email protected]
BryantPeakViaHemlockPass by anonymous
Bryce by [email protected]
Bryce 100 by hyperphil
Bryce 100_2018 by [email protected]
Bryce Canyon by [email protected]
Bryce Canyon by [email protected]
Bryce Canyon by [email protected]
Bryce Canyon 9.19.15 by [email protected]
Bryce Canyon Grand View Section by [email protected]
Paul Grove recommended it!
Bryce Canyon Thru by [email protected]
Bryce Canyon Under the Rim Trail by [email protected]
bryce canyone flypack by [email protected]
Bryce Hike by [email protected]
Bryce NP by [email protected]
Bryce NP, Utah - Under the Rim by [email protected]
Bryce run by [email protected]
Bryce Unoffical Viewpoints by [email protected]
BryceCanyonNatParkFairylandLoop by [email protected]
BSC Comms Plan by [email protected]
BSF Landforms by [email protected]
BSL 9Day by [email protected]
BSP alt route to summit by [email protected]
BST Off/on road 11 mi 820ft - Loop 1 by [email protected]
Loop starts at North end of Canyon Road at the Indian Road Trailhead. Climbs up to Bonneville Shoreline Trail which descends at Nunns Park. Then come back on the Provo River Trail.
BST Off/on road 12 mi 950ft - Loop 2 by [email protected]
Great mountain bike loop. Recommend starting at Riverwoods and getting the uphill portion out of the way. Ride up through the cemetery and onto the BST. A few spots on this trail require pushing the bike uphill (for me anyway). This route leaves the BST to stay on nice flat trail (see my map BST Loop 3 if you to follow BST more closely) but then moves back onto the BST (with another uphill push) when you run into private property. From there it is a flat to down ride the rest of the trail and then come back on the Provo River Trail.
BST Off/on road 12 mi 950ft - Loop 3 by [email protected]
Similar to my loop 3 map but follows BST closer. Not sure which I like better. To this map I also have separate lines for each of the major sections of this trail (e.g. paved uphill, dirt uphill).
BT by [email protected]
BT - Iroquoia Section by [email protected]
BT 2:00 by [email protected]
BTC June1 by [email protected]
BTN-PP by MattMaxon
BTProbes by [email protected]
BTR SMR 8 mile loop by [email protected]
Bubble Lake by [email protected]
Bubbs Creek to Matlock by [email protected]
Bubbs Creek to Rae Lakes by [email protected]
Bubbs Creek to Rae Lakes by [email protected]
Buchanan Pass by [email protected]
Buck by [email protected]
buck by [email protected]
Buck Creek by [email protected]
Buck Creek Area by kepPNW
Buck Creek Area by [email protected]
Buck Creek Fire 2016 by [email protected]
trail and campsite damage
Buck Creek Pass by [email protected]
Buck Creek Pass - Spider Gap Loop by [email protected]
Buck Creek Pass Loop by lnor
Buck Creek Pass Loop by [email protected]
Buck Creek-Morrison Creek-Wicky Creek Loop Hike, Mount Adams, WA by [email protected]
WTA Trip Report:
buck lake by [email protected]
Buck Mountain by [email protected]
Buck Mt by [email protected]
Buck, Fortress and Chiwawa by [email protected]
buck-fawn lake trip by [email protected]
Buckeye Bald_Greenbrier Creek area by Todd Long
Buckeye Creek to West Walker River by [email protected]
Buckeye Flat to Bearpaw Meadows by Chris Knupp
Buckeye flat to south fork by Chris Knupp
4 day Buckeye Flat to Redwood Meadows to Atwell to Hockett Meadows to South Fork
Buckeye Gulch by [email protected]
Buckeye Gulch L1 by [email protected]
Buckeye Routes by [email protected]
Buckeye to Redwood Meadows by Chris Knupp
This is the trail Buckeye Flat campground to Redwood Meadows grove.
Buckeye Trail by [email protected]
Buckeye trail towpath trail by [email protected]
10 mile loop in Cuyahoga Valley National Park
BuckeyeCkToTwinLakes by [email protected]
buckhorn by [email protected]
Buckhorn by [email protected]
Buckhorn HS by [email protected]
Buckhorn Mountain by [email protected]
Buckhorn Mountain by [email protected]
Buckhorn to Charlton Flat by [email protected]
Buckhorn to Cooper Canyon by [email protected]
Buckhorn Wilderness by [email protected]
Buckhorn Wilderness Marathon by [email protected]
buckhorn2 by [email protected]
Buckley by [email protected]
Buckner - Horseshoe - Boston - Sahale Linkup by [email protected]
Buckner West Face by [email protected]
Buckner West Face by [email protected]
BuckRidgeTrail To Mary'sRock by MumMim
buckskin by [email protected]
Buckskin by [email protected]
Buckskin by [email protected]
Buckskin by [email protected]
Buckskin Basin by [email protected]
Buckskin Gulch by [email protected]
Buckskin Gulch by [email protected]
Buckskin Gulch by [email protected]
Buckskin Gulch by [email protected]
Buckskin Gulch via Wire Pass by [email protected]
Buckskin Gulch/Paria River to Lee's Ferry May 2016 by [email protected]
Buckskin Pass Summits by [email protected]
Map shows approach and routes for several summits located in the vicinity of Buckskin Pass above Maroon and Crater Lakes in the Maroon-Snowmass Wilderness in Colorado.
Buckskin-Paria by [email protected]
Buckskin Gulch & Paria Canyon from Wire Pass Trailhead
Buckskin-Paria Trip Nov. 2016 by [email protected]
with Nick and Chendawg
Buckskin/Paria by [email protected]
Buckskin/Shellrockin' Infinity Loop by [email protected]
2018 UPWC Routes in the Pasayten Wilderness: Buckskin Ridge and Shellrockin', both of which utilize Buckskin Ridge.
Buckskin1 by [email protected]
Bucktail Path by Karan Girdhani
Bucktail Path by Karan Girdhani
Bucktail Path by Karan Girdhani
Budd Inlet by [email protected]
Includes WDFW and other water access sites
BUDGE PROPERTY by [email protected]
Buell by [email protected]
Buena Vista by [email protected]
Buena Vista 2015 by rickclarkca99gmailcom
Buena Vista 2015 Combined by rickclarkca99gmailcom
Buena Vista Jeep Trails - by [email protected]
Buena Vista Park by Hiking San Diego County
Buena Vista Scout_061918 by [email protected]
Buet-Buet via Loriaz by [email protected]
Buet-Molard-Buet by [email protected]
Buet-Molard-Emosson by [email protected]
Buff Creek Enduro by [email protected]
Buff Creek Hell Ride by [email protected]
Buff Creek Post AUD by [email protected]
Buff4Day by [email protected]
buffalo by [email protected]
Buffalo - Red Linkup by [email protected]
Buffalo Bayou by [email protected]
Buffalo Creek Overnight Bike Pack by [email protected]
Buffalo Creek Recreation Area by [email protected]
Buffalo Peak Hikes by m[email protected]
Buffalo Peak via Squaw Peak Overlook Trail by [email protected]
This is the route we will take going up and down to Buffalo Peak. We will go up the east trail and come down the front side of the mountain on the west trail.
Buffalo Peaks by [email protected]
buffalo peaks loop by [email protected]
Buffalo Peaks Wilderness Loop by [email protected]
Buffalo River by [email protected]
Buffalo valley by Blubear
Buffalo Wilderness by [email protected]
BuffaloMtn by [email protected]
BuffCreek Bike by [email protected]
BuffDrive by [email protected]
Bug Whisperer NOBO JMT Hike 2017 by [email protected]
This is my planned alternate NOBO John Muir Trail Hike with campsites and resupply locations for 2017 JMT Hike.
Bugaboo Ridge Trail #3423 by [email protected]
Bugaboos by [email protected]
Bugaboos by [email protected]
Bugaboos by [email protected]
Bugs by [email protected]
BUHU by [email protected]
Building Bridges 1 by [email protected]
Bulkskin Four Days by [email protected]
Bull Creek clearing progress by Beej Jorgensen
Bull Lake by [email protected]
Bull of the Woods by [email protected]
Bull of the Woods Loop by [email protected]
Bull of the Woods via Pansy Lake Loop Hike by [email protected]
details at
Bull of the Woods Yurt by [email protected]
Bull's Head by [email protected]
BulldogMegaLoop by fdv...cast
BulldogSaddleLoop by fdv...cast
Bullet Canyon by [email protected]
Bullet Canyon
Bullet Canyon, BENM by [email protected]
Bullet Canyon, UT by [email protected]
Bullet to Kane by [email protected]
Bullett Fireplace 20160124 by [email protected]
Bullhead Lake by [email protected]mail
BullPass by fdv...cast
Bullrun Rock by dropnroll
Bullrun-Monument-Table Rocks 5/21/2016 by idahomtnhigh
BullsToothDoughgobMtnLemoolMtnCombinedTrack by [email protected]
This was a three summit trip... 3 day and 2 night backpack.
BullsToothLemoolMtnDoughgobMtn by [email protected]
Bumblebee Peak, ID by [email protected]
bumper camp by [email protected]
Bumping Elk Hunt by [email protected]
Bunchgrass Yurt by [email protected]
Bungtown, FLWF by chagmail
21 Apr, 2016, with Tredhed
Bunker North Face by [email protected]
Buntzen Lake Swan Falls by [email protected]
Burch Mtn by Gabriel Deal
Burdoin Mtn Tour by [email protected]
Bureau of Love and Marriage by [email protected]
Burger Canyon, Yolo, CA by [email protected]
Burlap Buttress approach by [email protected]@maclaybridge
Burn To Ridgway by [email protected]
Burning Bear Trail by [email protected]
Burns Hut Trip by [email protected]
Burnside Lake by [email protected]
Burnt and Shellrock mtn by [email protected]
Burnt Bridge I-5 25 mi by [email protected]
Burnt Creek Through 12 mi 2 car by [email protected]
Burnt Knob Catskills by [email protected]
Burnt Lake and Zig Zag East Lookout by [email protected]
Burnt Lake Trail, OR by [email protected]
Burnt Lake Trail with surrounding trail side-trips mapped and marked
Burnt River Trails by [email protected]
burr trail utah by Blubear
from boulder ut to ticaboo ut burr trail and star sprs trail
burrito tour by [email protected]
Burro Peak from Susanna Cyn by Sean
Burro Wash by [email protected]
BurroTrail-GoldenGateCanyonStatePark by [email protected]
From topofusion OpenCycleMapTrace
Burroughs Mountain by [email protected]
Burroughs Mountain by [email protected]
Burroughs Mountain Loops by [email protected]
BurroughsMountain20170722 by [email protected]
BurroughsMtn20180730 by [email protected]
BurroughsMtnSkyscraperMtn20150720 by [email protected]
Burstall by [email protected]
Burton Creek by [email protected]
Burton Creek 1/2 Marathon 2016 by [email protected]
Bus by [email protected]
busa 10m by [email protected]
Busch Greenway - Lost Valley - Katy Trail by [email protected]
21 mile planned running route
BushcraftUSA, CO by [email protected]
crazy for bcusa in co!
Butano state Park by [email protected]
Butcher Jones Cove 1 by SAIDDAD
Butcher Jones Jeep Trls by SAIDDAD
Butcher_Jones_Cove_1 (2) by SAIDDAD
ButcherJones Trails by SAIDDAD
list of all trails in the rolling hills area in butcher jones park AZ
Butler -> Reynolds -> Mill D by [email protected]
Return to Butler via the road
butler creek soil samples by [email protected]
Butler Doggy Dog by [email protected]
Butler Fork 2 Dog Lake by [email protected]
Butler Fork Loop by [email protected]
Butler Gulch by [email protected]
Butler Gulch by [email protected]
Butler Gulch by [email protected]
Butler Peak Climbs by [email protected]
Butler Wash Road Sites by